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Kyle's Point of View

Her face looks flushed. She is very embarrassed. I can tell.Whether it was because she had almost tripped or because of me, I don't know what to do. She looks like she just wants to run away from me. I can't let her do that. So, I do the only possible thing I could think of. I pull her in and hug her. I feel her quickly relax in my arms. Her tears follow soon afterwards.

"Um, Kyle, thanks," she says pulling away after some time has passed. 

"No problem, Camille" I say hoping she isn't feeling bad. 

"Hey, lovebirds," says Amber irritated, "maybe we should be heading back to the cave."

"Yeah, maybe we should," I say.

Candy, Camille, and I head off in one vehicle. I am driving. While Amber, Silver, and Dylan go in the other vehicle. Dylan is driving that one. Candy and Camille sit in the back and every once in a while, I will look back at them. They seem to be discussing something in whispers which could be a good or bad thing. It is about a forty-five minute ride to get back to the cave. So, they have plenty of time to talk. I am getting more anxious by the minute about what they are talking about. I think it might of have something to do with me because I see them look at me once or twice. I park the vehicle in it's designated spot and turn off the vehicle.

The conversion seems to end as soon as the engine cuts off. I guess to make sure I won't hear what they were discussing. I give them a inquisitive look. Then, open the driver's door and step out of the car. I slam the door close as they exit the vehicle. Camille looks at me shyly. Then, Candy and her head off to their room I assume. I was left to wonder what they had been speaking about. I am hoping if it had been about me that it hadn't been too bad

Submitted: July 15, 2014

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