Vivitons Elementals: The Heroes of Viviton

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Normal adventureres. Who knew these normal people would end up being chosen by fate to save the world? A coming darkness is approaching the planet of Viviton...and only the heroes can save the world. Will the heroes be able to find the Orbs in time? Or will Viviton fall victim to the evil Dark Cross army?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Vivitons Elementals: The Heroes of Viviton

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013




1000 years ago, Viviton was the planet of high riches and home of the famous army of King Vivo: The Vivitonian Knights. Viviton was always a safe haven for inhabitants of other planets, and it was considered a land of peace and freedom...until one day a man in a dark cloak set foot upon Viviton. As he gazed out from the mountains, he vowed to take over the planet and make it a place to raise his army of undead.

As the weeks passed, the cloaked man made his first attack on a thriving town known as Willowsville. Though the citizens and warriors fought bravely, the town was burned to the ground, and the cloaked man emerged from it with an army of thousands. As more weeks passed, more towns fell, and his army grew still stronger. Not even the Vivitonian Knights could stop it, and were easily overpowered. In the end, only one city remained standing: Torath.

As the dark cloaked man approached its gates, he paused for a moment. \"Finally, my purpose is almost fulfilled. In a matter of minutes this planet will be mine,\" he said to himself. As his soldiers blasted the gates open, the cloaked man stopped. Though the rest of the city had gone into hiding, seven heroes stood their ground against him: two priests, a Sun knight, a Luna knight, a thief, a mage, and a warrior of ice. Against these heroes, the man’s vast army stood no chance.

Though his army was destroyed, the cloaked man just stood there and laughed. \"You actually think you can defeat me?” He laughed. “That army was nothing! Now you’re in for a real fight, fools!\" The thief charged him while he was speaking and managed to land a hit, but the man simply tossed her aside with powerful magic, causing her to crumple near her comrades.

The ice warrior looked at her with concern. “Are you okay?”

The thief nodded slowly, putting on a brave face. “I’ll be fine.”

The other heroes charged the cloaked man all at once, but now that the man was on guard, he easily blocked their attacks and knocked them aside. He laughed. “Fools! You will fall before me! Once I get rid of you, I will make you my undead commanders and you yourselves will help me take over this pitiful planet!\"

All seemed lost, but the Sun knight had one last idea up his sleeve. He spoke to his comrades quietly. \"Guys. I have an idea...but we need to be willing to sacrifice ourselves. \" Quickly, he explained his plan.

With the other heroes’ agreement, they stood and worked a powerful magic, summoning the Ultimate Orb, an orb of far more power than anything the cloaked man could defend against. He screamed in rage. \"What? What is this?!\"

With the orb’s help and the last of their magic, the seven heroes used a holy strike, defeating the cloaked man. His parting words were words of revenge.

\"No! You have not seen the last of me…One day, I shall return and finally make Viviton mine!\" With those parting words, the battle was over and the mysterious man disappeared into the void. However, it left the warriors at the end of their strength. The Ultimate Orb glowed with a mysterious light and separated into seven different orbs, each orb storing the body and spirit of one of the heroes. These orbs were scattered to the wind and never seen again.

Though many years have passed, these seven warriors are still honored by many today. Viviton was able to rebuild thanks to their sacrifice and became a peaceful world once more. However, on a fateful day that marked the thousandth anniversary of the cloaked man’s demise, the orbs returned, bringing with them many villains that wished to use the orbs’ power for their own dark purposes.

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