The Truth About Life

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

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Submitted: March 05, 2009



Bella, who had the ability to remain calm in almost any situation, looked at Mason and said, “Go.”
“Go where?” he asked. I felt so bad for my big brother; I knew I had let him down.
Bella sighed, “Go to the Pharmacy. Get some pregnancy tests. Come straight back here.”
Mason nodded and walked silently out of the room. I was sniffling and Bella wrapped her arms around me lovingly.
“Tell me how this happened,” she said.
I told her everything. My love for Jayson, the parties I had been going to, the other side of my life she knew nothing about. I told her about our first kiss at the wedding and how we were still friends…maybe more.
By the time I was done she was crying, “Oh Lauren, it will be alright, really, it will.”
I swallowed, “Will you tell mom?” this was my biggest fear.
“No,” she began, “but if you ARE pregnant then you will have to tell her. And don’t worry, Mason won’t say anything either. But you’re growing up Lauren, you need to be responsible.”
I thanked her and heard the door open. Mason held a plastic bag in one hand. I walked over to him and he gave it to me.
“Thanks” I whispered.
“Lauren,” he said.
I looked at him, “I’m so sorry Mason,” I said, and I hugged him.
“I love you Lauren.” He said, and with that he let me go off into their bathroom.
I stared at the pale blue bathroom walls; this wasn’t supposed to happen to me. Nowhere in my high school plan was this. But here I was, in a cramped little bathroom about to find out if I was pregnant.
I came out a few minutes later to two weary people looking at me. I handed the stick silently to Bella.
She studied it for a moment and then said, “Well, that’s a relief.”
I smiled at them and they hugged me. Then Mason told me to sit down.
“Lauren, I know you are growing up, but some things are better if you wait. Please be more careful in the future. I know I’m lecturing you and you hate it, but I love you.” Mason said. I nodded to let him know I understood.
Then Bella said, “I love you as well and Mason’s right. I’d love for you to stay longer but I think you need to relieve a very scared boy right now.”
Jayson! Of course he was worried. I thanked them again and walked quickly out the door. As I walked to Jayson’s my mind raced with thoughts.
“You’re growing up,” Bella had told me, and I was. I was no longer the little child that everyone had to watch out for; this is what I had always wanted, to grow up. I hadn’t realized how many choices I’d really have to make; or how hard they are when you’re caught up in the moment. Life was like one big game, and it seemed as if I was the new player. People turned their backs on you and lied and cheated all the time, it just went unnoticed by most people. This was the world I had waited my whole life to be a part of, what a sad, sad reality I was finally faced with. I thought back to school this past month, all the lies that had been circulating about Jayson and I. I thought about watching the news and seeing people declaring wars in the name of love. It was so unreal; so awful. I felt like I had aged years in these past weeks.
I knew my way to Jayson’s house by heart and within minutes I was ringing his doorbell.
“Lauren!” he said.
“Hey there,” I smiled at him.
He studied me for a moment, “How are you?”
“Much, much better. Everything’s okay now, I promise.” I said to him.
He hugged me, “I love you Lauren.”
I fell into his arms and stayed there; breathing in the familiar smell of my best friend. His breath coming down on my forehead, it was such a perfect moment. We were both so relieved. The unspoken fact was so lovely.
“So,” he began after awhile, “I’ve been meaning to say this for awhile, but, do you want to go for dinner?”
So we walked as the sun set to Simon’s and ordered fries and shakes and talked. We loved each other and were now closer than ever.
As we walked home from Simon’s that night; hand in hand, I listened to Jayson’s plans for the future, our future, and I believed every word he said.
That’s how it is really; you live day to day, not knowing what tomorrow will bring, or even if tomorrow will come. All you really know is that the person beside you, holding your hand in his, loves you, and will always love you. And in a world that’s filled with lies; it’s nice to have some truth.

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