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A million thoughts ran through Takanuva's mind as she, Norik, and Tanma fought back against Teridax and the Piraka. The first thing she asked herself was; are they going to make it? Were they going to save Earth and its people? "Get to cover!" She yelled, dodging Teridax's shadow blasts.

"We're sitting Gukko birds if we don't draw off their attacks." Norik said.

Takanuva looks around. She saw Talique holding Naria tightly, and the only thing she thought of was how they might not live to see another day. There had to be something they could do, but with the Rahkshi and the Piraka pinning them down, there's not much that can be done. "Are we going to die?" Naria asked Talique.

Talique didn't want to dissappoint his own daughter and make her lose hope. "no, it's alright, Peanut." He said. "Everything is going to be okay. We're going to get through this."

Megan watched Talique try and calm Naria. The only thing Megan thought of was how she first met them a few days ago, how Naria ran past her three times running down the docks. But then she remembered, Naria can run at light speed, which gave her an idea. Megan runs up to Talique and Naria. "Naria!" She cried.

"Megan." Naria said back.

"I need you to push those monsters back."

Naria looks at Talique, that's a risk she doesn't want to take with out his pemission. But then Talique caught on quickly as to what Megan was getting to. "Peanut, remember what you did when we first met the monsters by your mothers apartment?" Talique said. "I need you to do it again."

"I can't." Naria said. "I'm scared."

"Peanut,look at me. You're fast and small. Nobody is going to see you coming. Now go. I promise you'll be okay."

Naria hesitated but then she felt the rush she had when she pushed Hakkan the first time, how proud Talique was of her. She wanted to do it again. Naria readyed herself and ran.

"My sons, attack." Teridax said to three of his Rahkshi. "Kill them!" The three Rahkshi on his right came together and dark energy wrapped around them like a bubble. The bubble moved with them in a syncranized motion. The bubble fades away and a large three headed Rahkshi emerges from it.

"Oh, not that thing again." Norik said.

"We're never going to advance if that thing gets close to us with the Piraka pinning us down." Takanuva added.

"What do we do?" Tanma asked.

The three headed Rahkshi draws energy from its claws and fired red energy at them. Suddenly everything slows down and finally comes to a stop. The shoot was only thing moving, but slowly, almost as the fabric of time had stopped. Naria runs along the the outside of the stadium. She was moving so fast that everything around her had stopped. Naria first ran to the corner store and grabbed an ice-pop and ran back to the firefight. Naria ran towards the Piraka and pokes Zaktan in the cheek, but to him, it felt like a punch. Hakkan and Vezok were standing next to each other and aimed their weapons at Norik. Naria took their arms and criss-crossed them towards eachother, making them hit each other in the face. Naria walks up to a blue Rahkshi and took its hand and made it into a fist and aims it right at its face, making it punch itself. Naria goes to Thok and aims his weapon at the other two Rahkshi, making him freeze them in place. The last thing Naria did was put Takanuva, Talique, Tanma, and Norik in a safe spot as the Piraka's blasts were shot right at them. Time speeds back up again and the Piraka and the Rahkshi are quickly distracted.

"What was that?" Tanma asked.

"Who cares?" Takanuva said. "Start shooting!" Takanuva, Tanma, and Norik start firing energy blasts at the Rahkshi, Piraka, and Teridax.

Naria runs up to Talique and Megan. "How did I do, Daddy?" Naria asked. "Did I do good?"

"You did great, Peanut." Talique said in a proud tone. Talique hugs Naria tightly. "That was amazing. I'm so proud of you." A gun cocks in front of them. Megan grabs Talique's shirt and tugs on it. Talique and Naria look up and they see Thok aiming his ice blaster at them.

"You're about to be a little dissapointed in her." Thok said. "I think it's best you chill out." Thok readies his blaster.

Talique hears a roar coming from below. The ground starts to rise near the parking lot. Something shoots out of the ground and into the air. Talique had a good guess as to what it was. The figure comes crashing down behind Thok. It was Antony. Before Thok could get a good look at Antony, Antony swpies Thok away like a fly. Antony then roars and unleashes a powerful blast of water from his fins and washes the rest of Teridax's Rahkshi.

"Antony is here!" Jesse said happily.

Angel and Madison stood there in disbelief. "I had no idea Antony could do that." Madison said. "But that would also explain why the yard is always flooded."

Teridax summond more Rahkshi and ran back into the stadium. His numbers were quickly getting cut down. Even the Piraka retreated. All that was left was the Rahkshi and the fused Rahkshi as well. "The Piraka are retreating." Angel said. ANtony quickly starts cutting down the Rahkshi's numbers with ease as he tears them apart like chew toys.

Naria and Megan sees a figure flying over the stadium. Megan had a pretty good idea who that was. "Knesh." She said. She and Naria stood up and watched Knesh and Lihkan fly over them and head straight for the Rahkshi.

Naria felt hope when she saw Knesh and Lihkan fly over them. "Yeah!" She shouted.

Knesh jumps off Lihkan's board and slides along the ground towards the three headed Rahkshi. The three headed Rahkshi starts blasting at Lihkan. Lihkan uses his board as a sheild and flies over the Rahkshi. One of the three heads sees Knesh coming at them and the Rahkshi faces him. Knesh slows down his momentum and rolls around the Rahkshi. He grabs his sword and runs at the Rahkshi and stabs it in the chest. Knesh climbs onto the Rahkshi's back and stabs it three times  in its back before stabbing the beast through the back of it's head. "You ugly mess." He said. The Three headed Rahkshi falls to its knees and Knesh jumps off it. dark energy forms around the Rahkshi and it breaks apart into the three seperet Rahkshi. Knesh and Lihkan stand before them. "Did you forget who I am?" The Rahkshi hiss at Knesh at charge full speed towards him and Lihkan. Knesh charges at the Rahkshi and the four jump. Knesh twirls and swings his sword at the Rahkshi, slicing them in half from their chest. Knesh lands on his feet as the Rahkshi's body turns to ash. "I am Knesh."

Lihkan watched the whole thing and was amazed. He wanted to shout in excitement, but he bottled it up and responded with. "Alright, dad."

Takanuva, Norik, and Tanma lower their weapons. Talique, Megan, Madison, Jesse, Angel, and Naria came out of hiding. The outside battle was over, but the real battle is about to begin. They had to be ready. Their effort will change Earth's fate forever.

Submitted: October 26, 2017

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