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Camille's Point of View:

God, my body aches! I stand behind a tree waiting for Candy, who had woke me up. I say in my head 'thank goodness.' I am relieved when I see her heading in my direction with clothes in hand. She hands me the clothes and keeps an eye out for the guys, so, that I could dress in as much privacy as possible. I'm sure she knows or at least can feel how grateful I am for doing all this. 

"Thanks," I say to Candy.  

"No problem, Camille," she says smiling, "I am glad to help."

"Oh, by the way, I was kind of eavesdropping on a conversion about you," she says. 

"Who was talking about me?" I say suddenly blushing. 

"Kyle and Dylan," she says smirking a bit.

"What about me?" I say. 

"Girls, we're heading out," says a distance voice of one of the guys.

"Coming," Candy shouts back.

I look back at Candy for an answer to my question. 

"I'll answer you as soon as we get back to the Cave," she says. 

"Ok, I guess," I say.

 We run off in the direction of the vehicles. The first person I see is Kyle. When he notices that I'm looking at him, he smiles. Then, there is Dylan and he is hanging out with Amber. He waves at me friendly. I wave back. Silver and Candy are chatting about Last Night's Hunt. She sees me looking at her and waves for me to go converse with Kyle. I feel myself get nervous and start my way to go towards Kyle. But he is already heading my way.

Should I continue heading towards him or just stop in my tracks and let him come to me? I decide to keep walking. It's not an easy decision but it seems most logical. When we are almost close enough to touch each other, I almost trip. I hear Amber laugh and I feel my face turn a bright red. Kyle continues to get closer to me until he nearly enough for me to kiss him on the cheek. 

"Hey, Camille," he says, " are you ok?" 

Submitted: July 04, 2014

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