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Camille's Point of View:

I feel a little nervous. Who am I kidding? I am terrified. I am about to turn in to a mythical creature I had only read about in books. At least, I have Candy. . . sure Amber is being mean and cruel, taunting me but I will survive. Right? It feels completely odd undressing in front of other girls, but it was better than the thought of undressing in front of a bunch of boys. It didn't make it much better when Amber jokes my undergarments. 

"Where you get that?" she says, "at a flea market because it is hideous." 

Candy comes to my side and says "Don't listen to her" glancing over to Amber, "she's just jealous."

"Jealous of what?" I ask, "she has the perfect body and is probably a popular girl in school and with the guys."

"Isn't it obvious why she's jealous?" Candy asks me.

"She jealous because Kyle likes you," Candy states, "and I'm sure you like him as well."

"I mean sure he likes me and I sort of like him but I don't know, this is all new to me," I mumble.

"Well girl, if you need any help, just ask," she says, "ok?"

"Ok," I say smiling.

I am so glad I have a friend.

"If you want Camille, Kyle, you, Silver and I," she says, "can go on a double date, if that would help."

"Really?" I ask. 

"Yeah," she replies.

"Thank you," I say. 

"No problem," she saya hugging me which is a little awkard but I brush it off.

The next moment would be critical. That is when I felt my bones morphing and feeling like they were breaking. Candy notices that I am in pain. 

"It's ok, I'm here for you" she says, "we'll get through this." 

I manage a smile somehow until the pain gets too much for me. I fall to the ground. I feel my body getting ready for the change and it hurts a lot. I truly believe that this pain could equal childbirth, of what I've heard about childbirth that is. Then, hair startd to cover my body and form the shape of a wolf. That is all I remember because my mind went blank for a moment. The next thing I know I am a wolf. I am a werewolf. 

'See it wasn't  that bad, was it?' said a voice that sounds like Candy.

'I mean it hurt really bad but I'm fine,' I response back. 

'I know, it hurts but you will get used to it,' she says. 

'I hope so,' I say, 'now what do we do?' 

'We hunt,' she says.

'Ok,' I say. 

Submitted: May 29, 2014

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