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Chapter Eight

Avia darted off to the side as Sholdon’s blade flicked dangerously close to her chest. His black smile never letting up, but Avia was not giving up either. Always returning with a strike and parry herself. She didn’t realize just what she had got herself into, her confidence and skills getting the better of her

“How much longer should we keep this up girl? I really would like to tend to other things”

Avia grimaced and backed off slightly, Sholdon had just moved his free hand to his back. His fingers gripped a second hilt and pulled a second sword from his back; standing up straight and a dark look on his face,

“I won’t cut too deeply… but afterwards it won’t be any fun if you don’t cry…” Sholdon ran at Avia, her short swords glancing off Sholdon’s longswords, her arms whipping around to keep on top of his blows, backing up and her heart racing. He swept his blades towards her head, seeing an opening Avia ducked and thrust her swords towards his chest. But alas Sholdon was too fast, he swept his blades down, throwing hers away and bringing his foot to bear. Kicking her hard in the shoulder blade she went down into the dirt, crying out painfully

“There. Now the games end” He raised his boot again to kick in her face, and paused to find a ball of fire had just connected with his spine.

“Yes! That’s more like it Erika” Hawk smiled and watched Erika shape the fire and bend it to her will. He was showing her how to manipulate small balls of fire from the fireplace. Avia had thought it wise to let Erika have a little offensive magic; the time might come when they needed it

“Avia look!” Erika moved the ballthrough the air, palms moving around the ball as she turned to her older sister, who was sitting and watching the pair of them,

“Well done. You seem to be getting this faster than the ice,”

Hawk nodded and motioned to Avia

“She’s right; you seem to have an affinity with fire. Most people tend to lean towards an element they are better with, it would also explain why your ball of light is golden and mine is blue. I lean towards lighting and ice; looks like you’re somewhat fond of fire”

A warm wind rolled around Erika as the ball grew, her hands delicately caressing the warmth as she twisted it to her will. Enjoying the magic and light she was creating

“Okay Erika I think that’s enough” SynHawk waved his hand and the ball shrunk “Be careful, fire’s one of the more volatile elements”

“Alright, sorry Hawk” Erika smiled and closed her hands, smothering the ball “At least I know how to do it now. Might just come in handy when I’m getting my chores done… or at least yours too sis” Erika sighed at her own comment and Avia laughed at it

“Stupid girl!” Sholdon turned around and glared at Erika, her hands aflame and an orb of fire in each palm. SynHawk was behind her, fueling her teenage body with what energy he had left. Unable to work his own arms

“Sholdon, leave Avia alone” SynHawk Tsavo’s voice, however strained was full of strength. Avia rolled onto her side and crawled away, pain slowly flooding her bones as her shoulder throbbed, Sholdon must have cracked something

“Why? So I can finish off some pathetic girl and her bleeding mentor? Hardly,” He turned back to Avia and smiled evilly

“Leave her alone!” Erika’s hand’s whipped forward and the two balls connected with Sholdon’s back again, singeing his skin. He turned and winced, glowering at the girl

“Fine! I’ll take care of you two first”

Erika grimaced and her hands flared up again, throwing two more balls at the monsters face. This time he swung his sword up and sliced the balls in half, the flames dieing quickly, “Is that it? You stupid boy,” he raised both his swords and smirked, “You don’t have a chance”

Hawk moved his hands to Erika’s shoulders and gripped her comfortingly; she nodded and placed her hands together. A fist-sized ball appearing at her waist, her eyes were alight and she threw her hands forward. SynHawk raised his arms painfully and took control of the ball, funneling his power into the blaze

INFURNUS!” his voice boomed and the ball exploded to Sholdon’s size and soared towards him. SynHawk groaned and fell to one knee. Looking up, he saw a sword part the ball… it was heading right for Erika.

The blade caught SynHawk down his back as he dived over Erika, moving her to the side. The steel bit deep into his skin. He hit the ground and fell to the side, a foot long cut parting his skin and new tunic. Blood spilled out, with Erika scrambling to his side,

“Oh Hawk… no…”

“That was a stupid move boy. Now what else do you have?”

Erika looked up with tearing eyes to the bastard before her. He had pulled one of the horses’ in-front of him, the charred body lying at his feet, with Avia still trying to make her way from him

“Well now, since it’s just us now my pretty little thing” He walked over to her and pulled her up painfully by her hair, his scar covered hands entwined in her silken hair “Maybe your willing to trade something… nice… for your life”

“Sholdon. Get away from her. Now!” SynHawk Tsavo’s voice was heard once again. Sholdon turned to look at the wounded man; he had got to his feet, blood trickling down his back and arm. Grinning blackly, he pulled Avia to his body and raised his sword to her throat.

She had a tear flowing down her cheek, her eyes pleading with Hawk,fire unseen and the innocent girl underneath showing “Hawk… I trust you, protect me… us, please”

“Yes SynHawk. Help her please,” his eyes darkened, “Show this girl how you can really get to her before I slit her throat”

“Fine Sholdon, You win,” SynHawk pushed Erika away from him gently and she backed away.

A still breeze flowed over the clearing, SynHawk and Erika on one side with Sholdon and Avia on the other. Eyes connecting, SynHawk fell forward towards the ground. But as he did it looked like a veil was pulled from his back and two large feathery wings appeared, with the air around them melting and shimmering. They flapped once and propelled him towards Sholdon. Smirking at this he threw the hopeless girl to the side and brought his sword up towards the boy’s bleeding body. Hawk twisted in the air and corkscrewed around the mans blade, feet connecting with his chest and throwing Sholdon back to the ground, this time a crack was heard from Sholdon’s own chest as half his rib-cage was broken. Hawk fell to the ground clumsily, on one of his wings, a snap there too. Another cry echoed out as he lay there, rolling over to get up on one of his knees

“Hawk… oh my god…,” Avia scrambled to his side and picked up Sholdon’s sword, her arm going around Hawk’s bloodied body as he looked at her, apologies in his eyes “Avia…I…” she shook her head, her own eyes slightly hurt

“No. Survive this, then we talk.” she squeezed his working shoulder and they got to their feet

“Oh this is good” Sholdon laughed and scratched the back of his head as we watched, his other hand on his ribs, “The pathetic girl coming to aid the broken and bloodied body of the Great SynHawk Tsavo… I will so enjoy killing you two… and then I’ll work off some of this pent up energy with her” he motioned to Erika, who was now cowering by one of the horses, a pleasantly evil smile on his lips

“You sick bastard!” Avia ran at him, her fire burning once again. She swung her blade wildly, with his body stepping out of range each time, playing with her. Soon he had enough and struck her with the back of his hand in her already painful shoulders. Avia went down and he picked up his sword once again, turning to SynHawk as Avia rolled over in the dirt. Hawk gasped with pain as he watched this, his body almost gone and his heart being beaten. He fell to his side, alone

“Disappointing really… oh well, seems like this will end with all three of you. I only need SynHawk Tsavo’s head anyway. Since the bounty is for dead or dead” he looked at Hawk’s body on the ground. His one free hand clutching at his side, Sholdon chuckled and walked to Erika. She squealed and crawled back quickly but he was too fast, grabbing her by the hair he pulled her to her feet.

“Not getting out of it this time little one, your pathetic hero wont save you…” he moved her roughly, closer to Hawk.

“So how will it be SynHawk, slow and very painful like the last one or shall I do it quick?” Hawk groaned

“No your right, painful” Erika whimpered and Sholdon moved his sword to her neck and whispered in her ear “It’s alright”

She looked back into his heartless eyes “I won’t make it quick”

With this Sholdon raised his blade and begun to swing it down to the girl’s face. Only to find a scream erupting from his own mouth, as Avia plunged a short-sword through his back and out his chest

“If he’s pathetic, what does that make you”

Avia had got up on her last ounce of fire, pain spreading throughout her body. She had stumbled quietly to behind Sholdon and with her last breath, drove the sword home. Erika screamed as she saw the sword come out next to her through his chest. The scream whipped through Hawk’s head and his eyes shot up and took in what he was seeing.

Avia’s words were the last Hawk heard. Sholdon’s body fell back as Avia fell to the side, her body done. As Hawk saw Avia’s eyes close his body became numb, his pain gone as he saw Sholdon get to his knees, never fully defeated. Blade sticking from his soulless body, standing easily, SynHawk Tsavo looked down upon the small man

“Please SynHawk… it was just my job…”

“As this is mine. Dum spiramus tuebimur” With those words a fire erupted from within SynHawk and his hands burst into flame, raising them over his head the fire formed a blade. Striking Sholdon in the chest and sealing his face for one last scream. Hawk’s sword slowly died and he realized how ragged his breathing was. Coming back to his senses he looked at Erika. She was looking at him with a petrified look in her face, Hawk started to walk to her but as he did the pain reformed and struck him worse than ever. All he could do was stagger towards Erika and Avia and then fall to his knees, once again as theblack encircled his mind.


“DAD!” the last thing SynHawk heard was Erika running to him, screaming for her father.

Avia’s mind was drifting in and out of consciousnesses and as she came to she heard people speaking, they sounded far away and muffled. But she was able to catch a few words even in her terrible state.

“Looks like his wing…the cuts are deep…he might not even make it through the night” as Avia heard this something sunk inside her and she passed out again.

As she slept her mind thought about everything that had happened. Erika’s life in danger; what Hawk really was; what he must think of her; the…man’s life she took. She was tossing and turning in her sleep, pained by her mind and the images.

A cold breeze drifted in through Avia’s room window. Shivering slightly Erika looked behind her and sighed, getting up and moving to the opening in the wall, shutting the doors and moving back to her sister. Avia lay there motionless on the bed; it had been some hours since she was calling out in her sleep. Erika hadn’t moved form her side since they tended to SynHawk. But now even she was succumbing to her tiredness, she sat on the chair next to Avia and lay her head down on the sheets. One arm draped over her big sisters body.

Avia opened her eyes slowly, her body stiff and well used. Groaning softly she propped herself up on her elbow, her skin cold

“What…” looking around as her eyes adjusted, Avia felt a cold breeze wash over her. She was lying by a small lake, the cold grass dampening her thin clothes “Where am I?”

“You’re here with me for now” a man’s voice came from behind her. Kneeling slowly and gingerly, Avia turned to SynHawk, who was sitting on a rock

“What’s going on? What is this?”

Waving his hand vaguely he got up and fell with a soft sound down to the ground

“It’s just an illusion; I doubted that you wanted to see me how I really am right now”


“Very much so, I wanted to talk to you… and with both of us so wounded”

“So this is just more lies, tricks” She turned from him slightly and moved to the waters edge, her eyes not looking at him. Hawk paused and looked down, before walking to the water too, but not daring to stand next to her

“It’s a secret I have always kept from everyone” he looked behind him, feeling the soft weight of his veiled wings. Avia looked away from the side he was standing on; her arms crossed “I didn’t want to keep it from, but like you said, it’s a fine line I always walk. Because for my whole life I have been hunted and ridiculed by everyone who couldn’t… not be afraid I suppose” he walked forward and onto the water, mind now talking without any real pilot. The cold water rippled slightly as his suspended feet touched the surface.

“There have only been a few people who have known me as I am and haven’t tried their best to hunt or sell me off” his voice was vacant and he looked over the world he had created “I’m sorry I kept it from you and your family, but I was… afraid myself. As always, and of what would happen to…” he had turned absent-mindedly towards her as he spoke, looking to see her anger. But it wasn’t the, fury alone he saw. There was a tear running down her cheek as she glared at him. Hawk’s face fell, and with it the world melted

The world darkened and she woke with a start, nearly knocking Erika off her bed onto the floor

“Sis!” Erika pounced on her and wrapped her arms around her big sisters body

“Hey there” Avia wrapped her arms around Erika and held her tightly. She looked over Erika’s shoulder at the window, glass tightly shut.


“Yes?” she looked up with her watery eyes. Hawk’s words crept into Avia’s mind; it’s just an illusion; I doubted that you wanted to see me how I really am right now. Avia paused

“Is Hawk alright?”

Looking down, Erika pressed her face into Avia’s chest and she felt her little sister start to cry… oh no… Hawk…

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YOU'RE SO MEAN! XD Leaving the ending off when you sent your revised version to me.

But I do have some insite to what happens :)


Mon, June 16th, 2008 5:19am


hehe, welcome to the world of me having people on edge... althoug hat this point im branching off from my old copy.. so I don't in fact know where the story is going!! I might have to send you a storyline or, something. Anyway, enjoy =D
Hawk ^^

Mon, June 16th, 2008 3:08am


Oh love the changes you made ~wink~


Mon, June 16th, 2008 5:19am


I made? ~grins~ no someone else with a command of english in this world ;-) thanks Dark!
Hawk ^_^

Mon, June 16th, 2008 3:09am


did you ever finish the story or is that the end?

Sun, January 4th, 2009 3:03am


Oh there is more, i think at the moment i've got another couple of chapters, but with real life and lack of time I haven't been able to do much. but I do have the whole novel in my head ~ 5 times what i've posted

Hawk ^_^

Sat, January 3rd, 2009 10:46pm

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