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Takanuva and Lihkan jump through the portal and it closes. Norik and Tanma waited for them and they gathered. They look around and hoped they were home, they saw the gates of the golden city of Atero, they heard Norik's Lava Hawk, Pewkew, flying and circling the city. "Did it work?" Tanma asked. "Is this the right place?"

"There's only one island that smells like this." Takanuva said feeling the fresh cool breeze from the ocean. "We're home."

"If we're home, what about our mothers?" Lihkan asked. "We should find them."

"Good thinking." Norik agreed. "My mother will cry if she believes I'm dead. Let's go find them."


Over ar Arero, Kieana, Gali, and Nokama speak with the Toa guards while Glatorian, Agori, Matoran, and other Toa finished rebuilding Atero. While Takanuva and the others have been on Earth, three months have passed on Spherus-Magna. Kieana, Gali, and Nokama have been worried sick about their children and hoped that they were taken by the Piraka and found a way to escape. Gali looked behind her and saw four villagers running into the city. Gali immediately recognized them from a far and gasps with tears of joy. Gali runs over to them. Nokama and Kieana turn around and follow her. Gali runs into Norik's arms and hugs him tightly and starts crying. Nokama hugs Tanma and squeezes her tightly and kisses her on the forehead.

Takanuva and Lihkan hugs Kieana while she starts crying hysterically. "Thank goodness you two are alright." She said. Kieana looks at the scratches on Lihkan's face. "What happened? What did this? Where did you go? Why didn't you come back?"

"We're fine mother." Takanuva said. "We're okay."

"We can explain everything at the castle." Lihkan said.


A few hours later, Takanuva, Lihkan, Tanma, and Norik sat down with Kieana, Gali, and Nokama about their adventures on Earth and how they defeated the Piraka with the help of six humans and a Bohrak named Antony. "-and then we were able to stop the destruction of Earth before it was too late." Takanuva finished.

"That's some story." Gali said.

"Quick-stop." Nokama said. "How did you four even get back here?"

"A portal opened and we departed way from Earth and those we got to call our friends." Norik answered. "They taught us a lot about their ways of Earth and their food is similar to ours, but it's so much better."

Kieana started piecing together their story and the name Talique sounded so familiar to her, but she couldn't wrap her thoughts around it properly. Takanuva and Lihkan personally kept Knesh's name out of the conversation to keep Kieana from asking if he's still alive. Come to think of it, Takanuva didn't see Knesh come through the portal when they came through. "This is a historic discovery." Kieana said. "You four are the first to travel to another world without using a Kanohi Mask of Dimensions. We must inform Turaga Gresh."

"But right after the Great Tournament tomorrow." Nokama said. "But you four need to lay-rest. rebuild your muscle-strength."

"Sleep sounds really great right about now." Lihkan agreed.

Submitted: November 03, 2017

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