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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Beginning

Submitted: April 05, 2013

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Submitted: April 05, 2013





The Beginning



The day started like any other, the dead silent of the early dawn, waning over the sky. The sun was slowly peeking through the open window. The low hum of the wind was filling up the room. With it came the soothing breeze. It was the perfect morning. But nothing could ever last perfect. It was nature’s way to ruin anything that was too perfect.

Edin Mekele opened his eyes as hastily as he could. He still wanted to be in that sleepy world, where he didn’t need to worry. But every dream needs to end. Edin sat up on his bed, sleep still was clinging to his eyes. He quickly got out of his bed, rubbing his eyes. He was feeling very tired. He stretched to get rid of his weariness. It had been a hard night for Edin. He had spent half of the night preparing for his exam.

He looked at the bedside clock. It read six am. There was still one hour to his exam. But Edin didn’t wasn’t to be late again, and especially at his exam. So, he headed for the bathroom. His bathroom was a small room. He walked over to the mirror. On the mirror was a faded reflection. It looked back at him as he stared into it.

It was of a skinny boy. He had jet black hair, with eyes as blue as the sky. His cheeks were flat and white, his lips all pale with a faint hint of a mustache. His face showed the wary sign of sleeplessness. He opened the tap. He watched as the clear water splashed over the basin. He quickly freshened himself. He splashed water over his face as many times as he could. But still it seemed to Edin that sleep didn’t want to give up.

Finally, he came out of the bathroom and wiped his face. He took out a black shirt and a pair of navy-blue jeans. He quickly wore them wasting no time.

As he got out of his room after collecting his bag, he saw that Smod was sitting on the table, reading a newspaper. Smod Klyne was his father’s friend. Edin had no parents. He was an orphan from the moment he was born. His parent’s life was taken by the horrible fire at the manor. His father was said to be a councilor. And Jon knew that he was a great man. Klyne always told him so. His father and mother both were in their own house at the manor property. A terrible fire had licked away their lives and left Edin am orphan. But, his father’s friend Smod Klyne as having no son of his own was kind enough to take in Edin. He loved and cared for him like his own son. And Edin looked up to him as a son should look up to a father.

Edin figured that Klyne had been a really good friend of his father, unless he wouldn’t have taken such a big sacrifice. He never got married because of Edin.

But Klyne still had troubles of his own. He was a wanted fugitive. He was supposedly wanted for crimes against the country and revolting against the King. Edin thought about it a lot of times. He wondered if it was safe for him to be living with a criminal. But Edin knew that Klyne was innocent and that everything was a setup. But he didn’t completely believe that at heart. He still wanted evidence of his innocence. Edin never talked to Klyne about this. He knew that Edin knew about his secret, but never had he mentioned it. Klyne rarely got out of the house and even if he did, he did it by covering himself completely and becoming unrecognizable. He didn’t work. He never went to pick Edin up from school. But Edin understood all that. It would be heard for anyone to run around the country as a wanted fugitive. It always struck to Edin as weird as to why the King didn’t let go of this case. Most commonly the King would let a case go if it took more than two days. But it had been fifteen years since the case was filed and the posters had gone up. But the King still didn’t let go of this.

Edin tried not to think of that. And every time he thought about it, his mind would not come back to reality. He really needed his mind to pass the exam. So he didn’t think of that. Instead he thought of pancakes.

His breakfast was pancakes. “Pancakes again?” asked Edin in an aggravated voice.

Smod Klyne looked up from his paper. He was a man dawning to become old. But he still had the shine of youth to him. His chin was covered in a fuzzy beard, his moustache almost dropping to his lips. His bald head was standing out from his bizarre appearance. His wrinkled skin was shining in the light from the open window. His smile was clearly distinguishable among all the hair. His half-moon glasses shone as he said, “Eat up. It’s the only thing I can make without burning down the kitchen.”

Edin smiled hearing that. These were the things that ensured Edin that he could never be a criminal. Edin ate his pancakes without complaining much again. He liked it very much. Old Smod wasn’t a very fine cook, but he could make jaw-dropping and beautiful pancakes. Although Edin always complained, he actually liked it. There was a faint taste of maple-syrup that made the food a whole lot better.

Edin finished up his plate, his stomach full. He was about to get up from his chair, when Smod spoke up, “The King is going to have his fifteenth gala next month.”

Edin just stared at Klyne. He didn’t understand what Klyne said. Finally when no one spoke up, Edin asked, “What’s the twentieth gala?”

Smod didn’t answer immediately. He waited for a few minutes before answering, “The twentieth gala is a ceremony to celebrate the King’s twenty years on the kingship.” He didn’t look up as he spoke. “I can’t believe it’s been that long. How time flies. That poor man” Klyne said to himself. Edin was sure it wasn’t for him. He turned and went into the kitchen to wash his hands. Old Smod often said eerie things like that to himself, and over the years Edin had learned not to ask him any questions about it.

Edin looked at his watch as he came out of the kitchen. It read half past six. His exam would start at seven. Edin wasted no more time. He bid Klyne goodbye and left without another glance. He unhooked his cycle from the stand and made his way for his school. It would take only fifteen minutes for him to go. Edin paddled slowly as he went through the streets, his hair flying in the wind. The chill went through him like water, but he was seeking pleasure at it. The narrow streets of the king’s circle were almost empty. Only a handful of people were present, either walking around or opening their stores at the market. Edin went slowly with no rush. He watched as people from different walks of life got up. Some of them were getting ready for work and others were probably looking for more sleep. That thought brought sleep back to his eyes again. He thought of the lost hours he could have slept through, the time he had spent study in. Edin knew that it was his lousy sleepy mind talking, but at that time it sounded reasonable to him.

Sleep was creeping slowly up to his eyes. He was still paddling. He tried to think of other things, like the birds that were flying or the mansion visible high above. He thought of everything to divert his mind of sleep. But somehow it always came back to him. He thought of paddling faster. So he pulled his cycle to the highest speed, thinking that the chilly air would break off his sleep. He found everything becoming a blur as sped up. He was always in control of the cycle.

Edin thought of stopping somewhere and washing his face. But he thought better of it as he could see his school ahead. He thought that he would wash his face inside school.

He neared the school every passing second. But suddenly he wasn’t there anymore. He was drifting lightly on air. He was flying more likely, over the skies of the country. He could see it all. The lights and clatter from the people beneath. Every light was speckle on the large land. But what stood out most among them all was a large house. It was huge, and every corner of the house was sheltered by light. The sky seemed to shine from the light. It hurt Edin’s eyes just by looking at it. But he urged himself to look, to stare into the house. He somehow knew that all of the answers were buried deep within those shallow walls. Edin needed to know. He wanted to go down and look. But he couldn’t. Finally after much effort, he gave up and felt as the noise and the luminosity swallowed him up.

It all left him behind, swirling away from his eyes. He felt a relentless tug to his right and felt as the cycle got out of his control. It left the ground as it fell with Edin. The fast speed didn’t help at all. He was dragged at least twenty meters before the cycle and he stopped.

Edin could feel the warmth of blood trickling down his face. He tasted the blood as it passed through his mouth. He could see people running to his aid. There were screams and shouts and finally people came into his sight. They were asking him questions and making remarks to his wounds. But the only thing that ringed inside his head was his own words; every dream needs to end only this time it ended bloody.


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