Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 89

One hour later

“Fuck this, I’m not staying here.” – The girl talked to herself as she tried to break free – “Five years of training, two years of service, just so that I can end up someone’s whore and dead the next day? Fuck that.”

She struggled to set herself free from the tight ropes that trapped her to the bed. Her wrists had begun to bleed from the sores brought about by her failed attempts to escape. Suddenly, the door opened, and her captor walked into the room, completely ignoring her presence. She stood quiet until she was finally seen.

“Oh, I forgot about you.” – Lenn said uninterested, approaching the bed slowly – “I’m not in the mood for you right now. I’ll get someone to take you back.”

“Huh? Then why the hell did you have me chained up this long?!”

Lenn’s eyes widened in amazement at the girl’s challenging attitude.

“Are you disappointed?” – Lenn said sarcastically.

“What! Hell no! I’d never want to be touched by you! Take me back now!”

“Ugh, how obnoxious, you’re making my headache much worse.” – Lenn said grunting, pouring whiskey into a glass.

“I hope you didn’t dirty my bed.” – Lenn said, causing the girl’s jaw to drop in disbelief.

Lenn walked off and left the room only to come back minutes later accompanied by Arovk.

“Take her away. I’ll have my way with her later.” – Lenn said, battling the strong headache that worsened by the minute.

Arovk walked the girl out into the hallway, locking the door behind him.

“What an arrogant prick he is.” – The girl mumbled.

“You should be careful with what you say around here if you value your life.” – Arovk said, dragging the girl by the arm.

“Don’t act like you don’t talk shit behind his back, I heard you and the other guy earlier.” – She responded fearlessly in a satire tone.

“You do have a big mouth, don’t you?” – He said before pushing the girl inside a storage room –“stop trying to break free, you’re not going to go anywhere and you’re only hurting your wrists.”

“Well, what a sweetheart you turned out to be.” – She said sarcastically, staring Arovk in the eye.

He chuckled and stared back at her, getting ready to leave the room.

“Don’t get too comfortable.” – He said in a serious tone before slamming the door shut, leaving the girl alone in complete darkness.

“It does get tiring. If I had known ten years ago that this was the life of a soldier, I probably would have stayed in the village. I look out the windows as I walk down the hallway, all I see are dirty, lustful, blood-thirsty men with an erroneous sense of right and wrong. I sleep a few hours a night, I walk for hours each day, and I have spent weeks leaving off crumbs of bread and dirty water. My stomach pain is chronic, it can last all day at times and gives me trouble sleeping. My mind is filled with violent thoughts and my heartbeat echoes in its own emptiness. My parents raised me to be better than this, they taught me to love and respect all living beings. If they could see me now, and I bet they do watch me from heaven, would they recognize the monster I’ve become? I have blood on my hands from all the beings I have killed, from animals to children, elderly, pregnant women. I have raped and been raped. My first two years in the force were the worst. These pigs that call themselves honorable soldiers have their way with the youngest recruits when there are no prisoners to violate. I learned to defend my place as I grew older, but I see the cycle continue with the new kids. Lenn recruits soldiers as young as thirteen! What could one expect of a soul so young if they are being corrupted in such brutal ways? And yet this is the life I chose for myself. I walked into it unknowingly, but it has been my choice to stay. A beast like me has no other place in this world.”

“Well, you look thoughtful.” – Claude said to Arovk.

He smiled, sighed, and looked up at Claude. Nodding his head up and down, saying nothing. The candles went out, and the room went dark. Both men tucked themselves into their beds and spoke no further.

“What a strange feeling to cry with no tears. What a strange feeling to scream with no sound. What a strange thing.”

Submitted: April 12, 2014

© Copyright 2021 Sylvian. All rights reserved.


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