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Christina is just your average 14-year-old girl; she has a boyfriend, an annoying brother, and an evil grandmother. That lasts until Hunter finds their mom's diary. Then her boyfriend tries to kill her brother, her brother becomes the most important thing in her life, and she ditches her grandmother.
Hunter is your average 10-year-old boy: he hates his sister's boyfriend, has a bossy sister, and a confused and mean grandmother. That is until Christina reads their mom's diary. Then his sister's boyfriend tries to kill him, he would do anything to protect his sister, and he leaves his grandmother.
Will these two siblings survive the dangers that lie ahead of them, and more importantly, each other?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Are You Trying To Ruin My Love Life?!

Submitted: January 04, 2011

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Submitted: January 04, 2011



\"Would you take your nose out of that book for two minutes?\" Hunter Waters asked his sister.

\"Why?\" replied Christina Waters. She didn't even bother to stop reading.

Hunter punched Christina on the arm. \"I mean it!\"

\"Okay, what?\" Christina put her book down and looked Hunter in the eyes.

\"What did mom look like?\" Hunter often asked this question to get Christina's attention.

\"Well, she had blonde hair, like your's,\" Christina ruffled Hunter's hair. \"And green eyes.\"

\"Like your's,\" added Hunter.

\"Yeah, green eyes like mine. She was also kinda short.\" Christina was holding back tears. Hunter knew he shouldn't push it, but he wanted more attention.

\"And dad?\"

\"He had brown hair, like mine, and brown eyes, like your's.\" Christina was silently crying. Hunter held her hand and with his other hand, wiped away Christina's tears. That was Hunter for you, a real dramatic. He could make a scene out of anything. Christina smiled at Hunter.  It was moments like this that made her realize he was more than her annoying brother, he was her best friend.

Hunter was only three when their parents died. Christina had been seven and when she  heard the news she bawled her eyes out. Hunter hadn't really understood. He barely  remembered his parents. Christina remembered every detail, from what they ate to the way  they walked.

Hunter hugged Christina. He didn't want this moment to end. Christina kept on glancing at the book she had put on the coffee table. This annoyed Hunter. \"Go ahead.\"

\"Hunter,\" Christina tried, but she didn't know what to say. Hunter stormed out of the room  dramatically. She wanted to tell him her secret, but not even she quite understood. Christina  felt that if she told him now there would be great danger, and that was the last thing she  wanted. She sighed and picked up her beaten-up copy of 'The Night'. Her only hope of  finding the answer was reading.

'The Night' was a series of books written by Lily Murhall. It was about people carrying  necklaces around like the ones from 'Brother Bear' that had wooden animal-shaped charms  on them. The charm did not turn you into an animal, but strengthened you when summoned.  It also brought you traits of the animal. For example, if your charm was a cheetah you would  run faster than others. Christina was positive her mother had given her one of these charms.  It was shaped like a Grey wolf. She wasn't quite sure what traits it brought her, but she knew she would find out, in time. 

Christina's phone buzzed in her pocket. She fliped open her phone and read the text.


Meet me at the peir in 20 minutes



Hunter sat on the floor in his room. He was mad at Christina, but knew he would cool off soon. Christina passed by his open door. She was wearing a hot pink tanktop, white short  shorts, and hot pink flip-flops. She had some how managed to put her short hair in a ponytail that was a little to the right. Hunter thought she looked gorgeous. He pushed the thought aside, it was weird to think of his sister as attractive. \"Where ya going?\"

\"To met James at the peir.\"

\"Can I-\" Hunter began.

\"No, you can't come.\" Christina walked away. She didn't really regret talking so rudely to Hunter. Christina stepped outside and into the June heat. She walked down the sidewalk to  the peir. She was a little bit early so she went down to the beach and sat on the sand.  Christina closed her eyes and felt the salt in the air. She didn't know how long she'd been siting there, but when she opened her eyes James was sitting next to her. He looked good, as always. He was wearing black shorts and a white T-shirt that had giant ink splotches all over it. His black hair covered his hazel eyes.

James looked at Christina. She was beautiful. He smiled at her and stood up and offered his hand to pull her up. Christina took his hand and he pulled her to her feet. This was usually how they spent their time together, letting their bodies do the talking. Christina ran to the water with James right behind her. By the time she was knee-deep in the cool water James was right behind her. James grabbed her around the waist from behind. Christina splashed him with water until he let go and then ran until she was waist-deep. James caught up to her and a splash war began.

After a few minutes of drenching each other with salt water, James grabbed Christina's  wrists. Christina laughed and struggled to get away, but James had a good grip. She looked  him in the eyes and stopped splashing. James pulled her closer and put his hands around her waist. Christina put her hands around his neck. She had never kissed anyone before but  decided there was no time like the present. Christina thought it was weird, kissing while your  clothes clang to your skin, but this was California, weirder things have happened.

They walked back to shore holding hands. James walked Christina home. She stopped in front of her door and James leaned in to kiss her. They didn't get very far because Hunter opened the door and said, \"You'll never guess what I found!\"

Christina glared at Hunter and said to James, \"Thanks for walking me home.\"

\"No problem,\" replied James and he hugged Christina. James walked away and Christina  turned to Hunter.

\"This better be good because you might've just destroyed my love life.\"

\"Trust me, your gonna love it.\"


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