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Candy's Point of View:

I hand Camille a dress and in response, she looks at me a little terrified. I smile at her encouraging her to go try it on. She looks back at me nervously. Then, I know she wants me to turn around. I turn around knowing she is nervous about another person seeing her body. I was once like that. Not so much now because of turning into a werwolf. After a few minutes, she tells me I can turn around.

When I see her in the dress and, I knew I had chosen the perfect dress for her. The lime green dress fits her snugly showing off all of her curves. She looks beautiful! 

"How-how do I look?" she says mumbling.

I smile at her and say "Girlfriend, you look beautiful."

"Really?" she says shocked as if no one has told her she was beautiful.

"Camille, yes, you are just dazzling."

"Thanks," she says and seems to glow with happiness.

"No problem," I say smiling at her. She sure was going to make that boy's mouth drop once he saw her.

"Well, now that we've got you an outfit for our date, I'm going to talk to Silver,"I say. After saying that I put on my own dress which is a light blue.


Camille's Point of View:

After Candy leaves, I look at myself in a mirror in a daze of how this dress makes me feel. I feel confident and beautiful. I playfully twirl in the dress a few times until I hear a chuckling noise behind me. I turn around to find Amber. 

"What do you want, Amber?" I ask trying to seem confident. 

"Just to apologize, silly and to say you look funny when you twirl around," she says smirking.

Apologize? Her? I shudder internally.

"Oh, ok," I say trying to remain calm. 

"I am sorry about how I acted, I just go super jealous over an old flame," she says looking sort of sincere and at her feet.

"It's just I always thought I would be able to win him back, I tried to make him jealous by flirting with Daniel. . .," she stumbles along, "then, you came along and I was already not sure who I wanted."

"Until now that is", she says, "so thank you, Camille."

"No problem, Amber," I say.

She gives me a quick once over. Then says something totally unexpected, "You look beautiful in that dress." 

Before I can response she runs out of the room. 

"Thank you," I say. 

Submitted: October 13, 2014

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