Seducing Sensi

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Looking for Kakashi

Submitted: November 26, 2010

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Submitted: November 26, 2010



"Naruto as fun as that sounds.... your an idiot.."Says Sakura.

"Awww.. come on guys... It'll be fun!And their is nothing else to do.... Please?"Begged Naruto.

"I say we go for it... Just because I have nothing else in mind..."

"What?!.... Is this the same Sasuke?"Asks Sakura while chuckling, "Fine.. I'm in!Got any ideas?

"Well first we need to find the old fart... Where could he be?" Naruto sighs.

"We can check the book market. He's always looking for that so called romance novel?"

"You mean that porn book?Good idea!You check there Sakura!"

"We should split up first!Look everywhere then we meet up if we find him.... Be smarter..."

"Yeah...Yeah..Fine... We meet up back here in ten!"

"Who made you boss?"

Sakura smacks both of them in the head, "Just come on we don't have all day for you to to mess around!"

As they look for their sensi the sun starts to set and he is no where to be found... at the moment,

"Man where can that old man be!We checked everywhere!Even places I dare not go.. at least never again...."

"We looked everywhere and we still haven't seen him... I think we should just look for him tomorrow...."

Shakes Sakura repeatly "No!We can't give up yet!Come on Sakura! Just think about it!Today can be our only chance to see...... behind the mask!!

"Okay!Okay!I'm not quiting so stop shaking me you idiot!"

"Hey you dorks...Their is still one place we haven't checked yet."

Both Naruto and Sakura looked at Sasuke with shock and disbelief.

"Like where?"

"The hospital..."

Naruto burst out with laughter, "Haha!Yeah right!That's the last place he'll be he hates hopitals!Good idea Sasuke...."Sarcatically says Naruto.

"Well that is the last place!We looked everywhere!"

"Naruto he has a point we looked all over except there, It won't hurt to look."

The team and a grumbling Naruto head to the hospital..

"Is their a name checked in that goes by Hatake Kakashi?"Sweetly asked Sakura.

"Why yes, are you family?"Asked the nurse.

"Uhhh... I guess you can say that?"

"Well he is in room 203 A.."

"Thank you very much..."Pulls Sasuke and Naruto and runs to the room.

"Alright let's do this!!Ooofff... Hey!"

"Hold it Naruto we need to think of a plan before we go in there!" Pauses then thinks. "Igot it we go in there one at a time."

"But how do we all get to see if he takes the mask off or not?"

"Damn that's true.... Their's windows right?We'll watch through their! Now we need a vote who goes first... I vote Naruto!"

"Me too."

"What?!What about my vote?!"

"What about it?"

"Hurry up Naruto just pick..."

"Ipick Sa....."

"Too bad two against one just go!"

" I didn't finsh!.... Gah.."

Sasuke and Sakura go outside the hospital to see though the window while Naruto slowly walks in.

He thinks to himself "Well here goes nothing, we will get that mask off today!One way or another!Believe it!"

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