His Angel From Hell

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

His wings drew me to him... but will they separate us as well?

His wings are what I saw first. Huge, black, amazingly strong. They swayed behind him like he owned the world. He had black hair that went down to his shoulders, covering his face. He had on a Bob Marley hoodie and gray sweatpants. His shoes were white and black DC's.


He watched me as I walked towards him, a slight smile appearing on his face. He geestured to the seat beside him, so I sat down. He just sat there watching me.


"Hi." I whispered, my voice betraying me and showing I was nervous


"Hey pretty girl." he replied, laughing.


"What's so funny?"


"You are. You're beautiful yet you're talking to me, like, are you from Tennessee cuz' you're the only ten I see."


"You have got to be getting me! Really, pick-up lines?"


"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven?"


"Nope, but I scraped my kness when I crawled up from Hell."


He looked down at my scraped and bloody knees and laughed. That's when I knew I had won him over. He took my hand and started to run. I did as well. We kept running, faster and faster until I could barely breathe.


"Ready?" he asked me, looking over his shoulder.


"Yes!" I cried with a laugh.


Then we were in the sky. His wings glided through the air, graceful and yet strong. His hair moved out of his face and for the first time I could see his eyes. They were a beautiful gray with a blue ring around the pupil. I looked into them, and he looked back at me.


"I don't care if you came from Hell, you're my angel." he whispered, kissing me.

Submitted: August 21, 2015

© Copyright 2021 SuzonneH. All rights reserved.

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H. Adams

People have their dark moments and their light ones, but neither should make up who that person is... great message there, even if it wasn't one you intended to convey. Relatable little story, Suzonne, really good job :)

Sat, August 22nd, 2015 1:46am


Thanks Hanorbi!

Sat, August 22nd, 2015 9:38am

Brave Owl

AW!! This is so amazing!! I loved that, "Nope. But I scraped up my knees pretty well crawling up from hell." It made me laugh until I cried. XD Very nice job. The fact that he fell for her so easily pulled at my heart strings. You seem like the kind of person to whisk me away on some magical romance adventure that I didn't want to be on, but then make it seem so wonderful that I never want the ride to stop. :) Amazing work. I loved this. :)

Tue, November 17th, 2015 6:45am


Aww! This is so amazing of you to say!! ^.^

Tue, November 17th, 2015 6:08pm

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