Darkness into Light

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This is the story of Somar, a dark one. He is the best at what he does, which is killing for a King who wants to rule all he can see.One day the world around him changes. He is usually the one who is feared, but what could change his life and give it new meaning?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Darkness into Light

Submitted: August 08, 2012

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Submitted: August 08, 2012



chapter 1

Darkness. the one thing that Somar understood. it was always there. whether it was in a corner or under a floorboard, it is the one constant in his life. Blades broke,people died, and time faded. On this night he laid on a beach. He hated the beach. Sand was an ill fit for a hunter. Tracks could get swept away,very little cover by trees or bush, and it was hard to move in. Somar laid on his blankets,content to stare up at the moon and relax. He had been traveling a lot lately and needed this rest. The moon almost stared back at him,it was completly full. Somar could get lost in it, and in the line across it. Before his head could even ponder for another moment why the moon looked like it was cut in half, his instincts took over and he rolled away from the blade that nearly cut his head in half. He grabbed his sword that layed next to him during the roll, he said in his head "what a fool you are for thinking you could get rest without cover!". He produced the sword forth and sliced open his attackers chest in one broad stroke. "at least he isnt a good fighter" he thought to himself as the attacker went down, clutching at the wound on his chest with a quizzical look.It almost looked like he was trying to put himself back together. Somar now looked around and for the first time was happy there was no cover, he saw the three silhouettes perfectly against the moon's light. two men who had swords much like the one he saw on the ground by his feet,the other figure was  a woman, standing farther back with an arrow knocked in her bow, looking stoic, like a goddess from some long forgotten time. One of the men spoke" You,Dark one, we know you have come here to kill our families and end our lines. We will not let this happen.".As they spoke a strong wind blew,Somar could smell the salt in the air, it was from these three, they were from Aquos. The man confirmed his suspiscions with his next words"We are from the village of Aquos, and it will flourish long after you have left this world Dark One!". He charged at Somar with his sword over his head,no doubt  thinking that he will just land one blow and cut down the intruder of his home. Somar smiled, he was faster than some villager with a big sword who was trying to be a hero. He stood ready for the attack and did something that a rushing attacker never thinks of, he ran straight for him.Somar is fast but the fact that it was night also helped,the people of Aquos loved the sun and had no where near the sight of a dark one at night. Somar ran right up to his attacker, the man was slow on his attack, when his arms came down they awkwardly embraced Somar and for a split second it was like a forced hug between two strangers, one that ended when the mad rusher fell backwards. Somar had stabbed him in the throat with his dagger, he dropped the sword the moment he started to run, it was far to heavy and would have hindered him. The second man would be more cautious Somar thought,hopefully more of a challenge. They both approached each other very slowly,Somar made sure to stand to the left of this man, he could then keep an eye on the archer goddess who looked less calm than before. Her nerves were giving in,afterall two friends of hers just died. They could have been her brothers, or one might have been her husband. Somar knew he had caused her great heartache and she was scared. He was now just about with in reach of his second attacker, not a normal man's reach, but a leap from a dark one can cover a lot of ground. He leapt at the man and stabbed the arm that held the sword,it fell to the ground as the hand went limp.Somar grabbed his arms and felt thin,senewy muscles.This man was no warrior, a farmer no doubt with dreams of glory. Somar slammed his forehead into the bridge of the man's nose, a river of blood flowed and the man passed out. Even with the man being limp he wasnt that heavy, Somar marched forward with the man's body in front of him. After five steps he felt the first arrow slam into the man's back, she must be terrified Somar thought. Two more steps and another arrow, wait, two arrows one right after the other...she is good. Somar knew he was close enought now and hurled the body at her,she dove out of the way but was no where near fast enough, he was already on top of her with his blade at her throat. She shouted at the top of her lungs"Go ahead and kill me.Aquos will live on. We knew you were coming from the south. They will be ready for you and YOU WILL DIE!".She shouted the last part with confidence,Somar just looked at her with a small smile"Aquos has already fallen, I sent word of a southern attack so you would leave your northern border open.".You could see the hurt in her eyes,she had lost her whole life in the past five seconds.she had the courage for one more question,"Why steal the light from our home?" Somar's smile dissappeared and as he slid the blade into her neck he whispered"All light begins and ends with darkness".

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