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a young single mother has encounters with people of her past.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - shadows

Submitted: July 08, 2008

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Submitted: July 08, 2008



Aiden wailed as the lightening struck.

The two of us alone in my litle one bedroom house was enough to scare me, it was an old house, creaking windows that never quite locked, and a window air conditioner that barely worked. i was scared, but not from the house its self, from the idea that aiden and i lived here. this was not how i had planned my life, but in two years, things can change.

two years ago i was a senior in high school, not popular but pretty enough to get a date every now and then. my father and i lived in our cozy three bedroom, ranch house. my mother had died when i was a baby. though i loved my father, and still do, he was very strict.

so i got asked out by max, a junior, so what if he was younger, i loved him. he was controlling though, he cheated on me multiple times, but when he came back, begging for forgiveness, i gave it to him much to easily.

it was his looks, that made me like him so much. wavy brown hair, intense brown eyes, tall, athletic. he was amazing.

so i got pregnant. max told me to get an abortion but that was impossible, and my father kicked me out.

max left, he dated the homecoming queen after that, but i will never forget the scars he left me. not just emotional either, he abused me. and it sounds so stupid that i let this younger boy, who was such a loser, manipulate me, but i did.

thunder snapped me out of my dream like state.

aiden clung to me as i told him it would be alright.

the electricity had gone out and me and him were surrounded in darkness.

i began to sing to him

hush little baby don't say a word...

he soon fell asleep and i lowered him into his crib, in the living room. then i silently creeped back to my room and layed in the bed.

from where i was laying i could see the sheer curtain draped on the living room window. as lightening struck again, a movement caught my eye.

a person? no it cant be...can it?

then i heard aiden stir, and a hushed voice sing,

hush little baby dont say a word...

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