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The eight of them enter the Seattle Arts Museum. Megan walks up to the front desk where a young woman greets her. "Hey, Alexis." Megan said. "I know it's my day off, but I thought I'd show my friends around."

"Oh, yeah. That's fine." Alexis said. Alexis sees Talique behind Megna and smiles. "Is that the guys you were talking to me about?"

Megan turns to Talique then back at Alexis. "Yeah, that's him."

"Well go on. I'll allow it for today."

"Thanks, you're awesome."


The group go up the escalator, Takanuva, Tanma, Norik, and Lihkan felt uncormfortable. They've never been on an escalator before, they're use to climbing mountain or flowing down rivers. As they reached the second floor, they all gather around. "Okay, here's what we're going to do; we split up into four groups of two and we search the whole museum." Angel said. "One of us is bound to find the staff, or at least find any clues that will lead us to it."

"Sounds easy enough." Lihkan said. "I'll go with you, Angel."

"Tanma and I can cover more ground together." Norik said.

"Takanuva and I can check the third floor." Madison said.

"Sounds good." Angel agreed. "So Talique, I guess that leaves you and Megan."

"Yeah, we can check the painting and the storage rooms." Megan said.

"And if anyone finds anything, call us and we'll head that way." Madison said. "Cool?"

"Sounds good." Norik said. "Let's get moving."


Zaktan, Hakkan, Thok, Avak, and Teridax's Rahkshi stand on the roof of Target. One of the Rahkshi picks up a sent from the museum and it points to the museam. "The staff mustbe inside that building." Avak said. "But what if Takanuva is as well?"

"That's what these six are for." Zaktan smirked. "A lot easier hunting with them. Now let's get going."


Talique and Megan enter the museums storage room. It was full of artistic statues and paintings, thounsands of them. "It's going to take a whole year to find anything in here."

"That's why we start looking now." Megan said. "I'll check the paintings, you can check over there why the scupltures and statues."

"Seems easy enough." Talique said. Talique usually isn't great when it comes to finding things, especially if it's not his personal belongings. What makes it even more difficult for him is that fact that he doesn't even know what the staff looks like or what a lead to the staff would be.


Up on the third floor, Angel and Lihkan search the painting area. Angel carefully looked at the paintings discriptions, but most of them just described what the artist was thinking about when they made the paintings. Lihkan just followed Angel's lead and just stared at the description. "What are we looking at?" Lihkan asked.

"I'm reading the description to see what I can find out." Angel said, "But there's nothing here that can give us a clue."

"If we're searching for this staff, why not just start looking underground?"

Angel turns around and faces Lihkan. She immediately sensed that what Lihkan just said was the clue to finding what they're looking for. "What did you say?"

"Just look underground. My dad always said that if you're searching for ancient artifacts, they're always hidden underground."

"Underground." Angel repeated. She had to think. If Lihkan and the others arrived near the water line, there had to be some kind of power source that would bring them here, not just someone superheating the fourth dimension. "The staff might be in the underground streets."

"You mean an ancient city?"

Suddenly, the walls explode as if someone shot through it. Angel and Lihkan drop to the floor and so does the guests in the museum. The six Rahkshi crawl along the walls and jumped down. Angel looked at the Rahkshi as if she's seen a ghost. And the thruth be told, she, Madison, and Talique had encountered these creatures before in the red woods of California. "Oh not these guys again!" She said in a panic.

"Rahkshi." Lihkan said in terror. "We need to get out of here!"

"You have to twist my arm." Angel gets up quickly.

The Rahkshi hiss and screatch as they marched along through the museums with staffs of power of their own. They broke down walls and shattered statues and sculptures, and one Rahkshi started spreading poison on anything it touched. Tanma and Norik fly down and see the people running for the door. "What's going on?" Norik asked one of the guests.

"Those fucking this are coming!" The guest replied before running off.

"Piraka." Tanma figured. Its the only explanation. Tanma and Norik run through the crowd to confront the Piraka, but seeing the Rahkshi was a bigger problem all together. "Oh, no, this is much worse."

One Rahkshi was ripping down paintings, looking for something. Norik saw his chance and went for it. "Over here!" Norik said, running towards the Rahkshi. The Rahkshi hisses at Norik. Norik jumps over and spins blades. "Take this!" Water is shot out of his blades and strikes the Rahkshi, knocking it down.

Tanma uses here telekinesis and holds the Rahkshi down. The Rahkshi struggles to break free. The more it struggled, the heavier it became until it sank through the floor, deeper and deeper until it sinks to the center of the Earth.


Talique and Megna hear screaming and they run out of the storage room. They run into Madison, Angel, and Lihkan. "What's going on?" Talique asked.

"Let's go." Lihkan said in terror. "We have to go!"

"Why?" Megan asked. "What' is it?"

"Remember those things that almost tried to kill us when we were in AmeriCorps." Madison explained to Talique.

"The Bohrak?" Talique wondered. That was the first thing that came to  mind too.

"No, the other things. The ones with the spikes?"

Talique had to think for a second. The three of them have encountered many strange creatures since joining AmeriCorps. "The Rahkshi?"

"Yeah, those things."

"What about them?"

"They're hear!"

"And they're coming!" Lihkan said. "We need to get out of here!" Lihkan himself has always been terrified of Rahkshi since he encountered when he was seven training with Knesh's mentor and uncle Ackar. He doesn't like seeing them, nor does he like fighting them, they're extremly powerful creatures.


"Get cover!" Takanuva said, hiding behind a collum. Takanuva starts firing light arrows at the Rahkshi. The Rahkshi dodge the arrows and one shoots lightning from its staff.

Tanma throws a modle of a space craft at the Rahkshi. The modle shatters and the Rahskhi dodge it. "I hate Rahkshi!"

"We all hate them." Norik said. "Get out of here. I'm going to form a feild around the Rahkshi. But I'm not sure how long it will last." Norik draws energy to his blades and sends it out in single blast and a large blue bubble feild forms around the Rahkshi. "Get out of here!"


Takanuva, Tanma, and Norik run out the museum and they regroup with the others. "Oh thank god you guys are okay." Madison said.

"Did you guys find the staff?" Takanuva asked.

"No." Angel answered. "But Lihkan and I know where it might be."

"Where?" Tanma asked.

"Talique, do you remember where the old ghost tour is?"

"Yeah, like a block from the water taxis." Talique answered. "Why?"

"Take us to it."

"Alright. Is that where this staff is?"

"I'll explain along the way, just get us there."


Back inside the museum, the green Rahkshi uses its staff to spread poison through the feild and it disolves. Zaktan, Hakkan, Avak, and Thok regroup with the Rahkshi. "You let them get away?" Zaktan said to the Rahkshi. He grabs the red Rahkshi by its throat. "Maybe you can explain to your Makuta that you were defeated by a bunch of mere children."

The Rahkshi touches Zaktan's hand and red smoke wraps around him. Zaktan lets go of the Rahkshi and he starts to shake. He then hears Teridax's voice. "Spare me your excuses, you slithering parasite." It said. "Bring me the staff."

Submitted: October 19, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Talique Metz. All rights reserved.


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