Waiting for Superman

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In a world filled with Darkness, one filled with vampires, where one girl holds the fate of two kingdoms in her hands. What happens when she has to make a big decision on the night of her birthday? and what happens when she ends up in the Earth dimension and doesn't know how to make her way back.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Waiting for Superman

Submitted: June 27, 2014

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Submitted: June 27, 2014



In a world filled with darkness, a battle raged on in the distance. A little girl watched as her father's clan fought against their enemy clan. Years go by, the war still raging on. The little girl wasn't so little anymore. Her sixteenth birthday was only a couple days away. Her father insisted on throwing a masquerade ball in her honor and invite the enemy's ruler, King Nathaniel and his son Desmond to join the festivities. I sighed, turning away from the window, tired of looking out onto the battlefield. I walked over to my vanity and stared at my reflection. My brown hair reaching just past my butt. My eyes are a golden brown. My face was pale, almost ghost white. My lips slowly becoming pale as well. I needed to hunt or I will slowly become sick and die. Today I wore a royal blue, floor length, strapless dress with mathcing three inch heels. I walked toward my bedroom door and opened it before my bodyguard, Dimitrius, knocked on it.

"Your father requested that I bring you to his study." Dimitrius informed me.

"Did he say why?" I asked.

"He just wanted to speak with you about your birthday party."

I just nodded and walked beside him. The hallways were all the same, stone walls and red carpet with suits of armor lining every other hallway. I always wondered how I have been able to get around without being lost. Dimitrius stopped me just as we reached my father's study. I stared at the intricate doors before turning my gaze over to Dimitrius.

"I do have to warn you, you may not like what they are going to say."

"They, who are they, what are you not telling me?" I questioned.

Dimitrius just shrugged and pushed me toward the door, giving it a slight knock before opening it, and pushing me inside. I growled at him as he shut the door. I turned around with my back facing the door. My eyes widened seeing two other people in the room with my father.


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