Lab N3rd

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Lilinstein Gold Veil isn't popular nor unpopular she's just your average 17 year old only she's about to do something no other 17year old has ever done before. It all starts when she decides to do her science fair project on bullying. She is paired with Rye Walker who she is desperately in love with. She decides to do the affects of bullying on the brain. She becomes a nerd but soon realizes the pains and suffering of the bullied. She realizes she has to do something bigger. Join her as you fall in love with this inspiring novel

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lab N3rd

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013



Ryes Pov: Here I was the most popular guy in school well not anymore. I had given up my popularity to get an A on my science project. No it was more than that I was standing up for what I believed in with my crush Lili. Lili stood on top of the table with her glasses gleaming and her brown hair waving from the cafeteria table. She just gave the best speech ever. And I was about to get something equally better as I climbed on the cafeteria table I kissed her and she kissed me back. Some people say that was the end of our story but it was only the beginning. But let me tell you the real beginning.

Lilis POV: \"His hair is sooooooooo fuzzy! He's like sooooooooo hot! Look at those lips! I call dibs!\" Crazed girls shouted. \"Meet him Lili your never going to meet anyone if you don't say hello\" Katrina said! \"Fine I'll say hi\" I said. I started walking over to the popular table where Rye was sitting. Everyone loved him. But I chose to admire him from afar. I was no stocker. Like Marie jellat who collected his hair she claimed she would make him into a clone one day or Cally who had her own blog! I accepted it we would never be together he probably didn't even know my name. But some how an embarrassing moment changed our lives. I was just walking when I slipped on a fork. I slid across the cafeteria. When I hit my stomach hard into the table. Rye got out of his seat while I rolled on the floor in pain. Rye helped me up because I couldn't walk for a second. OOOO kids said. We wnt to the nurses office where he sat her down. \"Hi Lili\" he said. In my head I was thinking OMG OMG he said hello!!!!!! In real life I just said \"Hi Rye'. We chatted and then he walked me to class. It was no big deal I figured he had a girlfriend. In science class we were paired. This was the best day ever I had Ryes phone number and we would be meeting at his house for dinner.

Ryes POV: At dinner Lili wore a purple dress. \"So I was thinking we could do something on psychology maybe a subject that messes with the brain\" Lili said. \"Sure how about how bullying messes up the brain?\" Lili nodded. \"Where's your parents\" Lili asked? \"At dinner\". Lili nodded. So Bad I wanted to tell her my feelings but I didn't know if she liked me back. Lili felt her heart and I knew something was wrong. \"What's wrong do you have heartburn or something\" I asked. \"No I think I need to go to the hospital\" Lili said. Lili started to pant and I put her onto the Couch calling 911 and watching her closely. In a few minutes the ambulance came and we got in. Lilis parents showed up thanking me for calling 911 then they told me Lili had a heart attack and she would be fine. Lili was okay before I left I kissed her sleeping body and left a note

I like you-Rye P.S meet me at that restraunt 8:00 tomorrow

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