Chapter 1: On Swords Edge Chapter 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Chapter 2
Sandra sat up, sweat was beading down her face and body making her green tank-top and blue boxer shorts stick to her skin making her feel dirty and long for a hot shower. She put her sweat drenched, brown hair into a messy bun while she slide off her old, second hand, bed. The silver paint coating was chipping off and it was quit uncomfortable. Stretching, Sandra looked around. the morning sun was shining blindingly through the one window that was in the large room. Her eyes wondered the room and saw that all the beds, very much like hers, were empty. Wondering how long she was asleep Sandra walked slowly to the small dresser that she and 2 other girls “shared” they were fairly girly and very into the latest fashion leavening their old clothes that they don’t even wear anymore in the dresser where they would hogged up most of the little space that Sandra got. She didn’t really care, she was more a tomboy and didn’t need that many clothes. Sandra would just ask them which clothes she could have that they didn’t want and would rip them up at the knees or the sleeves and would use some fabric from some other clothes and would just sew it on, In the end it would look pretty good.
Sandra opened the drawer, it squeaked horribly as she did so, she whipped out a par of her favorite blue jeans that were ripped at the knees and had a faded look and another dark green tank-top. Sandra ran to the girls bathroom, the dark wooden floorboards also squeaked horribly though she tried her best not to make to much noise, she slowly shut the door behind her not trying to make any loud sounds. she didn’t want to wake her foster mother, Berit, Berit was always mad if she was woken early. Sandra didn’t know what time it was but she wasn’t taken any chances. Sandra put her clothes by the sink and stepped over to the shower. She turned the handle and waited 10 seconds for water to come out. She slid of her sweaty clothes while looking in the mirror looking at her sweaty figure. Her dark honey, brown eyes looked a little brighter. She pulled her long dark brown hair out of its pony tail and stepped into the warm water to take a nice shower, thinking the whole time about the blacked winged boy, he seamed so real to Sandra, then again so did the sword. The sword felt so solid, she swear she still feel it in her hand when she woke up, her hand also tingled like she had just sucked in anomies amount of magic, but she had paid no attention to that even though every thing inside her screamed DANGER! RUN! But she didn’t care right now or even pay any thought to it, she was more worried about all the oatmeal being gone.
Sandra hopped down the stairs taking 2 at a time. As she jumped the last 4 steps ignoring the painful shook that ran up her lag as she ran into the kitchen, that’s weird…. Thought Sandra as she walked into kitchen, no one was in site and some of the cabers where wide open, nothing was inside them.
“where is every one?” Sandra thought out loud. She walked around the kitchen to the fridge, hopefully if she was lucky there would be an apple left. She opened the door and sighed, there was nothing inside. They most of gone grosser shopping…. Thought Sandra she closed the door and saw a note on the front of it. it read.
Dear Sandra the older girls went to the mall and movies. I’m taking the younger ones to the market to get some food, didn’t want to wake you, sorry. Will be back before dinner
Sandra smiled, she had the whole day to herself. That meant she could go to her tree house! Jumping like a little girl on her birth day she opened all the drawers looking for a first aid kit and flash light. 3 years ago when she first came to the house she had taken a hike through the woods that surrounded the old house, she had then found an old tree house since then she had traveled there when ever nobody was home not wanting to be fallowed by any one, because they may take it away from her, and rebuilt it. it had been a whole month since she was able to go and now that she had the chance she wasn’t going to let it by.
“found Ya!” Sandra pulled out a black flash light, stuffing it under her arm she ran up the steps to the bathroom to find the first aid kit.
She mainly need a first aid kit because about 3 months ago she had tripped over a rock and almost broken her ankle, she had told the doctor that she tripped over her shoelace on the stairs. Sine’s then she hadn’t taken any chances she would always bring the kit with her.
Sandra opened the bathroom door and quickly looked through the cabinet. A few short moments later Sandra found the kit behind a mountain of hair spray. Sandra stuffed it under her arm and ran to the bed chamber, (she had no idea what she could call a huge room full of broken beds), and looked under her bed for her brown shoulder strap bag. Sandra grunted trying to stuff her arm under the narrow bed frame to grab hold of the bag strap. After being stuck like that for a minute or 2 Sandra felt a soft narrow piece of fabric clutched between her finger tips. Yanking the bag with much effort Sandra slowly pulled it out. robbing her arm after she put the kit and flash light in the bag she hopped down the stairs. Sandra hopped into the kitchen hoping to find a piece or 2 of bread to have for a snack in her secret fort. After searching all the cabinets she found 2 slices. She then went to her room again to fetch her water bottle so she cold have a cold drink in the summer heat. Sandra sprinted to the front of the house hardly able to contain her excitement Sandra ran out the door and up the path leading into the woods. Back pack swinging hard into her lags and smashed toast being franticly stuffed into a plastic bag and then into her bag, her figure running into the forest like that was the last thing the old house, or anyone for that manner, would see her for a long time.

Submitted: October 04, 2010

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i would love it if it was fantasy. this story i really like! onto the next chapter!

Sun, May 1st, 2011 6:54am



Sun, May 1st, 2011 10:24am

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