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basically life through a gay guys eyes.(p.s spelling and grammar is a disaster dont judge me ) lol first story.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Bff!

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Submitted: December 25, 2012



Chapter 1: A new life.

I stared at the homes as my mother drove down the street she seemed so calm and at ease I suppose we owed it to each other to stop worrying, 17 year old gay sensitive guy, shouldn’t I be thinking about my hair or getting a boyfriend, how I miss thinking about the cliché things in life, I have brown eyes, short black hair, brown skin and a skinny waist but not anorexic.

"Kev come on now cheer up it’s not that bad this is a low key place we will be fine, who knows maybe you'll meet a sexy jock, got my fingers crossed"

the thing that freaked me out the most about being homosexual was my mother’s complete reaction to the whole thing, she's so relaxed I mean the women makes me awkward, we had the sex discussion, foreplay discussion I mentally laughed at the insanity of it all, I love her so much. So lost in thought I never realized the car stopped the new house was reasonably big with white picket fencing, green grass, this place looked way out of my mom’s pocket range, my mom is a 28 year old white lady blond long hair slender body, she is a tuff cookie but hides it all under this innocent facade that she wears so well, she lives by one rule, make yourself happy so that others around you can be happy as well.

"Where did you get the money for all this?"

I narrowed my eyes we've been on the run for 3 months my mother is a good business women but not this good.

"Don't worry. Trust me, you have this far so we in Natsville, off the map type of place, but it’s a very well off suburb and I think you'll love it here".

I wouldn't love it here I knew that much, but I'd try to for her and for him he wanted us to be happy, I shook the thought an unpacked. The house had 3 bed rooms, 2 toilets, a lounge with a fire place, entertainment area. My room looked wide, how I missed sharing one with my brother, just doesn't feel the same when it’s just me.

"Oh yes! Honey! I registered you in the private school nearby most kids that live here go there! Starts tomorrow at 8 " I heard my mom shout from the kitchen.

I took a deep breathe in, lay on my bed. I washed, had supper (microwave food no doubt) my mother can't cook to save her life nor mine that's why its best we stick to anything that takes 10 minutes an heats up itself, I wanted to sleep by my mom tonight but it would make me feel weak it’s time to depend on myself people get hurt trying to protect me. My eyes slowly became last...I get to escape reality...

"Kevin come now, quickly we don't have a lot of time"

she’s shaking we ran pass the automatic sliding doors hand in hand, up the stairs to the secretary, everything was quiet an white inside people walked pass doing all sorts of things coughing, vomiting, my nose was bleeding, I was scared I wanted to cry, I started shaking too an there by the stair case I saw him face burnt, he held a towel to his chest, the blood was so much he was coming for me


My mom screamed, doctors nurses ran to him I felt her arm pull as she took the aisle to the left and ran....

I woke up feeling shaken; I ran my hands through my hair its 6 am I might as well get done for school.

I walked to the school slowly seeing many teens walking in the same direction, so far the way I see it three things can go wrong today 1. Meet a bunch of dudes that are homophobic get teased whole year 2. Meet a bunch of chicks that are homophobic get teased whole year 3. Some priest performs an exorcism in L.O in which case I'd just deck him an blame the gay demon lurking inside me , so I think my chances of having a bad day are pretty slim I smiled at myself . Here goes I walked through the gates of Chester high a few curious eyes spotted me....

Period one was chilled everyone acted like I wasn't there except this guy who stared at me kind of I bet his gay the fact that there was no male within 2 meters of him just girls gave it away, period 2 an 3 went by quickly, I spent first break in the library and now I'm in English scanning the potential, there were a few hoties I stared at the two guys play fighting rock hard muscles I bit my lip one of them were wearing purple he had a thick neck arms not over done though.

I wasn't sure if I heard something I glanced at the girl in front of me her hair black, eyes blue, light brown tan, she's really pretty
"Hi, my names Kevin"

Voice sounded weird because I haven't spoken whole day
"My name is Emily this is, Ashley an Britney"

she pointed at the two girls next to her they all look like bomb shells Britney has red hair with green eyes brown skin, she must be mixed like me, Ashley looked stunning blond Caucasian they all had matching denim shorts with flip flops an blue tops on.
" Did I miss the theme today?" I asked uncontrollably, they looked at one another, and started laughing.

“No its Brits birthday today, but the birthday party is on Saturday, so we figured we might as well dress up"

Ashley , Em and Brit asked me all sorts of questions I lied a lot , it made me feel kind of bad , I felt so close to them like a real connection
"So do you have a boyfriend?"
Ashley asked
the other two girls stared at her as if she was being rude. I smiled, I wore a tight purple skinny black converse ankle shoes and a white t-shirt I attempted to exaggerate my walk and screamed ew when my hands bumped a girls boobs while I was heading to class, I'm usually not this big of a drama queen but figured the best way to avoid coming out directly Is just showing everyone an her question showed me it worked
"No I'm not really dating material, don't even think I'm friend material."
"Why would you say that?"
Ash said looking curiously.
How would I answer this I opened my mouth but before I could say anything bell rang.
" Want to sit in the cafeteria with us?"
Company was tempting but for some reason these girls don't strike me as the invisible type and I wanted to be invisible.
"No, I have to finish a book I’m reading before the last period sorry" I didn't want to chase my only friends away though if I could call them that.
"No worries, you have to come shopping with us before Friday, then party with us Saturday" she smiled


They left all in a hurry I noticed the guy in the red skinny staring at me almost mad, I raised an eye brow he just stormed off, the library was quiet but I felt eyes on me I glanced to the side an saw the guy in the purple top he was muscular , black hair , tanned skin , he had a black hoody purple top black jean, basically his trouble Kevin I snapped out of it got up and went to physics in a hurry I got there early an waited in the class for what felt like hours, a young female teacher walked in.
" Mr. Laney is sick today so free period" she said confidently.
I was the only one here I just stared at her she seemed confused then the bell rang...


She blushed and sat down. A lot of people hurried in I sat at the back in the corner I laid in my arms waiting, she repeated what she had told me earlier, the class started talking I was sleeping but I heard the few whispers

Heard in English that the new guy is gay wow really yeah but he hangs with ash....." I couldn't catch the rest but I rose from my arms wiped my face, decided to make it difficult for them to gossip.

I heard a guy’s voice next to me, I looked to the side it’s the purple top guy.
I said laying in my arms but looking up at him
"So how you" he said playing with his fingers
"I'm good considering your ex-boyfriend wants to murder me" I added a soft smile, I'm sure he knew I was gay by now this town is small and the whole school is talking about it but I got scared that I might of come on to strong.
"My what?" He looked confused not offended I noted that.
"The guy in the red skinny two rows up that's giving me death looks" I moved my eyes in his direction, he looked, I heard his laugh it was quiet, soft and nice.
"Well that guy has been staring at me for a while so I hardly think it’s your fault don't let it bother you" he said sounding almost vain but with slight sarcasm I laughed.
"So are you leaving your sexuality open for questioning then?"
He thought about it
"I’ll let you raise your own opinion concerning that" he smiled he was having fun and so was I
"Can I?" I raised an eye brow
"Go ahead" he relaxed his arms an rocked in the chair
" Well you misunderstood, over achiever , love sport, but not an idiot you study a lot judging by the thickness of your work book it gained at least 2 kgs , in the closet, love screwing guys but the world expects so much of you , so naturally it’s your duty to keep it a secret not because you think you a coward no you thinking of others, they much more comfortable not knowing why disrupt their lives, you call gays derogatory names like queer, faggot to reinforce your straight act an masculinity , never dated a girl since grade 6 but you lead them on just for the viewers"
I ended off with anticipation, smiling.
" Wow you got all that from a 'hi, how you?'" He laughed I did too I just shrugged
I liked him but his trouble But I want him the bell rang he got up
"Wait what's your name?" I said while looking at him shocked hurt by the way he wanted to storm off.
"It’s Evan, sorry got soccer practice nice meeting you Kevin"
he stormed off I just sat there smiling......I got a glimpse of his firm ass definitely trouble.

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