Spellcasters; Magic's appearance.

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Why?

Submitted: January 03, 2013

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Submitted: January 03, 2013




“Its been 3 weeks, you fool! We've kept alive for this long, and all that has happened is near-death-experiences!” I yelled, as the gang's tension grew.


“We have to settle this.” Kate said, glaring at me.


I sat down on the couch, hearing a crunch, I reach into my pocket, it was an origami crane. I lit a match, and burned the crane. Ashes fell to an ash tray. The ashes re-lit. Emerged a bird-shaped fire.


“The Phoenix was born.” I recited, as I now have control of flames.

“How dare you raise flame over your own kind?!” Kate demanded of me, as I yawned.


I got up, and slapped her.


“I raise flame over who poses a threat. You better get used to who's leader here.” She held her cheek as she stared at me.


Something stabbed into my ankle as I fell back. “There are five of us left, you raise flame over one, you raise flame over all.” Kate growled as the snake hissed at me. I went silent. I stepped on the snake and it went to ashes.


“Stop it!” Lisa growled, as she jetted water at the both of us. “You guys are fighting like old ladies, would you just shut up?!”


I and Kate went silent.

“Okay, Kyle, I get that you're leader of operations, that does not mean that you have dominance over Kate.” I sneered.


“Now Kate, you are a good fighter, rule-keeper, and you have a strong heart and mind. But you cannot make this brain-damaged freak listen to rules.” I glared into Lisa, as she looked away.


I walked off towards the abandon mansion. “See you later, weaklings.” I said, as I stepped through the rusted doorway. I stared over at the broken hinges, and where the doors used to be, and I walked into the living room.

My eyes wandered to Kate's sacred box. She won't let any of us touch it. I removed the tape on the cardboard box, and opened it.


Just before I peek in, a voice booms behind me. “What're you doing?!” I turn to see Kate. “Nothing.” She grabbed the box from me, and ran upstairs.


I sighed, wandering still what may be in that box. I opened my basic book of spells, we have no supplies to keep us safe enough to live safely. No better spells, whatsoever. I sighed, and took a blanket.


“Guys, Lisa's out on watch today, I'm exhausted.” I sighed and lied down on the couch, placing the blanket over me. My eyes closed and the world faded to black.



I couldn't get the box out of my head, what does she have in there? Treasure, food, medicine, anything!


A blare of sound busted into my ears. I flipped up suddenly, spooked by the alarm clock. I turned it off, in fear of waking the others. I looked at the time; “2:30 AM” I sighed, ready for my shift.


I wanted to look inside the box, so bad. I got up, the blanket fell to my ankles, as I tried to step forward, and I face-planted.


I rubbed my forehead, and got up off the tile floors. I creaked up the stairs, and into Kate's bedroom. She was peacefully sleeping, almost like an angel. I spotted the box in the corner of the room. I slowly and steadily walked over to the box, Kate shuffled her position.


I opened the box silently, and a big sight amazed me. All the spells and wands, and monster talisman, so many spell books littered the box. I picked it up, and darted out of the room.


I ran outside, opening the box, and taking out spell books. With this much supplies, we can become masters of magic! I wander why she'd keep this from us.


I stared over at Tina who's sleeping in the corner. Poor thing, injured pretty bad. I stared at the metal fences around the mansion.


I heard Lisa scream from upstairs. A wave of shock went through me, as I lit a origami crane. “And the phoenix was born.” I recited as I darted through the doorway. I slipped on the second-to-top step of the stairs, and fell onto the landing. I got up fast, as my arm hurt, and the flames singing the carpet


I slammed into the door breaking it off its hinges, and saw Lisa missing. Kate ran into my back, and I fell onto the broken door. “Where's Lisa?” Kate asked, as I got up.


“Gone, and not coming back.” I answered, as I left down the hall way. I knocked on Rick's door, as it flung open.


“Captain, Lisa's been captured, should we send a rescue party?” I asked, worried about his cold-hearted personality.


“Go if you want to get killed, I don't care.” He answered, almost confirming my fears. My words got caught in my throat, and I came out to say. “If we may well die, we will die while looking for our friend.”


I could tell he was shocked, He took something from his pocket, and stared at me with it, I couldn't make out what it was. “If you're going out you have to be well armed.” He said flatly.


I was shocked now, staring at his emerald green eyes and he walks past me to Kate. He hands her a bow, she was almost weighed down by it. A heavy, strong, long, metal bow stood in her hands.


A pistol drops into my hands as I look at Kate's struggle. “Whats magical about this?” I asked him in a daze of confusion.


His eyes went a little cloudy, then normal, as he grabbed a shotgun. He dropped a bottle of... something in my hands. The silver liquid shined brightly in the dirty water bottle.


“Allow me to rig the weapons.” He said flatly. He came back moments later with the weapons, completely normal. “It will adapt to the owner, you will see the special talents.” He said, as a magazine of pistol bullets knocked me flat on my face.


“I guess I'll have to trust you, huh?” I asked him, replacing the empty shells in the pistol. “Umm excuse me! This has no arrows...” Kate said, trying to pull back the bow. “Its a 70 pound enchanted bow, put the trigger on it.” (Triggers are an archery tool where you latch a stick with a trigger onto the string, and you push the trigger to fire after pulling back.)


She attached the foreign tool onto the string, and an arrow appears prompted up by the arrow rest. (Arrow rest is what keeps the arrow on the bow. And how do I know this? I do archery every day, duh.)



An explosion far off was heard. It shook the ground under us, and we fell. Rick got to the window. “Woah! They're bombing the city looking for us! Its on the other side, we just might have time to get out! Move, move! Go!” Rick said, jumping from his crawling state. He grabbed me by my collar on my T-shirt, and took Kate by her arm.


We ran outside, Kate pulled away from Rick and got her box. He grabbed her again, and pulled her along. Tina was running to them fast. “Tina!” Kate screamed, and she slammed her foot into a very unwanted place to be kicked on Rick.


He let go of her, and she grabbed Tina. Her box lied next to her with the contents spilled. Her small figure disappeared in the fog that has now risen. I closed my eyes shaking my head of her in my mind, and Rick threw me into a tree. “We're far enough now.” He gasped, as he sat down with his gun.


“K-kate...” I said weakly, as the pressure from me hitting the tree worsened. I fainted.

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