Chapter Three

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Chapter three is a dream don't wanna spoil it for any of you ;)

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Chapter 3

Liz cried and cried and cried all night she finally had fallen asleep sometime around 4 am. Daniel was passed out, and Sarah was so exhausted from all the driving and the staying up trying to get Liz to finally go to sleep. As soon as she lay down she went instantly into a dream.


A woman dressed in a pure white wedding dress appeared, her skin being a shade darker than her dress. The brides hair was long and the color of chocolate, her eyes were a pale blue the color of tears, and her lips were red as thou she kissed blood. She was sitting on a log was covered in a green moss and a small fire lay at her feet. She stared and with one finger she pointed it toward Sarah and then curved it back she repeated the gesture a few times. As thou she wasn’t walking at all but gliding she moved forward and landed on the log next to the bride.

There was a silence but only for a moment. The Bride turned her head and the pale blue eyes pierced Sarah’s. The bride spoke.” I wasn’t always this way, I had love in my life, I was happy. I swear I never killed anyone not as a girl of 18 nor as what I am today. My name was Barbara and I saw the love of my life killed by the woman who turned me into this.” Sarah stared with her mouth open. Then shook her head and said” what do you mean?” To which Rebecca replied “You do not know what happened 100 years ago?”  All Sarah could do was to shake her head no.

Barbara proceeded to tell the story of how her and Tomas hadn’t even been married for a full day, when the clock was about to strike midnight when she showed up and murdered all the guests. Then appeared next to her and Tomas and just after they said I love you to each other she killed him. Then she turned to me and said in the most painful voice “you will now hurt as I have hurt, you will love no more, you will become the undead bride of camp running water, you will be known as bridezilla.” The pain that came out of Barbara’s voice as she said those words the tears that began to swell in those eyes. Still she continued on.

The next morning I watched as police showed up, I watched as horse drawn carriages took my friends and family away. I stood right in the middle and no one even looked at me. I watched as they took my parents and my sisters and brothers. My twin sister was still alive but just barely she was rushed to the hospital. My husband lay there still as a board holding what remained of my perfect white wedding dress. But my body was nowhere to be found, at least not where the police were looking. They had the whole camp blocked off so no reporters could get in and see the awfulness of what had happened.

My dog Luna who was as white as snow husky and she was my faithful friend had been brought in to see if they could find my body. “Is that him over there?” asked Sarah. Luna glided in with the fog and sat down next to Barbara. As Barbara softly stroked Luna’s fur she continued on. Luna slowly walked toward the center of the room looked at me in the eyes and started whimpering she knew I was there and didn’t understand why no one could see me except her. The Police were very confused as to why Luna was whimpering in the middle of the floor. I bent down next to her and told her go to Daniel then find my body. Luna slowly walked over to Daniel and started licking his cold face. And with a grown from Daniel the police re checked him. He was alive but just barely. The doctor on site checked him and just said he had been bit by what looked like a spider bite that must have caused a paralysis to the point that everyone thought he was dead.

I stayed with Luna as she searched for my body. We went into the woods and over by a small grave of two pieces of wood attached in the shape of a cross was my body naked, bruised, bleeding, and lifeless. I could feel my heart beating but it was so weak that when the doctor showed up there was nothing there anymore I tried getting back in my body, I tried to so bad but nothing worked I was dead. A lifeless bride still a virgin, still had her whole life ahead of her, and there I lay covered in blood.

After the police were done and gone, the camp cleaned up so not a speck of blood could be found, Luna and I went to the Lake where I had gotten married the day before. I couldn’t tell if it was cold or hot I didn’t even feel it when the rain started. I just stared out at the lake stroking my Luna my loveable Luna. The tears started that day, there hasn’t been a day since that a tear hasn’t fallen down my face. The last day I was alive I had the deepest brown eyes and the pinkest lips, today I don’t even know what I look like I can only see my reflection on the day someone gets married at camp running water.

Tears streamed down Sarah’s face, all she could think of was what would happen if she ever lost Danny, or if something happened to Liz or any of her family. “so why have you come to me? I’m not the one getting married, I’m just here as a guest.” “Your great grandmother Elizabeth whom you named your daughter after was my Twin sister. And I can only show myself to those I am related to. I’ve been watching over you your whole life Sarah. I’ve seen all the hurt you’ve gone through and the pain and suffering the heart break and betrayal. You are just like me when I was 18, very trusting a very kind spirit.

Just then a loud high pitching cry came through the dream. Instantly Sarah woke up. It was 4:30 am and Liz was crying once again.  

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