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Chapter Three

There was a soft ‘clink’ from Thanos’ glass as he slowly put it back on the hard wood. The four of them had now finished wolfing down Thanos’ freshly made food. Even Erika managed to fit some in, even if it was her second helping. Smiling with a full belly, SynHawk lent back and sighed gently. Catching Avia and Erika eyeing him slightly, he knew his hosts were probably getting a little curious. Thanos took the lead on this one

“So SynHawk, we know why and how you got here. But just where have you come from? Must be at least a small tale” Thanos gave SynHawk a hearty grin and rested his head onto the palm of his hand, looking at the boy

“A tale… Yes, I suppose it could be” SynHawk winked at the three and then mimicked playing a small harp, humming a soft song. Then, he sighed, more deeply than before and lent back “As far as I can tell, my tale starts over a decade ago. To the north of Cimcaler, in the mountains”

“As far as you can tell?” Erika looked closely at SynHawk, almost inspecting him. He smiled back

“Yes, before then I have memories of…well nothing at all. I remember crawling into the icy river, and then being washed down for miles. I ended washing up onto the banks of the delta by Cimcaler. Oh and when I say nothing at all, I mean it, all I had was my name and speech”

“Wow, that’s quite something” Avia was looking intently at SynHawk

“Well it’s not boring. After I got dragged out of the river I was taken in and ‘educated’ by a small fishing village, they were nice enough but… as soon as I was strong enough I was sent out into Cimcaler. To make my own place in the world I guess” SynHawk came back from his memories and looked at Avia, and her shining eyes

“And?” she looked back, pining to know more

“Well, then I lived my life I guess. The good, the bad, love, revenge, teaching, death and of course magic and creatures. They could probably end up writing a book on it, need to find a bard one day” Erika giggled at this and grinned toothily

“Sounds like a tale, where does the magic come in?”

Thanos gave a deep laugh at that and Erika smiled sheepishly “What?”

“We can probe Hawk here for a few answers on that later, but first…” Thanos leaned forward and looked seriously at SynHawk “I have a proposition for you”

SynHawk looked sideways at Thanos and a slight twitch of fear appeared on his face. Last time he had heard this he was about to be sold at an auction

“Oh come now boy” Thanos gave a wide grin and chuckled “it’s nothing sinister. Look, since Vachilli went missing these two have been out looking after the town. To have another set of eyes, and to be honest, blades out there with them; would put a fathers mind to rest. I would be out there with them but, the inn won’t run it’s self. You wouldn’t be staying for free mind you; we lost an extra pair of hands for chores when we lost her too”

“Well, it almost sounds like your offering me a job around here”

“That would be because I am by boy! So, what do you say?” Thanos looked at SynHawk for an answer, in fact they all were. He paused for a second before he spoke, mind wandering back to the fight with Vachilli. He wondered how long before that would come up, and how long before a little more of his history ca -
“Hawk?” Avia’s voice broke his mind and he turned to look over at her. She smiled warmly and innocently at him, his mind already made up

“So where do I stay?”

“Here of course! Can’t expect our new hand to die out in the cold, you’ll be in one of the inn’s rooms. With me, Erika and Avia”

SynHawk grinned and looked at the three

“Well, I suppose I should start with helping with the dishes” there were a dozen dishes scattered between the four, it had been a small welcoming feast as far as SynHawk could tell

“I like you already, and speaking of chores these two have a few things to do before the end of the day” Thanos eyed his daughters with fatherly intent. They sighed and got up from the table. Avia walked to the door and then looked back at SynHawk, her face unreadable

“Looks like you’ll be around for a while, later Hawk” and with this she slipped out into the sun. Leaving Thanos and SynHawk to start picking up the dishes, and Erika standing there hesitantly moving from the table

“Uh, Hawk?” Erika looked up at him

“Yes Erika?”

“Before… what you said about knowing magic”

“I’m guessing you would like to learn a little more?” SynHawk winked at Erika knowingly

“Oh! Would you? Thankyou! Ever so much” Erika gave SynHawk a large hug and then bolted upstairs. Leaving a slightly stunned SynHawk and a chuckling father

“Those two seemed to have warmed to you quite quickly haven’t they?”

Looking over his shoulder at the door, SynHawk paused

“Well Erika has anyway. But it does make a nice change; I am used to being on my own. Not a lot of people talk to me” his hand lowered to the table and he started to stack the dishes

“I don’t see why, you’re a nice enough lad from what I’ve seen…” Thanos had a questioning tone. Puling for a longer answer from his new guest

“When people see a wandering man with nothing, I don’t think everyone welcomes them like you”

“Fair point Hawk. Oh and before I forget, once we’re done with these dishes. Let me take a look at that cut on your head” Thanos picked up his bundle of plates and bowls. SynHawk moved a hand to his head

“I had forgotten about that, guess it’s healed enough”

“Never-the-less, I’ll take a look”

The two made their way to a large double door behind the bar. As it opened SynHawk saw a large kitchen, with a large stove and next to it, a washing trough. They moved over to it and Thanos placed the dishes inside. SynHawk followed suit

“Ok, I’ll wash and you dry” Thanos handed SynHawk a dishcloth and they started. Hands on the job, but SynHawk’s mind once again off the job at hand. A few minutes in SynHawk spoke


“I was just thinking, you now know all about me and I still know nothing about you or your family, even this inn”

Thanos smiled and waved his hand vaguely

“Well ask away, anything you can think of” He handed a bowl to SynHawk, who paused to think of a question

“Why are you here? Have you lived here all of your life?”

Thanos handed another bowl to SynHawk as he carried on with drying

“I was born here; I grew up doing odd jobs and things to help around the village. When I hit mid-twenties I went out into the world as all boys do. I had my fair share of adventuring, after I had my fill I came back here. With some help I built the inn you see here today. Since then I haven’t moved, haven’t wanted to, its home now”

SynHawk gave a warm smile and placed his washed bowl on the side of the trough, more questions wandering his mind

“What about the girls? Have they always been here?”

“Yes, they have always been in Alowen, or at least called it home” Thanos gave SynHawk a couple of glasses and then sighed, guessing the next question

“Thanos… where is Avia and Erika’s, mother?” SynHawk turned to Thanos and tied his head

“She’s, gone. It’s been about ten years now, Avia was nine, Erika six. Avia still remembers her very well” Thanos looked at SynHawk and gave a smile as he remembered his past love “You’ll be interested to know that Erika got her magic from her mother, Aira, Aira Avon”

“You named Avia after her mother?” SynHawk had stopped drying his glass. Mind caught up in multiple questions “and Aira could cast magic as well?”

“Oh yes, very much so. She was a Mage, from… some academy in Cimcaler” Thanos’ eyes were, almost glowing now. With a youthful happiness from recalling her magic

“Wait. A Mage? You mean an actual qualified Mage from Cimcaler? That’s amazing”

SynHawk had heard of the few academies dotted across the continent. They were always very selective about who they took, and it was even harder to make it through the teachings. If she had qualified, she must have been very talented and very powerful.

“She really was. I remember the day she came into the inn. Her soft brown hair in a ponytail to her back, green eyes happy and curious. It was a slow day and we started talking. She was traveling around, trying to get away from the ‘civilized world’” Thanos looked at the glass he was cleaning, his eyes shone with a boyish memory “We talked late into that night, and then the morning. I guess… love happens eh?” Thanos looked away from the glass and gave SynHawk an, old smile. SynHawk was able to stop the curiosity from getting the better of him

"So, what happened to Aira?"

Thanos handed him the last of the plates and leaned against the cold stove

"One day she just vanished, with no trace. I woke one day and the sheets were flat and cold, she was gone. The village searched for days. I think A piece of Avia left with her mother that day, they were so very close. She's been fiercely independent and strong since that day, sometime's just very distant" he grinned "except to Erika, and luckily Erika only remembers the magic about Aira. She wants to head to Cimcaler to see the academy, Avia wants’ to keep looking in Cimcaler for Aira. But I except she will put it off for a little while now"

"Well she can learn off me now" SynHawk placed the last plate on the edge, cleaned and done

“What? Oh yes, Erika of course. Yes, Erika won’t want to go in” Thanos chuckled and leaned over, taking the plates, bowls and glasses. He moved them into a cupboard and looked over his shoulder at SynHawk

“If you want I can give you a tour of the village, or you can see if you can find Avia and Erika. I have a few things to do and I’m sure they would be willing to give you the tour”

SynHawk nodded and moved to the door; before he exited he called out. Thanos and his back facing each other

“Don’t worry about my cut, I’m sure it’s fine” He raised his hand to his forehead “Salus” the light healing his forehead, he walked out the door. Leaving Thanos frowning, his eyes looking at a reflection in a pot; he could see the door.

Raising his hand as he got outside he shielded his eyes against the bright sun, it was apparently beaming down happily. Looking around slowly, SynHawk saw a small break in the trees and a large paved path broke off from the dirt road he had arrived on. Guessing that this is where the rest of the village lay, he headed off towards it. As he ventured through the small wall of trees he saw what Thanos meant. Once he had passed the first few trees he watched as the forest seemed to open up to him.

There were about ten buildings in a small group, with a few random others dotted around the outskirts of the clearing. As he draw closer he could see what a few of them held, so far he had spied a blacksmith, a small mill, quite a large town hall and what seemed to be a tailors shop. Following the path he wandered through the small town. As he drew closer to the town hall he heard a ‘thock' sound repeated every few seconds. With curiosity getting the better of him he poked his head around the building. A smile drifting over his face, because his eye's had found Avia. She was standing a good hundred feet from a target, with her bow in hand. He watched her draw an arrow, nock it and pause. Her body motionless with an unwavering arm, until there was a soft ‘twang' and the arrow shot forward. Sinking into her target with a ‘thock'. He noted that her arrows were collected in a small group in the head and heart of the wooden target

“Hey sis!”

SynHawk's eyes darted to his right, Erika had come around the other side of the town hall. She was holding an apple and grinning

“Think fast!” Erika threw the apple up in the air and he saw Avia spin. Her hand flicking back to her quiver and eye's fixed on the apple, the sun gleaming on the fresh surface. A second later an arrow collided with the apple, skewering it sharply “Nice shot sis”

“Indeed it was” SynHawk smiled and threw the apple up and down in his hand. He had caught it before it fell to the ground. The girls looked over at him, noticing him for the first time. Avia curtsied

“Thank you kind sir” She slipped the bow onto her back as SynHawk tossed her the apple, pulling the shaft from the sweet core “How long where you watching me from back there?” her voice inquisitive

“Only a few seconds, although –” he motioned to the apple “I can already tell you have an eye for that bow of yours”

“She's been the best shot in the area for ages” Erika walked closer to the two of them, gathering next to the town hall “Fastest with a blade too, better than anyone I know”

“Erika stop” Avia looked like she was blushing a little “I'm good enough to protect Alowen from the world ... But most of the bandits around here run like rabbits if they even get a bruise anyway”

“Well you must have some skill at least, for Erika to build you up so” SynHawk grinned and looked between the two

“Hey Hawk” Erika's voice piped up again, an unsaid question teetering on the edge of the air


She looked up at him and bit her lip, thinking how to word it

“…Could you show us a little more of your skill?”

Laughing, SynHawk stepped back

“I suppose you mean magic”

“Oh yes, very much so” Erika gave a toothy smile. Twitching his eyes he looked at Avia, she looked like she wanted to find out more about him. He continued to walk back

“I suppose a little more of a demonstration might be alright...” he turned around and let his eye's wander the surroundings within view. A grin slipped onto his face as he spied a fountain in the middle of the town, next to the hall. Running to it he motioned the two sisters over and sat down on the edge. His hand dipped into the water and he flicked some water up at them as they approached. Flinching, the two raised their arms... and paused as they felt no water on their skin. The arc of water had frozen in mid-air just before it touched them. Avia looked at SynHawk and gave a sly grin; he winked and made a motion with his hand. As if he was scooping up the water, he manipulated the arc into one solid ball

Aquadlin lux lucis” SynHawk's eyes closed as he whispered the three soft words into the wind. His mind wrapped around the now expanding ball of water. However, Avia and Erika were watching a small crowd gather as the village saw someone practicing magic. Letting her mind flutter back to SynHawk, Avia looked at the ball in marvel. Her mother was the last person she remembered doing any powerful magic... she lent out and touched the icy cool water. It then burst into light.

Avia gasped loudly as the ball of water started to glow a brilliant white. Pulling her hand back she looked over at Erika, a smile of admiration creeping up on both their faces. Before the villagers and the sisters knew what was happening. The ball exploded, thus sending small teardrops of water all around them. They slowed down as they passed. The drops then began to circle the group slowly… as if they were a dome of stars, trailing small streaks of light around them... all eyes on the beauty of the water but one pair. Then, just as quickly as this had all began Avia heard a voice by her hear whispering

“Avia, who exactly is this?” she heard Jade's voice in her hear, another young girl of Alowen

“SynHawk Tsavo. I've asked for his help to help me protect us”

“Really… Where did you find him? He doesn't look like much of a fighter, even if somewhat handsome” Jade was looking at his dark golden hair as he concentrated.

“Well, he certainly has a way with magic. I found him bleeding on the floor of the inn; he sort of fell on us last night”

“Worse things have happened” and with a grin, Jade continued around the group. While Avia was watching the magic show of sorts, a voice rang up from behind her

“Doesn't look like much of a defender to me, what's he going to do? Dazzle and blind whatever comes next? Or just throw water at them?” a laugh followed, mocking the newly found man. Sighing, Avia and the few people around her turned. Already annoyed by the mans voice

“Give it a rest Talkor, you have done nothing but complain since I started patrolling the village”

“Well, word is that last time whatever it is came around, you got knocked out and thrown against the floor before you even said a word. Some guard, I feel so safe...” The light faltered in the water as the words cut the air. Talkor's greasy black hair dulling somewhat as he sniggered and walked part way around the group, seeing Erika watching SynHawk, he spoke down to her

“Don't you wish you actually had some talent like him? Nearly burnt your inn down last time you tried any real magic didn't you? So unlike your mo-”

“Talkor... Don't.” The tone in Avia's voice had made it known she wasn't going to take any further quips about her family, at least not without action. A red glare from Erika made Talkor roll his eyes. Scoffing, Talkor's hand motioned to SynHawk as he manipulated the water

“I still think he's useless, nothing but tricks with the light” he gave a sly grin at his own stupid pun

Fortunately for the viewers and unfortunately for Talkor, SynHawk heard this last comment clearly as the light of day. The tears immediately froze in the air and shattered in a puff of ice around them, evaporating harmlessly

“Useless? Well, you can hardly say that. Nothing wrong with a little bit of entertainment in hard times”

“Although I can easily say I don't think we all want the town jester defending us” Talkor and SynHawk had taken a step closer to each other

“Hawk...” Avia stepped up with Erika

“No, no he's quite right. Nothing useful for battle has really been seen”

“You don't have to prove yourself to... him” Avia voice had a venomous tint to it as she defended SynHawk with her eye's running distastefully over Talkor. SynHawk looked at Avia's red flowing hair

“Let's… You never know just what could happen next”

“Ok ‘Hawk’ lets see just what wonderful magic you can pull out of yourself for battle. What will we see…? Butterflies, or perhaps glowing dirt next... amateur”

“Oh nothing quite that flashy, just something nice and simple”


SynHawk turned and started to walk away from the group, calling back and arm waving to Avia

“I'm going to let her shoot me”

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oh very good, i love how you just stop suddenly at the end. but when you mentioned the ages of the sisters i was shocked to find that Erika is 16. all throughout the story i had this image of a little girl maybe 10 yrs old and then i come to find that she is 16 and that threw me off a bit.

Fri, July 27th, 2007 6:31pm


I thought people might like the ending. Oh and you *are* right about Erika and her age, she was 12/13 in the first novel. But I was trying to make her a little older in the new version, 10 year old with uber magic powers?.. didn't quite fit with what I had in mind. Anyway, thanks ^^

Hawk ^^

Sun, July 29th, 2007 9:46pm


Much better, if I'm right you cut the chapter shorter than the original third chapter. It's nice that you made Erika a little bit older, but kept her girlish-young charm that defines her throughout the story.


Tue, August 7th, 2007 7:25pm


Well, someone knows my chapters quite well...awesome! but it is now the full length, right down to the end sentence. I always liked young Erika, kinda like a little sister in my mind, but older will work later. Thanks again ^.^

Hawk ^^

Wed, August 15th, 2007 11:55am


Nicely done. I wish I had read the earlier version first so that I could see the changes that everyone is talking about in previous comments. Still, me likee so I'll keep on reading...^_^

Sun, August 26th, 2007 9:28pm


Thank you very much ~bows~ I'm glad to hear you are enjoying, there is a whole lot more to come I think

Hawk ^^

Mon, August 27th, 2007 12:32am

Alice Oiseau

another well written chapter. i agree with liathano. i imagined erika to be really young. but evidently shes not as young as i thought. but besides that, excellent writing. keep it up

Wed, March 19th, 2008 6:57am


I'm thrilled your liking it ^_^ i just put chapter 7 up.

She was young, but as things progress in the story I needed her to be older for certain reasons. Anyway thankyou and enjoy

Hawk ^_^

Tue, March 18th, 2008 11:59pm

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