My Immortal Love Story

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Estelle Sarrows, is always picked on. Her family doesn't know and 1 of her friends betrays her. But what happens when a new student comes around. Her life was put upside down in my little story My Immortal Love Story Read and find out what happens.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1: How Could You.

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




Estelle's P.O.V

I woke up to my phone ringing at 7 in the morning. I thought if I ignored it, it would stop. Well, I was wrong. It just kept going. Finally, I had enough of it, picking it up reading the caller ID. =_= Isadora..... I'm going to kill her. “Hi, Isadora or should I say bitch.” I said pretty mad.  “I know its early, but theirs a huge murder on the news.” Isadora said  “What channel?” I asked. “Channel 47.” She replied. “ This better be worth my wake.” I said grumpily.  “ It will trust me.” She snickered. 

I flipped to the channel she had told me about to find that bitchy news reporter and a house surrounded by police. Hello, and welcome to your Saturday news, I'm your host Hilary Backer. A daughter of the Hopes family had called the police at 6:30 am when her family was being attacked by and odd man dressed in a black suit and cloak. When police had arrived the family was sadly killed but the daughter who had called was found unharmed. The family was found with puncher holes in their necks and gashes up their arms. If you know any information about this tragic incident please contact the police or crime stoppers. The next thing we'll be-

 I turned the t.v off stunned about the incident. “Pretty disturbing huh? She asked.  “It's creepy cause the Hopes are my next door neighbors” I reply freaked out. “ I'll be up their in after I have a shower and change.” She said.  “ O.k, Ice, see you then.” I hung up my phone and sat on my bed thinking of the incident. How did I not hear all the noise? I got up and walked to my bathroom, hoping into the shower. I got out of the shower, wrapped a towel around me and walked to my closet to get changed (

As I brushed my cell went of again, but this time it was Chaos. " Hey Chaos, you heard about the murder to?" I asked. "Yes, that's so sad and scary, but I wanted to check if you were o.k?" She replied with a concerned voice. "Yeah, I fine thanks." I said "No problem Hun. I'm going to have a shower so I'll call you later." She said with a questioned voice.  " K, bye." "Bye." My Friends are so sweet. I ran downstairs to make breakie when their was a knock at the door. I ran over looking into the peek hole to see Isadora standing their waiting. I opened their and jumped into her arms. "Hey Babe, I missed you." I screamed.  "Ha ha, your cute Estelle." She laughed.

" I know :3" I smiled. We both walked into the house, I walked back to the kitchen to make french toast.
When it was finished I gave Isadora some and we sat at the table and talked. "Hey, where's your mom"
She asked. " She had to go to Quebec for a case." I replied. "Oh, maybe I should stay here for a bit to make sure your safe." She said. " That would be great, thank you." I smiled. We talked some more until we were finished. Picking the plates up and placing them into the sink and walked to the living room to watch AFV.

It was know 3 in the afternoon when we decided we should get Ice's things for the week, when my phone rang again. I walked over to it picking up and answering. "Hello, Sarrows estate." "Don't you sound professional."
a familiar voice said. "Hey, Chaos." I laughed. "Hey, theirs a party going on in the woods, you going?"She asked. "I don't know, i'll ask Isadora if she wants to go." Me and ice talked and decided to go. I hung up and we ran to Ice's house to grab her stuff. After we were done we ran to my house made dinner and got ready for the party.

I was dressed in this, Isadora was dressed like We started walking to the woods to meet Chaos. When we got their we saw Chaos dressed in this "Hey Girl." Me and Ice said. "Hey, ready for the fun?" She smiled. " Hell yeah were are." Ice said. " let's go!" Chaos started walking and we fallowed behind her. We walked for about 2 hours until she stopped and faced us. "Um..Where's the party?" Ice asked. "Here." She smiled with her arms out. We stood their confused on what she was talking about. "Um...Chaos, theirs know one here?" I said. " What are you talking about were here." Said an unknown voice.

Scared a got closer to Isadora, as 4 men walked out of the shadows. "What is this Chaos?" Ice said angry. Chaos Smiled with a hint of evil, as the older man walks closer to her. "Did I do good master?" Master? "Very good, you'll get your award tonight sweet heart." Ewww....... "What the hell is going on?" Ice screamed."Were here to pick you 2 up, you both have a sweet blood type." He smirked. "What are you talking about?" I asked quietly. "Get them in the van boys, the auction house will start to get impatient." He ordered. Ice pushed me and told me to run, so I did. I ran as fast as I could, but i tripped over a log, hitting my head on a rock.

I got up slowly and started limping as fast as possible but I could't see very good so I gave up. One of the boys was chasing me and when I saw him I started to cry. He walked over to me as i stepped back into a tree. "Please......Don't..hurt me." Losing my balance I feel into his arms as the darkness took over me.

Isadora's P.O.V:

I hope she got away. I looked to my side to see Estelle being carried and I noticed the blood on her temple. "What did you do to her?" I screamed. "I did't do anything, she feel and hit her head." The boy holding her said. "Chaos, how could you do this to us. You were are friend." I said. She laughed and replied. "Did you really think I actually liked you guys? Ha, I would of lost everything if I was actually your friends." "But you-"

I was cut off. "I did't like you two, your both emo sluts and I would never be your friends." She smirked. "You little bitch." I tried to break free from the boy that was holding me, all a sudden I felt pain shoot through me. The boys picked me up placing me in the van beside Estelle. They shut the door and I started driving. I looked over at Estelle one last time before loosing contagiousness.

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