Miserable Without You, Or Not

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Amelia is in love with a bad boy named Nick. they have been together for along time. the only problem is her parents. they hate him and send her away after her mom catches them together. what will happen when she gets to her new school? we will have to see. who will she meet there? will she ever stop loving nick? it's possible.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Miserable Without You, Or Not

Submitted: January 18, 2011

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Submitted: January 18, 2011



Life is like a road there are bumps, but also some smooth patches. My life is perfect, well so it seems. It’s perfect until I get caught with someone and I will never see him again. Even meeting someone new might not help, but I guess we will have to see. I’ll tell you my story but only if you promise not to tell.




My parents expect me to be their perfect little princess. To be honest I’m not. I’m in love with a bad boy. I don’t dress how they want me to. But, I can’t help that this is who I want to be. Can they make me be sane? I don’t think so; they are out to destroy my life I swear. I hate my parents. I wear name brands, but not the ones they like. I have a great body, can’t I show it off? Of course I can and I do. But I’m not a slut. I’m still a virgin.

Today I throw on my black shorts and a tight blue shirt that shows off a lot of cleavage. It’s all for my hot boyfriend Nick. He is five ten, muscular, and he has the perfect tan. I mean of course he does, we are in California. He has dark brown hair and those blue eyes that are to die for. On the other hand I am five, five, skinny, have C cup boobs and the best tan. Thank god for tanning beds. My hair is light brown and I have hazel eyes. Nick is seventeen and I’m fifteen.

Today is Saturday and I’m going to spend it with Nick. He wants me to have sex but he knows I’m a virgin and he and I have done everything but sex. I’m thinking about losing my virginity just to piss off my parents.

My parents are at work and they don’t know about me and Nick. We’ve kept it from the since he got caught with pot and told me I can never see him again. The absolutely hate him but I really don’t care. My phone vibrated and pulled me out of my thoughts. It’s Nick:

Hey babe, I’m outside.

Get your sexy little ass out here. ;)

I smiled and texted back:

My ass will be out in a second.

I ran downstairs and put on my flip flops. I took some cash from my moms hiding spot, which is the cookie jar. I may not eat sweets, but I’m not stupid. I pulled the door open and ran to Nicks can and hopped in. I kissed him long and hard before he drove off.

“Hey babe,” I said.

“Hey, so you want to go mess around?” He asked.

“After we eat, I’m starving.”

“You got cash?”

“Yeah go to MD’s,” I replied.

“You go it babe.”

“Where do you want to go after? I’m sick of you backseat.”

“I don’t know, my brother is home.” He said focusing on the road.

“Fine, my house is empty we should be safe.” I said hoping my parents will work late.

“Ok,” Nicks is never one to talk much, I always have to be the one to start the conversation.

In McDonalds he got a Big Mac and I ordered three piece chicken select meal. We ate in silence for a while as he kept on hand on my thigh, as far up as he can get. He kept rubbing my thigh knowing how much I want him right now. I finished my food first and scooted closer to him in the booth as he finished eating.

After he got done we headed off to my house. The whole ride he rubbed my thigh and around my crotch. I’m getting really antsy. He never teases me like this. My house isn’t to far from McDonalds but it’s not the closest. With him teasing me like this it seems like an even longer ride.

“Why are you teasing me today?”

“I like the way you squirm and I’m getting you ready. You know it’s been two and a half years since we have been together and I haven’t had sex since then. I was hoping maybe soon?” He looked at me with pleading eyes.

“I don’t know I will think about it.”

“Ok,” we drove the rest of the way in silence except for some of the slight moans coming from my mouth.

We got to my house and I’m already really wet, I know that’s what Nick likes.

“So, your room or the couch,” he asked getting straight to the point.

“My room,” I grabbed his hand and kissed him. He kissed back as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He moved his hands to my butt and lifted me up. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He carried me up to my room with out breaking the kiss. He set me on the bed and we both took off our shirts. Instead of letting me take off my own shorts, he did.Now that he’s on top of me I brought his lips to mine, but they didn’t stay there for long. He kissed down my body and then back up. He eased my purple laced underwear off and slowly stuck his finger inside me. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. He is really good with his hands, always has been.

All of a sudden my bed room door opened. I threw my blanket over my body.

“Amelia what the hell?” My mom yelled. Nick threw on his shirt and ran out the door. Shit, I’m pretty much screwed.

“Mom what are you doing home so early?” I asked looking for my underwear and putting them on.

“Umm don’t change the subject. You two were about to have sex weren’t you? Have you done it before?”

“We were, and no we haven’t. Mom I’m fifteen I’m not a child anymore.”

“Well you’re sure as hell not an adult either. Well since I can’t trust you here, you are going to boarding school.

“Mom no! You can’t do that!” I screamed with anger.

“Yes I can and I will. You’re not the same girl you use to be. I want my little girl back. So maybe if I send you somewhere you will meet someone who can bring my baby girl back. End of discussion you are going. Now start packing you will leave tomorrow for Michigan. You’re going to Valinita Prep, it’s in Detroit, and I will go buy you some winter clothes. You have disobeyed me for the last time.” She walked out with frustration. I got up and put my clothes back on and started packing my things up.

I’m almost done packing my clothes when my phone rang. Its Nick calling, he never calls me.


“Hey how much trouble are you in?”

“I’m getting sent all the way to Michigan to a private school in Detroit. It’s best if we break up. I don’t want you to get tied down while I’m gone. I don’t even know when I’ll be back.”

“If that’s what you think is best. But I need to tell you something first.”

“What Nick?”

“I love you,” he has never said it before, neither have I.

“I love you too Nick, goodbye.” I said and hung up the phone. A tear rolled down my cheek and I laid down and fell asleep.

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