Painting Hope

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Sei (17yr) who received only misery in the past, is saved by Aiden (27), a charming elegant artist.
A love story that starts with a stranger's kindness.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Painting Hope

Submitted: January 25, 2014

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Submitted: January 25, 2014



A carriage passing fast, following the main street. The clatters of its wheels drawing every attention, awakening the silence of this old town.

People standing on both sides of the street, some staring, some pointing, some wondering, some laughing for the entertainment they're witnessing.. 

The carriage is moving fast, jumping with every bump in the wrecked street, pulled by a miserable horse. An old man sitting in the front whips the horse angrily, yelling "You rotten vermin.. You think you can fool ME ! Making me look like a puss.. Now who are they laughing on! I'll kill you vermin. I'LL KILL YOU LIMP!"


Behind the carriage, among the flying dust, a guy covered in dirt is tied to a rope, being dragged behind ..



The carriage finally stops in the town's main square. The old man jumps off the carriage and goes into his bakery at the side of the square.

People still staring as the baker fights with his wife. Screams, insults, racking, it was obvious they were fighting in more than just words. Then, the old man comes out dragging his wife by her hair : "See WHORE! look what happens when you make a fool out of me!" - "You're delirious! you old fart! All these years I endured your ugly ass! Let go.."

He pushes her on the ground, and goes back stomping angrily to his carriage.

The horse still panting. The old man unties the rope from the back of the carriage, and heads to the well at the center of the square. He passes the rope through the hook above the well (the hook that holds the rope to pull the bucket from the well). And pulls the rope in big moves. The guy's body is being dragged closer to the well with every pull. 

The old man draws two final pulls then ties the rope, leaving the guy hanging above the well. 

"See rotten boy, see what happens when you screw with me!" screams the old man while grabbing the guy's hair. "Are you dead boy ? you better be you filthy worm .. if not you will be dead soon you filthy shit"

He pulls his horse with the carriage towards an alley and screams "If anyone touches him or feeds him I'll drag HIM around this fucking town!"


The sun is already disappearing behind the large hills.  And people stood there watching this sight. 

"You think he's dead?" , "Does it matter? if not today he will be dead by tomorrow" , "Suits him well, it was about time the old man proved to the town he was still a MAN" , "This was bound to happen, I’m surprised it took him this long"..

After a while, their interest fades, and one by one they disappear to go back to their normal lives.

The body hanging above the well stays unresponsively still. The cheap clothes torn into pieces, barely covering him. Blood, traces of lashes and dirt cover all his body.



A well dressed man riding a black horse crosses the square. He stops when he sees the bloody back of the hanging body. He descends from the horse, and walks around the well to face the tied man. 

He gets closer, steps on the edge of the well, and removes his glove. Then, with his fingers, he holds the hanging man's chin and rises it. He looks at the man's face, and with his thumb, he wipes the dirt covering the man's left cheek. His eyes widen as he realizes the hanging man is just a young boy. He moves his fingers to the side of the boy's neck to check his pulse. The boy is alive, but barely.

He reaches his other hand to the horse. The horse comes closer to his master. He pulls a leather water pouch from a bag on the horse's back, uses his mouth to open it, and slowly pours the water on the boy's lips while mumbling "What the hell did they do to you.. It's ok now, drink some water, you'll be fine"

A tear drops on the boy's face. He opens his mouth and drinks.




Note. This is my first writing. I hope you enjoy reaing it as much as I enjoy sharing it.

© Copyright 2017 Syrvat. All rights reserved.


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