My Sister, Our Brothers, Nobody Compares

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A story of how the closest of friends and their family can all intertwine and become something truly wonderful. Two best friends, sisters, and each of their brothers all become something new, something complicates, but something wonderful and worth while.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Sister, Our Brothers, Nobody Compares

Submitted: June 02, 2013

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Submitted: June 02, 2013



I pulled up to a tall rustic building in the middle of Paris; due to the countless times that I'd been here I knew how deceiving the exterior was to the countless technology inside. I was going to visit my brother at work because your family doesn't get together very much when your brother is Louis Tomlinson. When I entered the building, I said hello to the woman at the front desk before walking hastely to the One Direction recording studio.
The boys were sitting in their common area, and I saw each of them individually. Niall; making a face, Zayn; fixing his hair, Liam; doodling a dragon, Louis; doing something dumb, Harry; looking very cute as usual, and Teri Priest. What was Teri doing here? Teri is my absolute best friend, we're sisters as far as we're concerned. We know everything about each other, and we were both Directioners. She had met them, but I wasn't there because I didn't want her to know that Louis was my brother; she would have just freaked. She knew my by Brittany Borzillo, my dad's last name. By the time that I had recovered from my stunned state Louis had come up to me and put his arm on my shoulder. 
"How've you been, Brit?"
"I'm good, Lou. Teri's here." I said while motioning to my sister. She gave me an odd look as well. We just kind of stood there staring at each other until we heard Louis whispering behind us.
"They finally realize the truth!!"
"What are you talking about Lou?"
"Yeah, really Louis." Teri said beside me just as befuddled.
"Harry, could you explain this to your sister while I explain it to mine?" Teri and I turned to each other at the same time. 
"Brittany Tomlinson?"
"Teri Styles?" Neither of us could fathom that these were real last names especially since I had always dreamed of being 'Brittany Styles', and she had always wanted to be 'Teri Tomlinson'. We looked at each other again, and when we realized that we were thinking the same thing, we glared at our brothers.
"How on this bloody planet could you not tell me that your best friend's sister is my best friend?!" We yelled in perfect unison. The guys snickered, and nodded. 
"So, Lou, I believe that my bet was that they would figure it out this year. That would be 50. Pay up." Harry said slyly, causing me to giggle. Teri was steaming next to me.
"You had a bloody bet on us?! Really Harry?!"
"Don't be rash, Teri, all in good fun." Louis said before kissing her hand causing Teri to be taken aback. We both giggled since we had crushes on each others' brother.
"Brit, can you spot me the money?"
"Gosh, Lou, again? You know you make more than me!" I joked as Lou stuck his tongue out at me.
"Yes, really, Lou. If you're going to make your lovely sister clean up your mess then don't even consider giving me the money." Harry said sweetly before kissing my cheek. If I hadn't know that this was how they normally were around each other I would have thought that Louis had something with Teri, and I would have had a chance with Harry, but that couldn't happen.
"Well, lads, we have to finish the album." Niall said as he pulled off his shirt.
"Niall, is there a reason that you're taking your shirt off?"
"Well, love, I needed a reason to drive the fans crazy!" He said winking at me before I began to shake my head. "Just playing, it's terribly hot in here."
"You're insane, Niall." Teri said giving him a look of sarcasm.
"Thanks, love! Off you go now, I know you two are related, but there are surprises for you two as well." Niall winked to Louis and Harry, and both looked like they knew what he was talking about, but neither knew why it involved the other.
"Goodbye, Lou, see you at home."
"You too, Harry." Teri added on. We left the studio, and our first instinct was to go shopping.
We drove to one of the most famous shopping districts in France and gravitated to our favorite store. We each bought some new clothing each putting it in our brothers' tabs. We then went to Starbucks, and sat down to actually begin to process what had happened today.
"Well, I suppose putting all of this stuff on them is payback for them not telling us." I said motioning to our countless bags.
"And the bloody bet." Teri said bitterly.
"The bet really made you angry didn't it?"
"Well we've always been so close. We know everything about each other, I love you, sis. I guess I just didn't tell you because I know that you really like Harry. I would love it of you dated my brother, trust me, but I couldn't risk us."
"I didn't tell you because of Louis. I know how much you like him, and I think you two would be bloody amazing together, but I didn't want you to stop hanging out with me because you had him. I was selfish, I guess." I looked down because I really was ashamed. I love Teri so much; we really are sisters, but I risked her happiness because I didn't want to lose her to Louis.
"Don't worry. I did the same thing with Harry. It's fine." We sat there in silence for a while longer, and we finished our hot chocolate.
"Do you want to go do some more shopping?" Teri gave me a look like I was the most insane person that she had ever seen in her life.
"You're asking ME if I want to continue shopping?! What is wrong with you?!"
"Sorry, just thinking."
"Thinking? About?"
"Nothing. Let's go." She let it go, so we kept on walking. I was thinking about Harry, because I wanted a real relationship, but I didn't want her to know how much I really wanted him to be the one. I hated the feeling that I wanted to be involved with her brother because I didn't know how it would effect things. I knew she wanted to get to Lou, so he could be her first, but I didn't know how much of that was because she had honest feelings for him. I trust her with Lou completely, but I couldn't help worrying about it. Everything was just getting at my head, and I didn't even think to consider how much money I was losing Lou until Teri grabbed my hand. I realized then that I was just kind of throwing clothes into the cart.
"Don't completely kill Louis. He doesn't deserve that much debt." I looked over to her cart because I doubted that she was being any better.
"Do you see what you're doing to poor Harry here? That's about twice as worse as what I'm doing."
"We have the same amount if clothes, but yours are twice the price."
"I guess you're right." She said looking ashamed.
"Why don't we put all of this stuff back? I don't know what I even have here, and neither of our brothers deserve it." She gave me another look.
"You can't be serious, Brittany. I know you aren't happy about this. Why are you just okay all of a sudden?"
"I just don't think that we should clear out their bank accounts over this."
"What's going on?"
"Nothing's going on." I lied unsuccessfully.
"Is this about the guys?"
"What do you mean? Like, what about them?"
"Chica, we never knew that each other had a 1D brother. I know about your celebrity crush, and you are aware of mine as well."
"I was thinking that maybe we could hook each other up, but then I got kind of worried about what that would do to our relationship." I nearly whispered under my breath. If there was one thing that couldn't happen, it was losing my sister.
"What do you mean? How would that affect our relationship?"
"Teri, I can't lose you to my brother. I don't want you two to start dating then you both forget me, and I don't want to get all caught up in a relationship where I'm treated with real respect and not have you."
"I don't think we could do that. I don't even think we could function that way. We're too close, and we've been through too much together to just forget about each other. I know that I don't know what I'd do without my sister, and you wouldn't need to worry about losing me to Louis." She stared me in the eye explaining carefully how we wouldn't lose each other. She gave me a hug, and I was pretty okay. "So, are we gonna hook each other up?"
"Do you think the guys would go for it? They're kind of essential here."
"Well we know they like each other, and they trust each other. They should be able to handle dating each others sister; plus the first time will be a double date, so they're comfortable."
"You're missing one semi-important detail." She looked at me curiously. "They guys need to like us enough to be willing to date us both."
"I think Harry likes you. Well I know that he likes you as a friend. In fact he loves you as a friend. He always talks about Louis' sister. I don't think he'd be object to a date." I giggled to myself. I never thought that Harry really liked me. I mean I was Louis' annoying kid sister, or so I though. Teri snapped me out of my thoughts, and I looked back up. "And Louis??"
"From what I could tell seeing you two sitting together, Lou really likes you. Like I don't know that he has romantic interest, but he was very very comfortable around you." She did as I just had, giggling to herself. "We have to do this." I said to her with a grin on my face.

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