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Roodaka walks out onto a large balcony the size of a football feild. Surrounding the ledge of the balcony were robotic beings that greatly resembled Rahkshi. They're better known as Prometheans. Roodaka is followed by Knesh and behind him were six Prometheans. Just looking at them, Knesh knew they were there to ensure that he wouldn't escape or harm Roodaka, despite that she can defend herself on her own. "Secrecy is such a burden." Roodaka said. "But Vahporak musent know we speak."

Knesh stopped walking when he heard that name. It sounded so familiar. "Vahporak?" He repeated.

"The Great Being of Ultimate Power. My brother, and your father." Roodaka answered.

"And he doesn't know you've captured me?"

"Not yet."

Knesh had a lot of questions about what Roodaka has told him and all that she's telling him now. Like how does she know him? Why is she saying that he is her son? How is he related to the Great Beings? Is he truly the first beings to have been created by the Great Beings? There's a lot that he needs answers to. "Why have you brought me here?" He asked.

"this is your home, Knesh." Roodaka answered. "My brothers and I have searched for you for years. Searching through different dimensions and other worlds."

Knesh stops walking again and looks around. Just looking over the balncony's ledge, he could see that this place was in ruins for thousands of years. If this was his home, he had to do something. But couldn't be his home, could it? He was born on Bara-Magna which is now Spherus-Magna. But the tone is Roodaka's voice indicated that she was telling the truth. And Knesh didn't need to use his Ignika Sword to tell him that. So if this is truly his home, he had to do something about it. "We must rebuild my home." He said.

"There is a way." Roodaka said. "My Staff of Creation. But it was taken from me, by your brothers; the 13 Toa Nuva's." Knesh recalled hearing those names. They were mentioned in stories by Kiina around the fires at night back when he was a child. But there was still a lot if questions that he wanted to ask. But he needed to take it one question at a time. "If you wish to rebuild your home, you are going to find it for me. Do you seek redemption, Knesh?"

Knesh needed more answers to his questions, but so far, he only has one answer and its a start. But if Roodaka is telling the truth, which she is, he's not going to get any other answers from her until he finds Roodaka's staff. "My mother, I do." He said.


Talique knocks on Madison's door. Madison opens the door and sees Talique, Naria, and four kids behind them. "Uh, hey..." She said very confused.

"Sorry about this." Talique said. "But I think you need to hears this."

"They're from another world." Naria whispered.

Madison looks at Takanuva, Lihkan, Norik, and Tanma and immediately thought Talique made friends with cosplayers. But after seeing how Lihkan and Norik are look at her front yard, Madison somewhat understood what Naria meant. "Clearly." She said. "Come on in."

Talique and Naria walk in the house and Takanuva, Lihkan, Tanma, and Norik follow. Lihkan looked around the house. Most of his life, he lived in a castle where the walls were ten times wider than the average house hall way. He felt cramed in a canister. "Where's Angel?" Talique asked as he follows Madison to the kitchen.

"She's at her doctor's appoitment." Madison answered.

"And Jesse?"

Madison had to think about that for a second. "He is" Madison grabbed her water bottle from the fridge. "You got me at a good time, I was about to go for a jog." Madison looks at Takanuva as she puts her staff down against the wall. "So, who are they?"

Talique turns around and looks at them. "Well." Talique began. "That is Takanuva. That is Lihkan, her little brother. And these two are Tanma and Norik, they're cousins."

Takanuva starts explaining to Madison and Talique of their situation and how they ended up on Earth. From when Xia was attacked by the Piraka, to them appearing in Seattle. "-And then we somehow ended up on the streets of your mighty city." Takanuva said. "All of which is why we need to find a way back to our world."

"But not before we stop the Piraka." Norik said.

"Will you help us?"

Madison and Talique were both shocked to hear their story, but not as surprised. As they have encountered stranger things here on Earth. "That's some story." Madison said.

The front door opens. Tanma's immediate reaction was self defense from a distance. She uses her telekinetic power to pick up a kitchen knife and throw it at the intruder at the door. But she suddenly stopped when she sees a small Asian girl standing at the door. "Guess I should've knocked." Angel said.

"Titi-Angel!" Naria gasped happily.

"Hey, Nim." Angel said back. Naria has a lot of nicknames. But her most common are Peanut by Talique, and Nim by Angel and Madison because the abriviations of her full name "Naria Ivette Metz" spells "NIM". Angel walks into the kitchen and sees Takanuva and Norik. "Who are the cosplayers?"

"It's a long story." Talique said. 

The house suddenly shakes. Takanuva grabs her staff and prepares to fight, thinking it's an attack. And so does Lihkan, Tanma, and Norik. "Bio-Quake?" Lihkan asked.

"No, that's something else." Madison said, rushing to the back door to her yard. Outside was a large blue and silver insect like creature, almost as half the size of the house. Its body was round shape and it stood on two legs, its hands were fin shaped and its eyes glowed bright orange. Madison looked at the creature like a dog. "Hey!" She said. "We have guests, Antony. What are you doing?" The creature ignored her. "What do you got in your mouth? Don't walk away from me when I talk to you!"

Everyone comes out the house. Talique, Angel and Naria watched Madison struggle with the creature. Talique knew the creature all too well. But it really wasn't Madison's to own, this creature, called a Bohrak, belonged to their old friend and teammate Kelly. Madison and Angel are "dog"-sitting it while Kelly is on vacation. "He still giving you guys trouble?" Talique asked.

"Every day, it's something." ANgel said. 

"Antony, drop the car!" Madison said. Antony chuchled as he continues to crush the car in his mouth. "You know what, I am wasting my time taking care of you. Drop the car, right now!" Antony drops the car and starts choking on something. "See? That's what happens when you don't listen."

"Uh-oh." Naria said. Naria looks at Talique. "Daddy, can I?"

Talique wanted to say no, but Antony needed to get whatever it was out of his throat. "Go ahead." He said.

Naria runs up behind Antony and hits his back with her speed force and Antony coughs up a tire. The tire bounces out of the yard and slams into the neighbors fence. "Don't eat cars." Madison said to Antony who burried his face in the grass. "Don't. Eat. Cars."

"Get back in your hole and think about what you did!" Angel said. Antony picks himself up and crawls into a hole in the yard.

"You guys got a pet Bohrak?" Lihkan said. "That's just weird."

"It's not really ours." Madison said. "We're watching him for a friend while she's away."

"Interesting." Tanma said.

"So, back to searching." Takanuva said.

Talique had to think for a moment. The only thing he could think of was to go back to Seattle and search the area they were found in. "We'll make better time if we get some rest." He said. It's not that he was tired, or the fact that it was getting dark, he didn't know what to think. He didn't even have a plan.

Norik himself didn't like Talique suggestion. "We need to get back home, and you want to nap." He said.

"Talique is right." Takanuva said. "We need to rest. This isn't going to be easy with the Piraka lurking out there."

"Pi-what now?" Madison said.

"Piraka. Scaily hulking monsters from our world." Lihkan said. "Get close to them, you can feel the evil."

"Wherever they are, we'll find them." Takanuva said. "Tomorrow, we'll find a way back home and we'll find a way to stop the Piraka before we leave."


Roodaka and Knesh walk through the giant palace with Roodaka's Prometheans close behind them. "Knesh." She began. "The world known as Earth is the corrupted world known as the Shadow Realm."

"Earth? Shadow Realm?" Knesh repeated. He heard the name Kahrazani before, it was known in stories as the world of war an corruption. "The corrupted world spoken in ledgends."

"Yes. I suspect that my guardians took the staff and hid it there." Roodaka brings Knesh to a hall of masks and grabs a golden cresent chaped mask. "With my staff, The Shadow Realm will fall. And your home will be restored."

Hearing this, Knesh wanted to destroy the corrupted world and bring peace to the universe. But he refused to kill millions, even if their hearts are corrupted. "I'm not sure if I can." He said.

"If the staff is on Kahrazani, the people on that world will find it." Roodaka went on. "Earth will die and all hope will be lost."

"And this is something your brother would allow?" Knesh started thinking again. Almost everything Roodaka has said has been true, but why would she want to destroy an entire race of people? Something just didn't add up. But there was something inside of him that said "do it". His eyes faded from blue to purple, then red.

"All in good time will you find the answers you seek, my child."

"I'll do it." Knesh said. "I'll kill anyone who stands in my way."

Submitted: October 06, 2017

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