Sookie stackhouse chapter 1

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Im Sookie.Sookie Stackhouse. Im a telepathic barmaid in a bar named merlottes.I live in a place called Bon Temps. In the state of Louisiana. The owner is my friend and shapeshifter,his name is Sam Merlotte. he has had a crush on me since ive started working for him thats has been 7 to 8 years now. Ill tell you my story of how Sam,a vampire named eric Northman, a werewolf named alcide Hervaux(AL-SEE) and a were panther named Calvin Norris all crushed on me and what happened. sorry if there is spelling mistakes. ENJOY! ;)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Sookie stackhouse chapter 1

Submitted: December 24, 2011

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Submitted: December 24, 2011



Chapter 1

Merlottes was crowded tonight because it saturday.  the door opened and everything went quiet. My friend arlene and i were tending and she went quiet as well. So i looked over to see what was going on and i froze. In the door way was a man i havent see in over 5 months. Calvin Norris. He is the alpha of a little town called hotshot. Him and all of the people in that town were two natured. They were all were panthers. he looked around and his eyes stopped on me. I have Blonde hair and Blue eyes im about 5'8. My hair is 100% natural, i have not been to a hair dresser. Only once to get my ends trimmed and that was it. he walked over to me and smiled down at me. Calvin is a tall man probally 6'2 he has brown hair and yellow-green eyes he has a good sized build too.  I smiled right back and hugged him. "Calvin it is so good to you! how have you been?" i asked him with a smile in my voice. " Real good sook. ive been login to see you again." he replied. Sam happened to come out then he has strawberrygold hair and a nice size build he stands at 6'2. i look up at him and smile he just looks at me and instantly my smile fades. His eyes are telling me something very bad is going to happen. "Excuse me for a minute calvin." i say i look at him with an apology in my eyes. "its alright sook i can wait." he says. i walk to the back of the bar with sam and ask whats wrong. " My mom got shot in the arm last night. i didnt tell you because i didnt want to burden you with my problems." he tells me. "Sam im so sorry is she ok?" i ask. He gives a small smile and says yeah. i go over to him and hug him and he hugs me right back. i look up at him and he looks at me. I see something in his eyes that is something other than sorrow. Its like that urge to do something that you dont know if the person will like. He bent down to me and...kissed me. I was shocked at first then i gave in. His arms wrapped around me and my arms wrapped around him. He felt sooooo WARM,especially his tounge.his hands traveled my body exploring it and mine did the same until we heard footsteps coming. Sam simply went to the door and shut it. He came back over and we continued where we left off. Then there was a knock at the door. I groaned in anger but reluctlantly pulled away. i looked at him and smiled. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote him a note and then left to go home. the note simply said..."Sam, if you want to continue where we left off which i do come to my house tomorrow at 7:30 and well keep going and you can do what you like. Ive secretly always liked you to sam.  Love,Sookie"

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