Glenbard Liberators

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Welcome to Glenbard High School.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1 (Welcome to Glenbard High School)

Submitted: July 29, 2011

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Submitted: July 29, 2011



Chapter 1
In a dark and girly room, a blond teenage girl was in her bed and talking to a mysterious light in her pink pajamas.” Is everything okay there dad?” the girl said.
"Don't worry about that my daughter everyone is safe ." the light responded. "Just find that person we need here. Can you do that my baby?”
"I did that already, I‘ll bring him tomorrow."
“That’s a good girl, anyway the package is on it’s way you should get it in the morning.”
“That top secret package.”
“Yes, just in time. Okay that’s enough you need some sleep.”
"Good night dad."
"Ouch!" I screamed as I woke up to find my alarm clock on top of my head. I guessed two things from this situation. One I just had a dream about some girl who looked allot like a classmate and it is already 5:45 AM Wednesday, November 21, 2085. I know that I wake up early, I just like having free time and the bus comes at 7:03. Crazy, yes both me, and my school that starts at 7:40 AM. Therefore, I placed on a green aero t-shirt and blue jeans, brushed my teeth, packed my entire school thing, etc, and left at 6:55.
I said, "Bye mom." as I left toward the bus stop down the street. Yes, still I am paranoid about several things like getting late some times or getting in trouble. Therefore, the bus came at its normal time 7:03 in the same time I finished the second song. The others and I boarded the bus. I sat down with my bag on my lap. Next to some person also wearing earphones in ripped up jeans and a red shirt that was difficult to read.
A long blond haired girl with brown eyes called from the seat next to me. Something like,” Morning Rai." in a warm friendly way.
"Huh, did you say something?" I replied as I removed my headphones and paused the song playing. I found out it was Hillary my classmate since elementary school. She was wearing a stripped black and white sweater, blue jeans, her huge purse like bag, and a miniature white bow in her hair.
"I said good morning you idiot and stop checking me out!" she yelled in an angry voice as she stood up and slapped me in the face.
"Sorry." I said as I scratched the back of my neck. "Plus life isn't like anime, so there's no need for you to stand up. Also the isn't the bus moving still." Suddenly the bus halted to a sudden stop.
"Fuck!" she yelled as she grabbed the seat in front of her. It ended up with her sitting on the heels of her shoes. "Next time remind me not to do things like that."
"You're on your own there Hillary" I responded to her not caring.
"Bastard." she quietly cursed in a soft voice she blushed red as she turned her head away. She looks cute like that. I placed the music back on and relaxed. We both were quiet the rest of the ride. I arrived at the back of the school and went straight to class after picking up a quick snack in the cafeteria. I soon arrived at the classroom with 3 minutes to spare before the last bell. Every class was the same and got boring. I tried to focus, but of course, it is difficult when things get boring. So I don’t feel like telling you what happened. Then lunch came and I was next to my friends at the lunch table next to the cafeteria cash register with the smell of pizza and Chinese food.
"You okay Rai, you want a burger?" asked Phil beside me taking a huge bite of his cheeseburger with some of its grease went onto his gray shirt that said, Give me food or your body gets bitten. It looked like a t-shirt that talked about something related to zombies. His glasses were foggy and his jeans were covered with food stains.
"Nah, I'm good." as I scooped Fried Rice and Orange Chicken into my mouth.
Dave quickly responded in a split second "Something’s up, don't try to hide it." With his arms crossed on top of his black t-shirt that was covered by his leather brown jacket.
"Fine." I said while sighed. "Class is so dang boring." with his hand on his forehead.
"You want to know something, I would give my soul to the devil to be in your position. You see I got a job because I live alone." Phil said as he pointed to his fatty breast that’s covered by his shirt with grease as Dave and I took another bite of our lunches. "Also pay for the gas, the electric, the water, etc." while counting the things on his fingers. "You’re the star of the football team and that’s great. Be grateful you huge and crazy idiot." If you work as hard as you say then why do you weigh over two hundred and fifty pounds at fifteen years of age?
"I get it man." I responded to him acting tired and annoyed. Suddenly I spitted out my chewed up Orange Chicken towards the empty seat as a reaction to getting my leg kicked. "Ouch! Who the heck did that!" As I stared up and slammed my hands on the table, making everyone looks at us.
"I did." Dave said looking at me straight in the eyes. With his, chin resting on his fingers. "It's good to listen to him he's got it hard." he said as I took another big spoonful of Fried Rice.
"Thank you." Phil said relived with his burger in his hand a few inches away from his mouth. "Although I don't know if I should punch you or truly thank you?"
He responded with "Depends on how you see it." Dave soon laid back and crossed his arms. Also taking a bite of his huge pizza. "Ow!" he screamed making everyone look at us and spitting out his food. Again, people looked at us, but unlike me, girls came running to him. Curious to see what happened and trying to comfort him. Lucky bastard I thought was the girls comforted him and checked his bruised leg.
"Ladies, ladies I'm fine." Brushing them away with his hands. "Although I might need a check up later today. For my fever that makes my body burning hot." he says flirting with the girls as I was thinking with my head tilted up and a finger on my chin. Man that’s not nice to flirt when were in the middle of a conversation. Although I would love to have a bit of his action with women, not sex wise though because my mom would kill me.
"Stop spacing out, Damn it Rai!" Phil said in a voice that this time did not attract people. "Try staying on the God's great green globe every minute you can and not in the realm of your ignorant brain."
"I'm not stupid, okay." I responded knowing that at times I can be a idiot or a huge idiot. Oh well. "Gotta go, see ya." as I am running to my next class. Just as the bell rung, I crossed the threshold of the double doors that lead from the Lunchroom to the hallways. Time for the nice wind to comb through my hair. Dodging left and right, left and right, left and right. Until BOOM "Ouch, dang not again" I yelled as people looked at me and I saw who I crashed into. "Hillary, I'm sorry," I said as rubbing my head and looking up. I helped her up grabbed her bag and books and gave them to her.
"Rai, could you? Can you? Can you head over to my place after your football practice?" she asked while blushing, acting nervous, her head down, and hands crossed on top of her books like she's using it to cover up her privates.
"Don't you have cheerleading practice till dinnertime?" I asked moving her to the edge of the hallway to avoid any traffic.
"Yes, but I told the girls I'm leaving early." she said looking all cute and innocent.
"Okay, I'll head over after football practice then." I responded. With my book bag over my shoulder.
"Thanks, bye" she replied as she jogged toward class and I looked at the digital clock on the wall near the ceiling.
"Oh crud! I only got 1 minute till class starts." I said while speeding up like the Mach * from Sp**d R*cer. I dodged people left and right, left and right, left and right, left and right. Up through the halls, through the school gate, down the steep hill with the cold November winds through my hair, through the doors of the gym, etc. I got my foot on the threshold of the locker room just as the bell started to ring.
"Safe!" call Coach Moran in his sweats with his arms like the umpire after declaring the batter safe just as the catcher caught the ball. All the students looked at the coach and me. "You should be on the baseball team with that type of speed. Aren't I right?"
"Yeah, but not as active and strategic as football. You also get more girls for being in it." I responded while changing my clothes.
"Although, you never got a date yet." the coach said with his odd laughter and smirk with his hands on his hips. "Considering how crazy you are."
"Oh come on coach, I'll get a girl soon enough." I responded hoping I would get a girl to have fun with.
"Okay whatever, you say just get your uniform on and meet the class in the basement's weight room." Coach said before leaving the Locker room.
"Okay Coach." I said stuffing my book bag into my locker and all the other things. Nothing happened the rest of the and all was quiet. The football team met up after school was fine with Coach Moran trying to find new strategies for the next game with the Orlando’s Wolves tomorrow. While the rest of the team weight lifted and talked to their teammates and other classmates.
I called my mom saying I'll be home late. After that, I boarded the bus to go home when I bumped into Hillary at the bus stop.
"You? You ready?" Hillary asked acting like before in the hallway. Like she’s hiding something.
"Yeah. You okay, Hillary?" I asked with curiosity.
"Yeah, but I've never brought a boy to my home." she responded acting cute. " .. ... wants ... to try ......... out." was all I heard.
"Hillary can you speak up so I can understand you?"
"You'll understand soon." was all I could get out of her as we boarded the bus and left for her house.

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