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Talique gets off the train at Pionier Square in Seattle. He leaves the station and walks across town. Talique enjoys long walks whenever he's stressed out. It helps him relax and calm down, especially when he's going to pick up his daughter from Mildred's house. About and hour's walk, Talique makes it to West Seattle where most of the apartments were. Talique goes up to the fifth floor to apartment number 5-3 and knocks at the door. The light illuminating from the peep-hole disappears and there is a sigh behind the door. The door opens and Mildred is seen standing at the door. Talique was just as unhappy to see her as she was to see him. "Where is she?" Talique asked.

"She's asleep on the couch." Mildred responded. "I'll get her stuff."

Talique walks into the apartment. Mildred's apartment was fair. She was the kind of person who didn't want a lot to have. All she had in her livingroom were three couches, a flat screen sitting on a entertainment center by the window and a glass coffee table. Naria was sound asleep on the large couch with her jacket and shoes on. She had been waiting for at least an hour for Talique to pick her up. But 8:30 was the time he's suppose to pick her up and it's only five minutes to 8:30. Talique didn't want to wake Naria and disturb her. She looked so peacful. Mildred walked into the living room with Naria's bag and gives it to Talique. "How was she today?" Talique asked.

"She's been alright." Mildred said. "Took her to the farris wheel then the dog park." Mildred herself was never the one to spend a lot of money, even on Naria. The most she'll spend on Naria is at least $80 and that just to have some fun around the city. But she'll take Naria out for lunch and dinner, but nothing expensive. And it's not that Mildred refuses to spend time with her daughter in the city, it's the fact that her apartment's rent is $9,800 a month and Mildred barley has money to buy herself food.

Talique carefully picks up Naria and holds her as if she were a big baby. "Any issues?" Talique asked again.

"Nothing out the ordinary. Just her usual want of McDonalds."

"Sounds fine with me. I'll bring her over tomorrow." Talique carries Naria to the door and leaves the apartment. This was Talique and Mildred's weekend routine. Talique has Naria from morning to noon and Mildred has her the rest of the day until Sunday evening. Sometimes Mildred want to take Naria during the week unannouced, and it's usually when Talique wants to do something fun with Naria that day.

Talique makes it to the first floor with Naria. Talique himself has worked out a lot, ever since he left AmeriCorps. He lifted things hevier than he was, so carrying Naria down several flights of stairs was nothing to him. Naria wakes and looks around. "Daddy?" She moaned.

"Hey, Peanut." Talique said in a soothing tone. "Did I wake you?"

"No, daddy."

"You want me to put you down?"

"Yes, please."

Talique carefully puts Naria down and hands her bag to her. "There you go, Peanut."

"Daddy, are you and mommy leaving each other agin?" Naria asked in a worried tone. "I heard you and Titi-Madison talking in the car yesterday."

"No. No, we're not Peanut. Mommy just didn't tell me when she was going to pick you up. You know how she is."

"Yeah." Naria looks at the ground with regret. After Naria was born, Talique took her until she was four before he and Mildred started sharing custody over her. Naria doesn't remember much when she turned three. She just had a hard time adjusting to Mildred when she first saw her. Back then, Mildred herself was going through a lot of problems and Talique didn't want Naria to be around Mildred during her crisis. Ever since she turned six, Naria only worried about never seeing either Talique or Mildred ever again.

Talique opens the doors to the building and sees people running in terror towards the Macy's store. Talique and Naria stood by the door and look around in confusion. "What the hell?" Talique said.

Naria became curious as to what was happening. "Daddy, what's going on?" She asked.

"I don't know, Peanut." Talique gets the attention of a business woman as she ran down the street. "Hey, ma'am. Excuse me, what's happening?"

"I don't know." The woman said in terror. "They just showed up out of nowhere and started wrecking the place."

The only thing that ran through Talique's mind was the one thing that could have come to the city; Botar. But even then, Talique would've at least seen Botar coming, but then again, Botar himself always came at the right time. So there had to be a reason for the chaos. "Come on, Naria." Talique starts running towards the chaos. Talique was hoping it was Botar, he could at least know that whatever is happening, he knew the situation would be over soon. Or better yet, he could find a way to help with whatever Botar needed help with. But what Talique saw was nothing he was expecting. Coming from around the corner, Talique saw three 20 year olds and an 11 year old in karate outfits with swords firing energy blasts down the street. It was Takanuva, Lihkan, Norik, and Tanma.

"Watch out for those ice blasts!" Tanma said. Tanma uses her telekinetic powers to lift a gas truck and throws it. Lihkan releases three fire blasts. The car explodes and Hakkan, Vezok, and Thok are blown away by it. Well, Hakkan actually exploded with the car. Even Weider than that, Hakkan reassembled from the explosion.

"Is that all you've got?" Hakkan asked. Hakkan loaded his suppresor rifle and fires it.

"Run!" Takanuva cried. The four scattered as Hakkan continued to shoot at them.

"I love it when my prey runs." Hakkan laughed.

"Daddy, what are those things?" Naria asked. "Are they the monsters you saw in California?"

"No, Peanut. I don't even know what these things are." Talique said.

Takanuva takes shelter behind a car and waited for Hakkan to reload his rifle. Takanuva looks around to make sure any civilians were out the way. She sees Talique and Naria standing at the end of the street. "Hey!" Takanuva shouted. "What are you doing? You need to get out of here!"

"Get cover!" Lihkan said throwing fire balls at Hakkan. Hakkan leaps into the air and shoots Lihkan's sword out of his hand. Lihkan rolls along the street and grabs his sword.

Naria and Talique get down and take cover behind a truck. "Okay, Peanut, I want you to push that monster." He said.

Naria became confused. "But you told never to use my powers like that." And it's true. Naria always used her super speed to literaly get out of trouble. Naria grew into her powers when she was five. And it became quiet the problem, especially considering that Talique and Mildred had to literally drive after her when she ran out in the open.

"I know. But litsen to what I'm telling you." Talique went on. "The monsters are the bad guys. Just pretend you're Supergirl."

"Like Supergirl?" Naria became excited. Supergirl was her favorite super hero and she always wanted to be like her. "Here we go!" Naria vanished, only leaving a trail of fire from where she ran from. In a split second, Naria runs at Hakkan as he continued to shoot at Lihkan and pushes him. The force of her push, combined with her speed force, acted like a powerful sonic blast that sent Hakkan flying through the air across seven blocks. Naria stood there in shock, like all kids do when they hit somebody and they don't know how to react.

Zaktan watches Hakkan sore through the air and crash. He didn't know how to react. Except to flee the scene. "Piraka, retreat!" He cried. Zaktan turned into his green particles and flew away. The other four Piraka scattered and ran off through the streets.

"Naria!" Talique said, running up to her. "That was amazing, Peanut."

"I did good?" Naria wondered. Naria was always going above and beyond, even in school. She did everything asked of her, sometimes by force. But she does them and she always asks if she did an okay job, jut to hear it twice."

"You did more than good." Talique runs up to Naria and hugs her. "I'm so proud of you."

"By the Great Beings." Lihkan said in shock. "What was that?"

"Oh, that was me." Naria said waving at LIhkan. "I'm super fast."

"Super Fast?" Tanma said, floating down. "That's an unusual name."

"It's Naria." Talique said. 

"Maybe." Tanma said, processing what Talique just said. "But who am I to judge."

"Wait, what?"

"What were you thinking?" Takanuva asked. "You could've gotten yourselves killed."

"You're welcome." Talique said standing up. "What the hell were those things? Like something out of a Harry Potter book."

"They're called Piraka." Norik said. "They're bandits."

Talique looks at the four and looked at their clothing. He couldn't understand why they were wearing karate outfits and weilding swords and blades. His only thought was. "Is there like a cosplay thing going on, or something?"

"What's cost-play?" Norik asked. "Is it like a game where you just buy stuff?"

"You guys aren't from around here, are you?" It had to be obvious, considering that fact that they don't what cosplay is and the fact they have elemental powers. But Talique likes to be a smart-ass sometimes.

Takanuva looked at Talique carefully. "You don't seem afraid like the other Matoran that ran." She said. "Aren't you surprised to see us?"

Talique had a really good reason why he wasn't surpried. "After what I've seen in AmeriCorps, nothing can surprise me at this point."

"What island is this?" Lihkan asked. "I've seen most, but I never recognized this city."

"This is Seattle." Naria answered. "Seattle, Washington."

Tanma and Norik exchange confused glances. They have never heard of such a place. To them, it sounded like a name someone would make up. "I think we should get you all off the street." Talique said. "Come with me."

Submitted: October 04, 2017

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