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Thousands of miles away, Hydraxon's ship travels through the cosmos at light speed, destination yet to be known. Hydraxon pulls Knesh out of the glider and has a walking bear-trap pull him along. Inside the ship was full of cages of relecs and captured creatures Hydraxon captured throughout the universe and dimensions. "Remember this ship, Knesh? I wouldn't expect you to." Hydraxon said.  "It was built eons ago, after you went missing. This ship was built for the Great Beings to travel through the multi-verse to find you. Well, I commendered it. It's my personal prison now, perfect for me to bring all the relics I collect and bring to my employer. And he specifically wants you."

Knesh really didn't care what happens to him. His only concern was that Takanuva and Lihkan are safe. But he now became worried that they might go serching for him. Knesh also had something else on his mind; is Roodaka truly gone? Did she return to her dark dimension? Who really is Hydraxon? And who is his employer that wants him?

Hydraxon brings Knesh to a room that actually had light and windows in the very back of the ship. There were seven cages and six of them were taken."Welcome to the Toa Terminal. Or as they call it, the Codrex." Hydraxon continued.

Knesh looked around and had heard that name before, Codrex. It was also told in stories on Bara-Magna by Gresh. If this was the real Codrex, it digusted him. "You have digraced it." Knesh said. "The Toa Nuva would have been dissapointed."

"And now you will join them, your fellow rebels and ask them yourself. It's taken me centuries and I have finally collected all the Toa, but you." Hydraxon grabs Knesh by his ankel and pulls him into a cage. A claw like hook latches onto Knesh's ankle and pulls him up, strung him up from upside down. "My employer will be pleased to know that seven things on the top of his wish list will now become his personal slaves."

Knesh felt digusted hearing that word. "I am slave to no one." He growled.

"There are worse things to be called, boy. Your creators, they don't like the idea either, but my emplyer says other wise. He won't enslave his people, but people from other worlds, he cares less for. You were made to be enslaved, do not deny it." Hydraxon leaves the Codrex.

Knesh looks around, the other six cages and saw figures moving in them. He looked carefully, they were humanoid beings. The cage next to Knesh, the stranger inside looks back at him, but all Knesh saw were glowing yellow eyes. 


Back on Xia, Takanuva, Lihkan, Tanma, and Norik started bickering outside the city of Atero. "What do you mean we can't get back to Earth?" Takanuva said. "There has to be a way."

"It's exactally what I said. We can't get back." Norik said. "The portal closed when you and Lihkan came through. And we don't have a Mask of Dimesions in the palace."

"There has to be. My mother would sleep better at night knowing her husband has returened."

"Who has returned?" Kieana sked, walking up to Atero.

"Mom!" Lihkan said as if he did somethign wrong.

"What's going on here?"

Takanuva didn't want to fill Kieana with hope just to fill her with greif again. She didn't want to tell her that she and the others ran into Knesh and then they abandoned him on Earth. "Uh, nothing. Nothing at all." She said.

Kieana could tell that they were hiding something and she had her own ways of making Lihkan talk, but there were other matters she had to attened to. "Right. We'll discuss this later." She said. Lihkan staretd walking away and Kieana grabs him by the shoulder. "After you three are done in the Great Tournament. Then no more outside conversations."

"Yes, mother." Takanuva said, bowing her head.

"Yes, Aunt Kieana." Tanma and Norik said, bowing as well.

Kieana watches the four of them walk into the gates of Atero. She really wanted to know what they were hiding, but she was just  more than happy that they have returned last night and hopes they don't disappear again. The one thing she wants more than he children back is her children and her husband. All she wanted was for Knesh to come back so they could be a family again.


Elsewhere, a warrior in white and blue armor stands in a dark place where a throne has its back turned to him. The warrior was from Xia, a Glatorian to be exact, his name was Strakk, one of the Prime Glatorians who guard the ice vilage of Iconox. "With all do respect, Vahporak, your son and your sister made this mess. And yet you summon me." Strakk began. "Yet your son betrayed your sister and banished her to a dark dimension when he promised to serve you. I refuse to be apart of anything you, or your brother, Miserix, or Roodaka, have planned. If you expect me to help you, I only ask that you take this matter seriously."

The chair slowly turns around, Vahporak looked bored hearing Strakk's lecture. Vahporak himself looked much like Roodaka, the only exception was he was more hulking like in yellow and red armor and he had a tail and a sharp blade shaped bone growing out of the back of his head. "The only matter I do not take seriousley, boy, is you." Vahporak said. Strakk became irritated. "Your pollotics and luctures bore me. Your actions are that of a pouty child. And apparently, you've insulting the Great Beings who have spared your life for all these years. We shall honor our agreement, Glatorian. If your keep your end of our barging. But return to me again with bad news, and I will bathe the Red Star in your blood."

Strakk had mixed negetive emetions about Vahporak's threat, one of which, he personally wanted to decapitate him with his axe. The second, Strakk wanted to  fall to his knees and plead for mercy, but Strakk kept his cool and walked away. Vahporak sat back in his throne chair and grinned as he watched Strakk leave.

Submitted: October 30, 2017

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