Renascence Chronicles

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Currently the story takes place in the Seventh Era. The technology is advanced enough to have flying vehicles, a floating city, and many other miraculous feats.

Kyranth is a vast realm in which humans and Elves inhabit the land. Unfortunately in the Seventh Era, the Elves are believed to have gone extinct for the human empire has overtaken them. In the western continent the Rufinus Empire slowly expands itself seizing control of all the countries in its path. To the Southern East Continent, Tre'Kor lies the city of Skye and a few other series of smaller not established nations. In the Southern Continent Maia Basin lies a tanner skin of men known as the Duhan.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Renascence Chronicles

Submitted: April 03, 2013

Reads: 304

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Submitted: April 03, 2013



The wind tugged her crimson hair and it writhed violently. Sylvia, a girl of 17, stood in the heavens far above the terrain below. Her vibrant blue eyes scanned a lake that was cast in a shadow from the city above.

As she lost interest with the view from above, a girl with a repulsive taste in fashion walked up to her. “If you value your existence I suggest that you prepare to depart with any of whom you’ve grown attached to. Today this behemoth that is suspended in midair shall plummet to whence it came.”

Sylvia gave a questioning furrow of her brow and responded to her odd statement, “You are bold to think someone such as yourself can tear down a city as expansive as this.”

The girl giggled, her voice was peculiar. Sylvia leaned in a bit to examine the girl a bit more and noticed more features that made her seem a bit off. Her skin was white as snow, while her irises were a sea green color. Slowly the girl removed her hood to reveal her blue hair a bit more and spoke, “it matters that you stay alive. Someone by the name of Laurel will assist you in your escape. Later we will meet again; hopefully by then you will have obtained your original mind.”

The girl, unsettled, flung her hood back on and wove through the wires swiftly and leapt from the ground and over a large wall with inhuman power, into the city within. Sylvia was left confused in thought, what could this strange girl possibly mean by original mind? Another thing that felt a bit uneasy was the fact that she believed she could bring a city back down to the surface, why would someone seek that?

Sylvia finally came to a conclusion that this girl was just incomprehensible. Instead she fought through the entanglement of the wires and then when she reached the wall, she pulled a manhole cover out and climbed down the ladder below.

Vigilant, Sylvia scanned both ends of the dim tunnel and took the path to the right. As she splashed through the sewer, Sylvia saw a shadowy figure ahead of her climb up a ladder. Bursting with curiosity, Sylvia pursued the figure. She climbed up the same ladder as the unfamiliar person but he were nowhere to be seen.

The sound of steam made her turn her head but then realized it was just an engine room. Large cogs and pipes spun furiously. There were small red lights that bathed the room in light. In surprise two gun shots were suddenly fired but ricocheted off two pipes.

Sylvia ducked in fear as the third shot was fired. Steam spat out through the newly formed crevice. Cackling could be heard as the figure darted through the room and jumped down the ladder. Sylvia’s heart felt heavy spasms as her anxiety had risen. She waited a few moments before moving down the ladder.

Her head examined both directions in caution before she leapt. She dashed down the large tunnel as she heard an earsplitting explosion. The debris traveled alongside her before she was consumed by it.

The bizarre girl from earlier awaited for a signal. As soon as a portion of the metallic road plunged she smirked. ­­With haste she made her way toward a fountain in the center of the city. Along the way she skipped and leapt over oncoming vehicles.

When she arrived another road collapsed. The girl leapt into the pool of water and plunged her hand over the spout. The furious spraying came to a halt and pressure was being built up. She looked at her wrist and watched the timer on it reach 6:00. The ground shook violently and the ground around began to crumble.

Water swelled through the cracks and in some crevices it splashed out. She waded through the pool and stepped out sloppily. Her violet and black striped leggings that went up and reached her thighs were sopping.

A man walked out from a crowd and stopped in front of her. His skin was akin the unusual girl but he wore a black vest with a white undershirt. He lifted up his shades to reveal red irises and a smug grin. “Anami my girl, how goes it?”

With a furrow of her brow she responded, “It would be best if we finished up here. We need to get to Phase 3.” Multiple officers arrived with guns aiming at their heads. They wore silver spandex and padded armor and wore helmets that concealed their faces.

One of them walked up to Anami and held up his left arm and said, “Hold fire! You are under arrest for vandalism…” Anami’s leg sprang up striking his hand; a trail of water followed it at the same time. As if it were a serpent, the liquid traveled up the guard’s limb and he was flung at her. Anami jabbed his stomach upon instinct. Without hesitation she swung both arms upwards and water enveloped her companion and herself.

Multiple bullet shots were fired, but that only success was the splashing of the water. Anami unsheathed two hooked weapons and split the water slightly to move forward. Emerging from her encasing, Anami’s weapon managed to drag another officer into her water in which she ripped his throat. Blood jutted into the water and its appearance became appalling.

All of the guards fired more shots and then scattered. With a gruesome smile Anami extended trails of bloodied water after the police officers. Those who were unfortunate were driven into her clutches of her hooks. In any case they were torn asunder. Her companion plunged himself into the scarlet water and gripped her arm. The water collapsed and they were both saturated in diluted crimson. “Take hold of yourself. They’ve already retreated.”

Anami nodded slowly while heaving drawn out breathes. Her hair was tangled and moist. “Xavier… we need to move forward before his henchmen arrive. He might be making preparations to depart. If he escapes then it would be pointless to extinguish this city.”

Xavier responded, “Not quite, sources say he holds large containers of nethreal energy deep within the city. If we can destroy that, it’d remove over half of his supply.” Anami smiled slightly, “then there’s that. We shall commence with the third phase then.”

A voice from afar could be heard “Not if I can help it you mongrels.” Anami and Xavier’s attention was directed at the source. It was a white haired woman with only one eye. Anami responded, her voice full of scorn, “it’s you. So you decided to stay after all.” The woman cackled and said, “You are quite ignorant of the truth. In any manner I shall slay you where you stand!”

Sylvia emerged from an abandoned warehouse. She scanned the city and saw many roads collapsed. In horror she realized the absurd girl was being truthful. Many police officers were riding in hover cars and were flying towards the center of the city. She had no time to linger for much longer so she took off in the opposite direction.

She arrived at a tall building and noticed a short hair brunet girl sitting on the steps. “Ramona where are Allen and Ellis?” Ramona looked up at her in confusion. “Why, what is the matter,” she had asked. Sylvia gripped Ramona by the shoulders and with a horror stricken face shouted, “This city is going to collapse and we are not going to live if we stay here!”

A lanky boy emerged from the building with a girl who was significantly shorter than he. “Oi what’s the matter,” he asked blatantly. Sylvia released a disoriented Ramona from her grasps. “This city is going to plunge into the surface!” Allen groaned and Ellis spoke, “if this be true, how in blazes we get out?”

A strange woman arrived; her skin was white and hair long and auburn. “That’s simple, we use the Sky Rails!” Ramona tilted her head and asked, “Who in blazes are you?” Sylvia turned and spat, “are you Laurel?” The woman smiled and replied, “ah yes… strange you know my name already unless you had spoken with the others already. Anyhow I need to take you to safety.”

Laurel turned and began walking down and Ellis spoke, “can’t we go pack our things and then go?” Laurel spoke coldly, “There is no time. I will not dawdle with you. I must take Sylvia into a safe point; if you are going to come with her and me, then I suggest you come now.” Sylvia gave a disgruntled look, “that was a bit harsh.” Laurel turned around, “when you are in situations that are perilous, one does not care whether he or she is too harsh. All that matters is if you live or not.”

Sylvia clenched her teeth bitterly at the woman’s retort. Laurel went on, “we have no time to linger. You must stay up to pace with me or we may be too late to escape.” She bounded off into the distance and the rest followed the best that they could. As Sylvia was breathlessly on Laurel’s trail, she saw a blur of a person glide over her. His hostile gaze fell upon her sending chills down her spine. Sylvia’s discomfort came from the fact his eyes were a vibrant amber.

He had pointed ears and his skin was absent of color. Before she could examine him for much longer, he vanished. Sylvia realized she had faltered and with a surge of energy she attempted to catch up to Laurel and the others.

Soon they had arrived at an area in which many people were crowding the Skylines. “Looks like some people felt some of the shocks of Anami and Xavier’s activities,” Laurel noted. Without warning the whole city shook and a thick cloud of debris exhumed the whole atmosphere. Sylvia felt Laurel grasp her wrist and pulled her close. The others covered their exposed faces and knelt close to the ground.

“Take cover,” Laurel shouted. She knew it could not be Anami or Xavier. As the smoke had begun to thin, a boy lifted up one arm and revealed thick black claws. His irises were silver and hair was black. Just like Laurel his skin was absent of color. “’Ey Laurereh we’s has business with us we not,” cackled the newcomer.

He slashed the ground then tossed up a cloud of smoke. Laurel knocked Sylvia aside and pulled out a pistol and began shooting at the boy now leaping at her. “Sylvia at all cost get onto the Sky line,” Laurel screeched.

The eccentric boy continuously thrashed at her splattering black blood onto the ground. Sylvia stepped back with an expression of horror placed onto her face. Ellis grasped Sylvia’s forearm and pulled the speechless Sylvia forward, “come on we need to get going!” Ramona and Allen had already scattered into the crowd of people attempting to get onto the lines.

Writhing on the ground with the boy, Laurel was pounding her fists at the ravenous boy. “Jared you are a foul demon! I will kill you today!” Laurel received more slashes and more chortling. His eyes were wide and his expression was comical and feral. “I’s gonna kill you miss Laureh!”

Laurel reached into her pocket to pull out a dagger and blocked another swing. Jared with his other arm swung under and drove it through her stomach. Laurel’s irises became white and she flopped onto him. Black blood spilled out all over Jared. “I’s gonna miss chasin after yous Laureh,” he said softly while lowering her body.

There was a thick cloud of rubble clinging in the air. A variety of vehicles and structures were illuminating the thick smog with fire. Many officers that were injured were filled with both exhaustion and paranoia. They aimlessly fired towards any sound that could be heard, but could not make out where the culprits were.

One of the officers pressed a button on his helmet and said, “We cannot make out where the criminals have gone. This sector should be shut off from the others to prevent further destruction. They are not human; I repeat they are not human.” He heard in response, “Roger that, we’ll send in another round to seize the culprits. We may have Rufinus troops come in.” “I do not think that necessary. We do not need to ask the Rufinus Empire for assistance,” he shouted. “We are already sending preparations for their assistance. Make room for them to come in.”

The officer swung his fist onto the ground in irritation. “Very well we will retreat and prepare the landing docks. “ Right before he could stand up to give out and order, a pistol was pressed against the back of his neck. Blood splattered with the echo of the shrieks and the sounding of the round.

Xavier frowned at the blood and dust that clung thick to his exterior. “I am going to need a shower after this.” He moved forward and finished of a few other men. “Anami better have finished off that bastard before I reach the core… ugh.”

Xavier was walking through vacant alleyways for about twenty minutes before he arrived at a manhole. He then proceeded with pressing his hand on the cover of it and pulled it out. Without hesitation he leapt into it and darted through a dusky tunnel until he reached a barrier. It was a large metallic lock with a combination lock.

Whilst grinning, Xavier held up his right hand and a wave of heat pushed out from his hand. The whole tunnel was illuminated with fire and the lock was blasted off. As Xavier entered the next room he saw a glass casing with a boy with white hair inside.

He pulled out a cell phone and opened it up to send Anami a message. Xavier typed up the message quickly and then closed his phone. Gently placing his hand over the casing he examined the boy further. The male was not wearing anything and had several of tubes and cords pushing in and around his body and all emitted a violet energy.

His phone vibrated and he pulled it open and read the response, ‘off the strange boy. He must be fueling the whole city. This means that he did create the whole thing himself from the very beginning.’ He grimaced at the thought, “And so it appears I must off you. Life being the source of the city must not be fun, a tragic end too.”

With his arms spread afar, Xavier had released four times the amount of energy it took to fire the lock. The youth inside the chamber opened his white eyes to see the shattering of the glass fly into his eyes and then closed them in response.

A few minutes later Xavier climbed out of the ground feeling the shaking of the whole city. Using all that he had, he emitted fire from his hands and feet. A trail of explosive violet and fiery energy could be made out. The ground crumbled and the whole city began to plummet. Xavier scattered off the side and he blasted more energy towards the body of water miles below in hope of survival.

During his fall it seemed that the whole world had been slowed down. Thousands of wires that connected to the city snapped. All the Skylines were breaking as well. A thought occurred to him, how was Anami going to survive the fall?

Sylvia felt the whole city shake while they boarded a Skyline cart. Ellis pulled a handle and the whole Skyline rocketed forward. Everyone was screaming within the cart. Sylvia pushed her way towards an opening in the cart and looked back at the city to see a series of explosions. Jared leapt onto the Skyrail lines and was pursuing them.

Ellis screeched and tears flowed from her eyes, Sylvia wrapped her arms around her. They clung to one another in growing anticipation. Allen and Ramona were standing near the other side with a group of people. They both were peering out the side to see Jared.

A boy that Sylvia had seen earlier swung through the window and pulled up the lever and then tore it off tossing it out the side. The whole cart slowed down and he gripped the roof’s edge climbed up and over. Jared was only a few feet away before he swung his arm down onto the locks that suspended the cart onto the line and it immediately spiraled down to the lake below. The boy grinned as he tossed himself over the side and glided slowly down to safety.

The line snapped without warning and Jared screeched as he fell downward as well. A series of debris had crashed into the water first before the city itself reached it. A vast wave of water from all sides crashed inland. A trail of thick smoke followed after.

The cart had crashed into the water and just about everyone died upon impact with the surge of water. Sylvia had blacked out with Ellis in her arms and a sphere of blue energy enveloped the two as they slammed into the wave.

Multiple crimson hovercrafts landed a few miles away from the lake. Golden crests of duel serpents raveling each other were embedded onto the sides. Air pressure was released from the crevices of the doors. Men and women pushed them upwards. They wore black leather with maroon imbued padding. Their hair was all cut short both the men and women. Each had metallic caps that punctured and covered the edges of their ears.

A man climbed out a slimmer craft and landed hard on the ground. He bore a mechanical eye that swerved in his left skull’s socket. “Scan the area for any survivors and arrest them at once. Tag em and send em off to the capital to be observed. Also make preparations to seal off the perimeter of the city. Tell our Emperor that it has fallen.” Everyone bowed with their right hand placed firmly across their chests and in unison shouted, “Aye sir!”

The man smiled crudely as he watched troop after troop sprawl out in all directions. In his ear piece he received a call from the Emperor himself, “Attention Sir Gerald, I require a status report on the situation.” In response Gerald said, “Emperor Anselm, the Skye has fallen and currently my men are surveying the area. We were delayed so I inquire that it must have had its core blown. We shall search for any remains of that.”

Anselm’s laughter was cold but immediately stopped, “Search for any of whom that has red hair. If you happen to come across one arrest her and send her straight to the capital.” Gerald was confused but asked, “so a female with red hair?” “Affirmative, Sir Gerald.” “Don’t worry, I had already ordered for survivors to be arrested.” “Good, be sure to burn all the corpses in the region,” He was even more confused but spoke diligently, “aye sir it shall be done.” With that the call ended and Sir Gerald sent out the orders to his troops.

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