Chapter 1: The Glenmore's:Deputy

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Summer 1869


Deputy James Glenmore sat in the back corner of the Pick and Shovel saloon in the town of Gold Springs. He had his back against the wall and could clearly see if anyone entered through the swinging bar doors. He was reading a report that he’d received from his friend Max, a Ranger in Austin; it concerned three dangerous bank robbers. Max had sent the report because he was concerned the notorious robbers may be heading towards Gold Springs.


James had no idea why the experienced robbers would bother. Gold Springs was only a small town that had been founded to service the mining and ranching in the area. It had a couple of saloons, a diner, combined telegraph/post office, general store, Doc’s office, livery, hotel, cathouse, school, church and sheriffs’ office. It was well known in town that the bank kept gold deposits for the miners from Crooked Creek. When the gold deposits were big enough to warrant it; the bank manager would wire Wells Fargo and they would send a stage with two heavily armed men to transfer it to a bank in Austin. James knew this information wasn’t generally known amongst outsiders. Although he wasn’t too concerned they’d turn up in his territory; he read the report anyway.




James was 27 years old and he was the son of Virginia and Joseph Glenmore. He had an older brother, George and a younger brother, Ben. Laura, his sister, was the youngest of the siblings and was 18 years old. She had just returned home after spending the past 3 months with friends in Austin and they had all missed her terribly. James had grown up and worked on his parents’ 150,000 acre cattle ranch which was about an hour from town.


Just over three months ago they had found, George’s wife, Jenny; on the track leading to their ranch. The family had been on their way back from town. She had been badly beaten and left unconscious by three outlaws who were after her uncle’s gold. While Jenny was nursed back to health by the women at the ranch, James had become involved with the local sheriff and two Rangers from Austin in looking for her assailants. He had always loved the law; he knew he didn’t want to be a rancher for the rest of his life. Being involved with the searches and eventual capture of the three outlaws only reinforced just how much he really wanted to be a lawman.


He’d talked to Tom Malone who was the towns’ sheriff at the time and he’d asked him to help explain his ambition to his parents. He’d also asked Tom if he would help secure him a position at the sheriff’s office in Gold Springs.


Tom had been a good friend to the Glenmore family for over 20 years and he was happy to assist James. Tom discussed it with James’ parents and they let him go with their blessing. They had suspected his interest in the law for a long time and they knew he wasn’t happy ranching.


Tom had resigned as sheriff after the outlaws had been caught. He’d bought 200 acres from Joseph and Virginia when he’d married their cook, Alice, three months ago. James’ parents never used the land in the south corner of their ranch because it was too hilly for cattle but they said it was perfect for Tom to run horses on. Everyone had helped build them a small cabin and Tom now broke mustangs for the local ranchers to use on round ups. Much to James’ parent’s delight; Alice had wanted to continue as cook. She said the Glenmore’s were her family and she’d miss them if she wasn’t there every day. The arrangement worked well.


Tom recommended his deputy, Dan Young, stand as the new sheriff. He’d been Tom’s deputy for the past eight years and Tom thought very highly of him. Dan was elected unopposed and Tom was delighted; he discussed James becoming Dan’s new deputy and it was accepted by both the town council and Dan. Tom and Dan had been teaching James the ropes for the past three months. Tom was now retired and Dan was officially the sheriff with James as his deputy.


James had bought a small cottage in town which was within walking distance to the office. He took most of his meals at the diner and Lucy Masters, a widow who owned the diner, delivered breakfast to the men daily. She also delivered any other meals to the office if they couldn’t get away. On his days off he visited his family and had meals at his parents’ house. James looked forward to these visits as George and Jenny often turned up to see him too. They were all excited about Jenny expecting and he often picked something up in town for the baby. The birth was almost six months away yet and Jenny joked George would have to build another room onto their cottage just to accommodate all the things everyone kept giving them!


James adored his new sister-in-law as did everyone else in the family. They respected her courage and determination and they often stated it took an awfully strong person to survive what she’d been through and be able to move on without being consumed by bitterness.




James was a handsome man that girls couldn’t help but notice as he walked by. He was tall at 6 feet 5 inches. He had brown shaggy hair that wanted to stand on end every time he removed his Stetson and his brown eyes were framed by eyelashes so long it seemed unfair they belonged to a man. His square jaw had a deep cleft and above his left eye was a small scar; the result of being thrown from a horse when he was just 10 years old. His muscular thighs bulged against his pants and his shirt pulled tight across his muscled chest. He was the epitome of ‘tall, dark and handsome’ that author’s wrote about in the penny westerns.


Girls swooned at the sight of James but he showed no interest. He’d told his ma on several occasions that he was sick of gals that wouldn’t do as they were told! Virginia had told him he’d have to change his attitude if he intended to marry and raise a family as girls in this modern day liked to have freedom and more say in things. James told her he didn’t care if he never married; he would never tolerate a disobedient woman. Virginia sighed, mumbled about him ‘living in the dark ages’, and accepted their stalemate.


He was content to go about his work as deputy; catching petty criminals and transporting them to Austin for trial, breaking up brawls at the saloons, locking up the local drunks to ‘sleep it off’ or getting rid of fellas that were a bit rough with June Taylor’s girls. June owned and ran the only remaining cathouse. The other had been closed about a month ago when the madam, who was sick of the rough miners, transferred her business and girls to Austin.


There was enough happening around Gold Springs to keep James and Dan occupied. Friday and Saturday nights in the saloons were busy as that was when most of the miners came in to ‘whoop it up’. Since Dan had introduced the ‘check your firearms at the door’ law; the nights weren’t as dangerous which was a blessing. James usually spent his evenings in the saloons to make his presence known and to keep an eye on things. The Miner’s Rest saloon had been a bit quieter lately as the Pick and Shovel had introduced dancing girls on weekends. Only the hardened drinkers and gamblers, who didn’t care for entertainment, now frequented The Miner’s Rest.




James was concentrating on his report and twirling a cider in his hand when the front swinging doors were pushed in so hard they banged on the walls behind. James swore the doors hit the wall so hard the whole building shook. He dropped his hand to his colt as he watched the door.


A woman in the doorway roared. “Pa! You get your good for nothin’, lily livered ass off that stool and git home right this minute. I swear I’ll hog tie ya and drag ya there behind Peachy if’n ya don’t move NOW! If Peachy happens to release his business over ya on the way it’d be even better!”


Tim March the owner and barkeep groaned. He really didn’t want any trouble.


The woman at the door drew James’ attention. The powerful banging of the doors and thunderous voice came from a 5 foot 1 inch package that a good gust of wind could have blown away. She had chestnut brown hair that was more out of, than in a braid, eyes the colour of a summer sky and the fullest, pinkest lips James had ever seen. She wore a drab brown dress with no frills or lace and although old it appeared to be clean. Like the woman, it was all business. She had her hands placed on a pair of very curvy hips and her breasts looked full and firm. James cringed; she was everything he hated in a woman. He felt embarrassed for her father; whoever the unfortunate fella might be.


He relaxed his hand that had been hovering over his colt and watched to see how this would play out. Every eye in the saloon was on her except for one mans’ and James guessed he must be her father. He was perched on a stool and draped over the bar with a whiskey in his hand. James watched with interest as she stomped her way towards him.


The man lifted his head but didn’t look at his daughter. “Rebecca, what the dickens’ do ya think ya doin’? I told ya a thousand times; saloons is no place for a lady”


She drew up alongside him “Wade Nolan, I’ve told you a thousand times; I ain’t no lady! I ain’t never bin one and I ain’t never gonna be one! If you weren’t always in a saloon I wouldn’t have to keep comin’ in to drag ya home! Now get your sorry ass off that stool and get on home! There’s chores need doin’ and I ain’t doin’ ‘em all myself again!”


“Rebecca please” Wade lifted his hands to his head and slumped back down on the bar “Me heads a hurtin’, just one more whisky fer yer old Pa eh?”


James watched with amusement as Rebecca moved closer to her Pa. No-one in the saloon had moved an inch; they were so engrossed with the exchange between father and daughter. Wade was a huge man; James had seen him walk in earlier and figured Wade would be at least 4 inches taller than him. Although he wasn’t muscular; he was wide in the chest. His large belly, thanks to constant consumption of liquor, hung over his belt. Rebecca would have barely come to his waist. He was around 50 years old and his ruddy face from years of drinking was heavily lined.


What happened next had James leaping from his chair and moving towards them in a hurry.

Rebecca hooked her leg around the leg of the stool and yanked with all her strength. As the stool tipped; Wade fell backwards onto the floor. His head hit the floor with a thud and his eyes glazed over. Whether the cause was the whisky he’d been imbibing or his head hitting the floor; James didn’t know.


As Rebecca began moving toward her father again James grabbed her around the waist and hoisted her off her feet. She kicked and screamed; catching him hard in the shins with the heels of her boots. It caused him to let her go and she spun around to face him. “What the hell do ya think ya doin’ mista?” she yelled. She hadn’t noticed the badge on James’ chest.


James noticed the fire in her eyes. She was one very angry young gal! “Miss, you cain’t go around treatin’ people like that. You coulda injured him real bad” he said calmly.


Rebecca wasn’t paying attention to James as she’d noticed Wade had sat up and was rubbing the back of his head. She reached down to grab a handful of his hair but before she could get to it James grabbed her arm to stop her. As she turned toward him she screamed “Git your goddamned hands off me” With her free arm, and using all her strength, she swung. Her fist connected hard with James’ jaw; he stumbled back a step from the force of the punch but he didn’t release her. As she lifted her leg to stomp on his foot; James decided he’d had enough of this wildcat.


He flung her over his shoulder, picked up the report he’d been reading and headed for the saloon doors. She pounded his back with her tiny fists and kicked her legs. “Put me down, you good for nothin’ mudsill!” she screamed.


James took no notice. He picked up his Stetson from a peg near the door and jammed it onto his head. He called over his shoulder “Wade, if’n you know what’s good for ya; you’ll get yerself home and get those chores done. I’m gonna lock her up and let her cool off overnight. You can come and get her in the mornin’. I’ll decide by then if I’m gonna press charges”


“Yes sir, deputy” Wade said as he scrambled to his feet. James could hear the customers laughing as he left.


It was early summer and the night was warm. There were still a few people on the streets and Rebecca’s screaming and cussing attracted their attention as he stomped to the jail. He unlocked the front door and carried her through the swinging door to a cell out the back. He dropped her onto the bunk and left; locking the door behind him.


She leaped up onto her feet and slammed up against the locked door. “You let me outa this godforsaken hoosegow right now” she bellowed “I ain’t stayin’ in here a minute longer” She shook the door and stomped her feet.


James had his back leaned against the wall opposite with his arms crossed over his chest. He was a picture of calm and this upset Rebecca even more. “Let me out NOW!” she yelled at him. He noticed tears welling in her eyes.

James waited for a break in her tantrum before he spoke “I’m goin’ out front now ‘cause thanks to you I’ll be spendin’ the night. I’m tellin’ ya missy, you ain’t goin’ nowhere before mornin’. Now, calm down, hobble ya lips and get yerself a good night’s sleep”


She was pacing up and down the cell like a caged cougar and as James walked away he heard the clanging sound of the drink mug, from the table beside the bed, hitting the bars. He couldn’t help but chuckle to himself.


He went into the small room off the front office which had a bunk and a washstand with a water pitcher; it was used by the sheriff and deputy for overnight stays. He poured water from the pitcher into the bowl and washed up. His jaw was tender and throbbing and he knew he’d have a decent sized bruise come morning; for such a tiny little thing she sure packed a wallop!


He shucked off his uniform, hung it on the wall pegs and crawled into bed. He could sure use a good night’s sleep but his head was beginning to ache from all her yelling and his jaw didn’t seem to want to quit its damn throbbing. He had a feelin’ sleep wouldn’t come easy. To make matters worse he could hear the little hellion pounding on the bars of her cell and yelling to be let out. When she hadn’t quieted after an hour he decided to get up and do something about it.


He dressed back into his uniform and grabbed the cell door key from the table beside his bunk. His head and jaw now had a symphony going with their pounding pain and he was mighty angry as he stormed down to the cell. The minute Rebecca saw his thunderous face she knew she was in trouble. She dropped the mug onto the floor and jumped into the bed.


“Too late” said James as he unlocked the cell door. She folded herself into a tight ball and pressed against the wall at the top of the bed. She watched in fear as he stalked towards her.

He picked her up like she weighed no more than a feather and sat down on the bed. He laid her face down across his thighs, lifted her skirts and proceeded to spank her backside.


She yelled, cussed and kicked but James continued. After a few minutes James pulled her skirts back down, sat her on the bed and stormed back out the door picking up the mug on his way. He shouted over his shoulder “Now, go to sleep!”


“Yes sir” Rebecca squeaked. Tears flowed over her cheeks as she undressed and climbed into the bunk.


James went back to his room, shucked off his uniform for the second time that night and got back into bed. Now his stinging hand had joined in the symphony with his head and jaw! Because of his anger he’d hit her a bit harder than he’d intended and thought to himself she’s sure gonna have a sore backside in the mornin’ I bet!


The rest of the night was quiet but James didn’t get much sleep. He tossed and turned with images of Rebecca’s shapely backside and legs filling his mind.

Submitted: June 05, 2013

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