Tiara Upon Thy Head

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Heidi is the princess of an entire kingdom by the name of Tine. She hates her suitors and wishes to fall in love. It is just that her father's prized Court Jestor has fallen in love with her. She shall face a delima not best to ignore.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tiara Upon Thy Head

Submitted: October 18, 2011

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Submitted: October 18, 2011



I wake up, ready for a long, boring day to begin. The maids come in and dress me in my gown.

"Must I wear silk all the time? I would really like to wear a cute long gown of cotton." I say as my dressing maid, Cestial, puts on a pink and gold silk gown.

"Sorry m'lady, but you must. I wouldn't want you in troble, shall I?" Cestial says.

"Oi! You girls have an hour to get her done! We have a prince coming!" The head maid says.

"Aye." Cestial says in a gentle voice.

After my gown is on, Cestial must brush my long, brown hair.

"Cestial, have you seen my suitors? These men are ugly." I say, petting my cat, Moggles.

"Aye, m'lady, but we must deal with them." Cestial says.

"I mean yestrday I had five men come, all of them older than my father! I wish that I could just marry my own man out of love." I sigh.

"Yes, but I envey you some." Cestial says.

"Why?" I ask, turning around. Cestial pushes my head back.

"A boy in the castle has fallen in love with you, but he is just a servant. Not a knight. He is a court jester." Cestial says.

"What? My father's jester? The man who makes me laugh so?" I ask.

"Yes. He told me he likes the way you laugh. He says you sound like little bells clanging together." She says, puting my hair up into a bun. She sticks a large eagle feather in it that she found.

"Cestial. I want to meet him. In person." I say, standing up. Moggles hops off me and wanders off into the kitchen for some warm milk.

"Yes, but I do fear one thing." Cestial says.

"What?" I ask, smoothing out my long skirts.

"That you father might.." She indecates beheading by moving her hand across her neck.

"That is a risk that I shall take, and he shall." I say firmly.

I hear a large bark. I turn in time to see a large, happy dog run up to me. His tounge is hanging out the side of his large mouth.

"Joe! My silly mutt!" I say as he crashes into a wall.

He walks around, just a bit stunned, then comes to me and licks my hand.

Cestial puts on my necklace and tiara.

"Cestial? Are we friends?" I ask.

"Yes, now hurry off! That man will be here soon!" Cestial says.

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