Knight's Redemption

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Wondering doesn't do a thing!

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Submitted: November 02, 2008



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Carlton high school: Break: Time: 11:30 a.m.: Cafeteria: debate:

Topic for today: Am I duped?

Presided over By: Student body!

So the debate had been a disaster! Shocker there… yeah right! As if I never knew what was striking me, but all in all I did, okay I m not a winning freak, so for me it went okay type!! At least from the start I had known where I stood! So here I am again scribbling in my catalogue, me and cat are perfect partners made for each other.

So again they this sleazy macaroni for lunch!! BAH! Cafeteria is so partial towards veggies! But good for me I brought my lunch along!

Sandwich with white sauce lots of mushrooms! Aha... My eyes had that dreamy look as I was just about to take the first bite, when I heard Violet Carlton coming up to me!


She has the perfect honey blond hair anyone could have on this planet earth.

She is the perfect "DOLL".... (Guys term her that...!)

She is obnoxious.

Flaunts the title "Carlton" superbly (you must have guessed that by now!! Yeah, her dad is one of the board members of school council)

She has Mattson Jones as her boy-friend with whom she shares an off-on relationship (seriously you should see her!)

There is this particular way of her... ummm... its kind of hard to describe yeah its like she always turns her head in such a peculiar manner every time as if she is posing for Vogue or something!! (That’s really irritating...when people like me can't look behind their back properly. :| )

Luck always... always… always dawns her way...seriously she has the key to awesome luck!

She owns her own CAR!

She is gonna be termed next home-coming queen without any question. Every teacher favors her...SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE BRAINS!


Yeah... so here she is...

Oh… no! She is sitting down.... I think I should stop writing now.... and concentrate on this latest problem!

"Mmmmm... Hi Violet! Anything I can possibly do for ya?" I said

"Oh... yeah... I was just wondering whether, you know, you could help me in algebra for the upcoming know how bad it would look if I scored another D..."

"Yeah sure... hey I have to leave... I just have to go"

So all of ya might be wondering...where did I suddenly run off to??

CityHospital: 1:30 p.m.

Yeah so let me explain ya....while I was talking to Violet, listening to her pity(petty) problems of flunking algebra… I saw the ambulance, yeah, again, and instinctively I knew who the patient was. The patient was Knight Smithson. Yeah the same Knight Smithson, who is a juvenile (You may have to mention the word delinquent here), last month he came out of jail after serving a 6 month sentence for stealing a car!

Let m tell you one thing, everybody here thinks that Knight is some kind if a hoodlum, hell bent on destroying this so called "wonderful" atmosphere for our school. But they haven’t seen his other side, have they? NOPE. NO.

Tell you why? They never took pain, if they ever read his poetry or feel the rhythm of his composed music they will know that how much is stored inside that facade of a street driven mug he wears.

Okay Knight isn't exactly the best of kinds, but you can't help it ever looked. A mother who knocked up his own son!! A father who left him when he was just an embryo - a bundle of cells!

An uncle to be blessed with who introduced him to all those filthy things a respected and conservative family never talks about!

Well here I am standing outside his room in the City Hospital, waiting for the doctors to tell me what is happening… I am sure no one is paying much heed to me. Well why would they? Even the patient thinks I am a pain in his butt, who constantly irritates him. Let me tell you guys, Knight is two years older than me so that makes him 18 yrs old and yeah, flunked, so he is stuck in my standard with me!

Well I think doctors are whispering something about drug overdose and that he has to be kept under observation for 24 hours. They gotta be kidding!

"Excuse me Doctor, but have ya informed Knight's family?" I asked

Suddenly everyone was looking at me! Hello I just informed them, they couldn't have forgotten this? Or could they have?

Okay so Mr. Reno, who accompanied me and Knight to hospital from school is our Physical Education teacher and he is now giving me a very bad look!

So I decided to shut my mouth and wait.

So finally like after an eternity Mr. Reno says that I better go and inform Knight’s uncle 'bout his condition.

Yeah so here I am going all the way down town to tell his uncle about his nephew!! As if that guy even cares!! If he would have cared, Knight wouldn’t be where he is!

I was seething with temper, when I saw a scene that suddenly catapulted me back in time.- the time when I first met Knight, I was 12 yrs old and Knight was 14 yrs old.

It was dead of night, and he was trying to break and enter into my garage to save his back from the patrol cars of police and from my room window all I can see was there was this guy who needed my help, no question of wrong or right!

So, I tip-toed down to the kitchen, then from the back door I glided down the garage and opened the door, shoved him inside and all this while I just cant stop laughing at his stunned look as if he had been hit by a pan straight across his face!

Oh yeah since then, I became his unwanted shadow!

Though he never acknowledged me, all said thing that might have made any other sane person runaway. But not me, how can I have left him when his eyes said differently!

Since that day my soul mission was to save "KNIGHT SMITHSON WHETHER HE WANTED OR NOT!"

Nope, he never wanted it. His always remained sad and yes, he never acknowledged me... Never. Not yesterday, not today, maybe not in the future. But yeah I still have a mission to accomplish... By the time I was out of my reverie I had reached this shabby looking cottage or rather shovel, where Knights Uncle Leo lived.



No response....probably he too was lying somewhere wasted!

I was just about turn and go, when the door opened.

"Whaddya want missy!" asked that drunken uncle.

And I was like err… your nephew is in hospital and your presence is required immediately and do ya know what was his first response?

"More fucking medical bills"

Yeah that sentence, once again, renewed my resolve and deep down in the centre of my being I knew I had to save Knight from himself...

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