This Is The End.

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There is an intresting dynamic between life and death, I think. You can't have life without death and there can't be death without life. . Life is what our humanity foolishly rellies on. It is the first battle we all face and it is a battle that one day must end. Life is what we all fall to believe. Death. It is our final battle, sometimes the hardest. It is what, so many people fear. . . Life is a beautiful lie and death is the ugly truth.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - This Is The End.

Submitted: March 26, 2014

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Submitted: March 26, 2014



There is an interesting dynamic between life and death, I think. You can't have life without death and there can't be death without life. . Life is what our humanity foolishly relys on. It is the first battle we all face and it is a battle that one day must end. Life is what we all fall to believe. Death. It is our final battle, sometimes the hardest. It is what, so many people fear. . . Life is a beautiful lie and death is the ugly truth.

My name is Jinx and I'm nineteen. I'm currently ending my first year of college and to tell you the truth, I couldn't be happier. See, in high school, I used to be on a kick boxing team with my brother and a few friends. Only girl on the team. I earned a scholarship to a college and, then, I was thrilled. Me and my friends were planning on sending applications because it was only an hour from town and my I would have my brother there so I thought it would be perfect. See, my brother is a year older than me so he left a year before me. We're pretty close. I mean, we were both on the same team so we had to be. His name is Jax.

I thought college would be fun and it was at first but then I started missing my dad and my little brother Finn. My mom was killed, a few months after Finn was born, in a car accident. So it happened a little over three years ago which makes Finn three.

Currently, I'm packing my things so I can go back home for the summer. My roommate, Boston, is trying to decide which bikini to bring home. She's a little. . . how do I put this nicely? You know what, screw nicely. Boston is stupid. And when I mean stupid I mean she actually thought Hannah Montanna and Miley Cyrus were two different people.

Our room is pretty ordnairy. Or, at least my side is. My side of the room consists of a bed with dark blue sheets and a black blanket, a desk with my lap top on it, a family picture of my mom, dad, Jax, Finn, and me before the accident, a picture of Keir, Ash, Logan, and I all crammed into a photo booth, and finally, a punching bag in the corner. Boston's side of the room is way different than mine. She has a bed like me but with purple sheets and a pink lacy blanket, a desk with a purple laptop covered in stickers, posters of varying boy bands I have never heard of, a picture of her and her current boyfriend, a pair of guys pants from her last boyfriend (still wondering why he hasn't noticed them yet), a tiny rat dog named Chi Chi, and a table filled with make up and nail polish. Her bed has pillows with pictures of guys, kittens, puppies, and more guys.

"Which one do you think? The red one, the pink one, or the black one?" she asks, turning to face me.

"Red one, definetly." I say, even though I have no idea what on earth she is talking about. She smiles and says "I knew I could count on you. So, what are your plans for the summer?" she asks.

I shrug and say "Just going home. Plan on visiting my old coach, though. But I'm not sure it's worth driving in the same car with Jax, Ash, Logan, and Keir."

Ash, Logan, and Keir are my best friends. Ash and Keir were also on my kick boxing team. We've known each other for years and they've grown to be like family to me. It wasn't hard to be friends with Ash, considering he lived right next door and our mothers always used to make us have "play dates" up until we were twelve. Then they changed the turn from "play date" to "group date" because we met Logan and Keir. We knew each other before that, we just didn't tell out moms' because we knew it would back fire. . . and it did.

"Does Ash have a girlfriend?" she asks.

"No and don't you have a boyfriend?" She looks confused "Alex?" I say. She makes a sound of recognition and says "Yeah, forgot. Sorry."

I just finish packing when I hear a knock on the door and Logan walks in, flopping himself on my bed. He is followed by Ash, Keir, and Jax.

"Are you ready yet?" asks Jax, as if this is all a huge inconvenience to him.

"Yes actually, I am." I say.

Boston turns to Ash, holding up her bikini. "What do you think?" she asks.

He looks at me then back at Boston. Then Logan jumps to his rescue. "It doesn't go with your eyes! I bet Jinx picked this out. You need the black one to go with your blue eyes. You can't have red and blue! You would look like a clown. Shame on you Jinx!" he says, very seriously to me. I roll my eyes.

"Oh my gosh! You're right. Thanks Logan." she exclaims, smiling.

"Well, even though, this is entertaining, really it is, we have to get going. We promised dad we would be there before five. He has "big news"." says Jax , faking dad's dramatic voice.

"Bye Boston. See you when summer ends." I say, faking sadness. Honestly, I couldn't be more relieved to get away from her. It's not that I don't like her, I'm just tired of waking up to her and her boyfriend attacking each others faces. That, and the constant talk of bands, guys, how Chi Chi is starving, how we really need to do something with my hair, and the usual talk of more guys. The one time I let her try to give me a "makeover", it ended up with my eyebrows hurting, me looking like a clown, and my hair pulled so tight I felt like ripping off my forehead just to end the constant pull.

"Bye, Jinx. By the way, I would watch out. There is this really bad virus going around. I don't want you to catch it." she says. I smile and say "I will. Be careful." then I walk out the door, my backpack slinged over my shoulder, leaving this mirrored room behind me.

We walk down the hall and I hear Keir asking if some of the girls in my dorm are single, to which I answer "No chance."

Keir has terrible luck with girls and most of the girls I know here are stuck up or there to interested in there work to be bothered by guys. Girls at home are. . . well, it's hard to put I guess. Either their popular, smart, athletic, or they read a lot. Not that there bad because I know a lot of nice girls there it's just Keir is picky.

Our feet shuffle down the hall until we reach the parking lot.

"I can't wait to get home!" exclaims Logan. Ash turns to me "Is Ray making cake? Ray should make cake." he says.

Ray, is my dad. My dad is a weapons enthusianst. Half our money is spent on swords, guns, knives, etc. He says we should be able to protect ourselves incase something happens. Obviously this is a load of bull but we let him have his fun.

"Do you think they missed us?"asks Keir , to no one in particular.

"I think there happy we're gone. Every time I called dad he seemed ecstatic." says Jax.

"Ah, dad is missing us. He doesn't know what to do with himself. He just doesn't want you to worry." I tell him.

"No. I'm pretty sure he's happy you're gone. Who would want an annoying girl looking over there shoulder every minute of the day?" he teases. This earns him an elbow to the side. He chuckles and says "I'm just kidding. Come on. Let's get home." He unlocks the car and we shove our backpacks in the trunk of his old Chevy. I slip into the back with Keir and Logan. Ash and Jax sit up front. Ash hits the button on the stereo and we hear,

"Is this new sickness growing into a disease? Scientists are working tirelessly to find a cure." I huff and Jax just puts in a cd.

"I don't know why there worrying so much. It's just a little cold. There blowing it way out of proportion." says Keir.

Jax starts the car and pulls out of the parking lot, starting to drive away from campus.

"We don't know that. It could be like a disease that wipes out civilization!" Logan points out.

"He does have a point." says Ash from the front seat.

"No, he doesn't. Logan is crazy. And so are you." says Keir, pointing at Ash and Logan. Logan takes this very offensivley and punches Keir in the shoulder. Keir looks over at him, amused.

"Nice arm, you got there." he continues "If you consider punching like a girl ,that is." Logan leaps over me to get to Keir and I put in my head phones. I've learned to ignore there petty fighting even though it is very entertaining. I look at Ash and he grins and shakes his head.

I put my head back against the seat and groan internally as there childish fighting continues. I change the song, turn it up, and drift into unconsiousness while two children fight relentlessly.

Oooh yay! It's me (obviously). I, as a person, have decided to post the first chapters of books I'm writing and see which one all yall like best. The one you like best I will continue. Anywhody, this is short and it's more of a prolouge than a chapter but it's a little to long to be a prolouge and by the way, what's a good name for a guy. I can't use Austin or Dallas because he's from Texas and it would be a little awkward. P.S can someone explain the whole THEIR and THERE because I don't know which one is which so if someone doesn't mind claryfing that, it would help. And I know RELYs is spelt wrong and I don't know if it's a word but I sorta had to because RELY by it self didn't make sense. One last thing and I'll let you go, I tried to get the speling right so I'm now using spell check on the little box you post it in so I guess I'm my own editor. Anywhody, I hope you have a super madness filled day and GOODBYE! :3 :)

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