Your Heartbeat

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Chapter 14 (v.1)

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Submitted: April 05, 2009



I practically ran out to my car to carry my stuff in. Steph had showed me my room and it was amazing. I had the turret room at the top of the house. It was small and cozy and the walls were a dark royal purple. I had a decent sized bed and all the furniture was cherry wood.
“Go ahead and get settled then,” Steph told me smiling.
This was the last trip I was planning to make to my car, just a final scan to make sure I didn’t leave anything in there. I was looking around when I ran my hand under my seat and pulled something out.
I gasped softly as I saw a red diary and a Bible tied together with a ribbon that said “Lauren”. I hadn’t put this here, and I recognized the handwriting as Bella’s.
Suddenly, my mind flashed back to when I had said goodbye and how she had ran out to get groceries. She must have put this in my car instead. I gingerly opened the diary.
On the first page, in Bella’s immaculate handwriting was a letter.
Dear Lauren,
I saw the look on your face today and I know all too well that you are planning to run away. So, why you are saying your goodbye to Mason, I am hurrying to write this to you. I had been meaning to give you this diary and Bible a while ago, but things got in the way and I had always postponed it. Now though, I won’t. I’m not much for writing letters so I will get to the point. Be careful Lauren, we will all miss you more than you’ll ever know. Please come back to visit, you’re going to worry your parents sick. Also, I feel like I should leave you with something, so I am telling you what Mason won’t know until tonight, I am pregnant. You’re going to be an aunt Lauren! I hope you visit occasionally because our child will be missing out if they never meet you.
Now, I know you aren’t big into writing, but I know you are good at it. This diary is for you to write whatever you want in it. I have one too and I write letters in it. Mostly to God, it’s a good way to talk to Him and organize all your thoughts. This is why I included the Bible, read it please Lauren. It will help you more than you will ever know.
I’ll stop writing now, be strong. And remember that running away isn’t always the answer. But don’t think I think you’re running away, I believe you know what you’re doing.
Love Always,
I was crying as I folded the letter back up again. I opened the Bible and flipped through the pages. The sun was setting and the wind was picking up, I was shivering, but still I sat out there. I had been there for well over an hour, crying and praying and thinking, when Steph turned on the porch light. She didn’t come get me, or say anything; she just turned on the light. I knew she understood I was having trouble leaving my past. Maybe that was it; I didn’t have to leave Jayson behind, or anyone for that matter. I was confident I would still visit my family, but I knew I’d never move back.

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