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I decided to jot down pertinent information that will help close some gaps in future chapters and give more information about the world. Most of this information is privy to the MCs right away as they have been taught the basics of Strauss' history.

Chapter 99 (v.1) - Additional Information

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016




Ranks Within the System of Nobility

King / Queen - Holds complete authority. Fully capable of passing laws (unjust laws may be overturned by the Royal Council).

Prince / Princess - Secondary to King and Queen. Partially capable of passing laws (may be overturned by king/queen or the Royal Council at anytime).

Royal Council - Made up of twelve members elected (three from each state) to handle affairs related to the monarchy. By unanimous decision they can remove the current monarch and replace them with the legal successor. This has only happened three times in the past ten thousand years. 

Duke / Duchess - Holds authority over an entire state (a large sectioned region of the kingdom). There are four Dukes/Duchesses, one for each state. The Dukedom of Calemdor holds the most power of the four.

Marquess / Marchioness - Holds authority over a county (a large territory of land usually determined by demographics) within a state. There are currently fifty-two (one for every county) at this rank 

Earl / Countess - Holds authority on a township level (small cluster of cities) within a county.

Baron / Baroness - Holds authority on a city level within a township. There are a few exceptions that are not within the borders of a township but still within a county.

Vanguard Commander - Leader of their state’s vanguard. Authority equivalent of a Duke/Duchess. They may arrest ANY individual suspected of breaking the law within their jurisdiction—this includes members of the royal family.

Vanguard Knight - Each state has an established vanguard which grants its members authority to act as peacekeepers. While on official duty they have the authority level of a Marquess/Marchioness. The most notable are The Flaming Vanguard (based in the city of Calemdor, in the state of Calemdor) with the authority to act as peacekeepers throughout the kingdom with no state restrictions. 

Knight - A sworn member of the Strauss military granted land or quarter under the service of a lord. Most knights are the offspring of nobles and will eventually inherit a title of some degree.

Soldier - A recognized member of the Strauss military who holds no title.

Mercenary - Any individual certified by the military to complete privately contracted jobs. Usually hired by wealthy lords to settle disputes with other lords.

Militia - Any armed group of individuals not recognized by the military and holds no title. They receive little to no pay.


Additional info:

~Marriage between houses: Traditionally men retain their last name while the wife assumes her husband's name. Unions between two noble families generally follow the same tradition. However, if one partner holds a higher title they will retain their name regardless of whether they are male or female. The same applies for those marrying into nobility, they will always relinquish their family name regardless of gender.

-The house of Belrose is one such house known throughout history to produce many female heirs. 

~TeleportationIn the act of teleporting a bridge (a magical connection that allows instantaneous travel) is first formed between the two locations. Once a strong enough bridge has been formed, a door (a rift which leads to the destination) will open and phase the casters through.

-A door will not open if the bridge is too weak. The strength of the bridge is dependent on the magical prowess of those attempting to teleport. A group of five or more skilled mages are required to successfully create an adequate bridge. Because of the amount of magic it takes, average travel distance is less than a mile at a time. The farthest ever recorded was a distance of nine miles by a group of forty. 

-Despite the belief that teleportation is completely safe there are risks involved if you teleport in rapid succession without resting in between. The distance traveled puts double the amount of strain on the body than if they had walked that distance.

-There are numerous cases throughout history of mages suffering heart attacks after traveling a total distance beyond what their bodies could physical handle. There has never been an occurrence of a fatality from traveling a single bridge, but in theory it could happen if the bridge were made long enough and/or the mage was in poor physical condition.

~Fealty: A pledge sworn to a lord/lady promising service usually in exchange for land or protection. Those who have sworn fealty are then forth known as loyal subjects when addressed by their lord. Many lords swear fealty to higher ranked lords in exchange for protection.

*On very rare occasions fealty will be pledged under good faith alone and ask for nothing in return. These pledges are to show their utmost respect for a lord on a personal level. 

~When entering the domain (within your home state) of another lord of equal or higher rank, you must defer to their authority. Only those with rank of Duke/Duchess or Marquess/Marchioness carry authority over state lines—previous rule still applies. 

~Devlin as leader of The Flaming Vanguard has the unique authority to arrest anyone he deems to be guilty of crimes against the kingdom or humanity itself. Dukes and royalty arrested in this manner would face trial before the Royal Council, ultimately making him the only individual capable of reaching an authority that supersedes the monarchy.

~After Duke Merriweather’s title was granted to another, he was granted the title Earl of Morris, a township in the county of Cordell, Calemdor—roughly seventy miles northwest of the city of Calemdor.

~Self Governance: Self governance allows a city to temporarily operate under their own laws. Countrywide obligations must still be adhered to.

-If the ruler passes away or is stripped from power and their successor has yet to be crowned, individual cities may claim temporary independence and govern themselves. In order to enact self governance the city's current Baron must petition to the presiding Earl or Marquess. Once enacted the decree cannot be undone, except by the original petitioner, until the start of the next rulership.

***Those holding a rank above Baron may choose to self govern their city of residence without need of a petition, but they forfeit their authority over all other cities.

~Fighting Between Noble Houses:
 -Petty squabbles between houses may occur but they are generally between rival barons within the same township as they vie for more land. The Earl of the township is responsible for making sure the situation doesn't spread beyond their borders.

-Fighting between different ranks is uncommon but not unheard of. Displaced Barons have been known to fight back after a superior has taken residence within the city they once held. Usually a deal is struck in favor of the Baron to avoid such retaliations.

-Rarely does fighting take place between two Earls. If a squabble between Barons spills into another township the slighted Earl has every right to attempt to rectify the situation and takes it up with the feuding barons. A Marquess will usually step in long before it reaches the point that two Earls are at odds.

-Any Marquess guilty of inciting a conflict will face appropriate punishment by their corresponding Duke, usually resulting in a fine. More serious cases result in a referral to the crown for demotion or even title removal. 



Kingdom of Strauss - Populations

Total: 100.6 million people

State Populations:

Orlian - 46.3 million throughout 23 counties
Calemdor - 29.1 million 
throughout 15 counties
Felness - 18.6 million throughout 9 counties
Felton - 6.6 million throughout 5 counties


5 Most Populated Counties:

Orellian/Orlian - 8.6 million 
Ferth/Felness - 4.4 million 

Cordona/Calemdor - 4.3 million 
Cordell/Calemdor - 3.3 million 
Forthwell/Felton - 2.1 million 


Most Populated Cities:

*Orlian/Orellian/Orlian - 3.26 million over an area of 136.31 square miles
Felton/Forthwell/Felton - 233 thousand 
over an area of 6.70 square miles
Felness/Ferth/Felton - 218 thousand over an area of 6.22 square miles
**Clarendal- 200 thousand over an area of 7.14 square miles
Cordella/Cordell/Calemdor - 185 thousand over an area of 5.76 square miles
Demelda/Cordell/Calemdor - 176 thousand over an area of 5.53 square miles
Zircellis/Cordona/Calemdor - 142 thousand over an area of 3.65 square miles
Caldona/Cordell/Calemdor - 141 thousand over an area of 6.67 square miles
Crosswood/Cordona/Calemdor - 136 thousand over an area of 3.82 square miles


Other Cities of Note:

Calemdor/Cordell/Calemdor - 55 thousand over an area of 2.67 square miles
Alora/Cordell/Calemdor - 1.1 thousand over an area of 1.06 square miles 


*Orlian has such a huge population spread over its large area that they constantly rely on products from the mills and farms in nearby cities and villages. The city's economy thrives as the main trade city between Strauss and the Kingdom of Treltose to the west. A hundred or more caravans come and go on any given day.

**As the capital city of the kingdom and home to the king/queen, Clarendal is considered a separate territory located within the county of ***Cordona's northern half. 

***The county of Cordona is split into two halves. The southern half sits along Cordell's northwest border, the northern half sits north of Cordell with two small counties in between.


There is only one known continent. Mountains reaching well beyond the clouds make travel outside these boundaries impossible. 


Strauss is roughly 1600 miles from top to bottom and roughly 1400 miles across at its widest point.

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