The Embrace of Lilith Hidenburg

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Lilith was just a ordinary woman of royal blood until she decided to abandon her life of jewels, silk & riches for a life of love with a knight she liked since childhood... But what will she find out about this guy when they are finally alone..?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Embrace of Lilith Hidenburg

Submitted: May 28, 2013

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Submitted: May 28, 2013



Princess Lilith Hidenburg of the HidenBurg family was in her room brushing her long auburn hair. Lilith was the most beautiful girl across the lands every man wanted to marry her and every woman wanted to be her, she had long flowing hair, perfect chocalate skin, long sexy legs, a nice bosom, a very seductive voice that charmed anyone she spoke to, and not to mention She was very intelligent, Anyway she was getting ready for the Noble ball, all of the royal families would come and have fun. They would talk about how powerful they were blah blah blah, then young arrogant princes would try and hit on know the usual. Lilith really didnt like being part of a royal family everyone who wasnt of royal blood saw them as snotty people who wore crowns, she didnt have any friends because of this. No one would beleive her when she would tell them she wasnt like the other \"princesses\" the other children would laugh at her and call her a wench.. sigh all because she was a Van Alen. \"Lilith puts her hair into a flowling updo, slid into her fine silk dress and heels. Put on her fine sparkling jewelry and crown and headed downstairs to the ball room. In just a couple of minutes families begin to show up, \"The Lancasters, The Strathmores, The Howards etc.\" Lilith sat in her royal chair as she watched her family consult with the families, she already knew she was going to hate the party.. 1 of the sons walk over to her \"My my Even more beautiful then ever Miss Van Alen\" he bows down. Here we go again she thought, she put on a fake smile. \"Thank you Ser William, you look handsome tonight.\" he blushes and tries to cover it up Thanks, umm so...Tis a nice evening? \"Mhm i guess..will you excuse me?\" he nods as she gets up and walks away, she ignores all the snotty looks from the other princesses and the flirtatious looks from the other princes and walks outside into the dark night. Ser Gilmore her father's trusty knight looks at her. Is everything alright M'lady? she nods. \"Yea.Ser Gilmore..Am I really that beautfiul?\" Of course you are M'lady your the prettiest woman in my eyes..even your mother isnt as beautfiul as you. Lilith couldnt help but smile. \"Thank you\" she hugs him tightly. Your a great friend..I dont know what I'd do without you.. Neither would I M'lady. The party becomes live as all the families enter, music was playing, people were dancing everyone was having a good time, Lilith goes to the garden with Ser Gilmore and they talk... Lilith admired Ser Gilmore, he was handsome, musculare, smart, talented..and most importantly a great person. M'lady may I ask..Why arent you inside having a good time? she looks away.. Because I..I like you. \"His eyes widen and a smile appears on his face\" You like me? \"Mhm..\" he turns her head around and kisses her deeply, his hands caress her back and her neck. He lets go. I'm sorry.. \"No no it's okay..Can you meet me in my room tonight?\" he nods I can try. she smiles then kisses his cheek and leaves.

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