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Talique, Angel, Madison, Tanma, and Norik fall onto the floor of the train. Talique sits up and sees Megan in one of the seats. "Talique?" She said.

"Oh, hey, Megan." Talique said back.

"I was just about to go see you. Wha- Where did you come from?"

"It's a uh, long story." Talique stands up.

"Introductions?" Angel said smiling at Talique.

Energy blasts are shot at the train. Everyone in the train drop to the floor and scream in terror. Tanma and Norik look out the window and see the Piraka catching up quickly. "What do wwe do?" Madison asked.

"We fight." Tanma said as her eyes turn teal. "On my mark, we jump out the transport."

"We're going to what?" Megan said in shock.

"Now!" Tanma pries open the train doors and forces, Talique, Angela, Megan, and madison out and they roll along the tracks. Tanma uses her telekinetic powers to stop the Piraka's train. The Piraka jump out and land on their feet on the tracks.

"What the hellis going on?" Megan wondered. "What the hell are those things?!"

The four Piraka take out their weapons and pointed them at Tanma and Norik. Tanma and Norik aim their weapons and the Piraka. "Whoa." Norik chuckled. "Little stand off, we got here."

"Drop your weapons." Tanma said.

"And we'll let you escape with your dignity."

"Drop our weapons?" Zaktan laughed. "Foolish Glatorians. Have you forgotten how to count? There are four of us and only two of you."

"So unless you can outnumber us, we're not dropping anything." Thok said.

"Be careful what you wish for." Tanma smirked.

Avak turns around and sees a board heading straight for him. Avak is then knocked off his feet and lands on the tracks. Lihkan and Takanuva stabd beside Tanma and Norik. "Don't tell me you guys started without us." Lihkan said.

"Perfect timing." Norik said back.

"Drop your weapons." Tanma said. "And we'll let you leave."

"You must mistaken us for Matoran, child." Zaktan hissed. "We're Piraka. And Piraka don't run." Zaktan uses his laser vision and shoots Tanma, sending her to the ground. Takanuva fires three light arrows at Zaktan. "If only your aim is as sharp as your wit, you may survive this day." Zaktan breaks apart into his particle form and the arrows go right through him. "You need to be taught a lesson in obediance." Zaktan shoots Takanuva and she dodges his lazer vision.

Norik creates water using the moisture in the air and blasts Hakkan with it. Hakkan dodges quickly. "When you find someone who is afraid of water, let me know." Hakkan said. "Now let's see you deal with something you can't dodge, boy!" Hakkan locks eyes with Norik, his eyes turns green and so does Norik's. Hakkan then fires green lasers from his eyes and Norik is shot off the track down to the streets below.

"What the fuck are those things? Who the fuck are those kids? And what the fuck is going on?" Megan asked in a panic.

"I'll explain everything later." Talique said. "But we need to help them."

"How?" Madison asked.

Thok loads up his ice blaster and strikes Lihkan with it, sending him down to the train stop through several trains. Thok jumps down after him. Thok reloads the blaster and uses it like a boxing gauntlet. "I wasn't sure about this thing at first but... damn." Lihkan crawls out of the train and Thok winds up his arm and strikes Lihkan again, sending him through a train. "This is just too easy." Thok chuckled.

Thok finds Lihkan and pulls him out of the train and knocks him into a meat factory. Lihkan crashes into a table and knocks over the raw meat. "Ugh, gross." He said, brushing off the meat. Lihkan stands up and sees Thok's blaster . Lihkan is then knocked out og the factory and crashes into a mini-van. The mini-van roles along down the street with Lihkan and the a mother and her two kids. The van releases Lihkan and he is flung into a pick up truck.

Thok finds Lihkan and readys the blaster for another blow. "You should've stayed home, kid." He said.

Lihkan struggles to pick himself up. "Why are you doing this?" He asked.

"Sorry. You'll never know." Thok raises his arm over his head, ready to deliver the final blow. Suddenly, a car comes speeding and struck Thok, knocking him into a building.

Talique and Angel get out of the car and run over to Lihkan. "You alright?" Angel asked.

"I'm fine." Lihkan answered. "I got to get him back."

Talique grabs Lihkan by the shoulder. "He's done. Come on. Let's get you out of here." He said.


Vezok shoots at Knesh and he dodges the shot. Knesh grabs Vezok's blaster and twists her arm, forcing her to shoot at the street. Knesh then elbows Vezok in the face and she drops her blaster. Knesh punches Vezok in the face. Vezok recovers quickly and tackles Knesh to the ground and starts punching him ferociously. Naria and Jesse watched the fight from the house. Vezok grabs Knesh and throws him across the yard and she roars loudly. The one thing that made Vezok the most feared by the other Piraka was the fact that when she gets into a fight, she fights to kill and shows no sign of pitty or remorce. She won't stop until her opponent is nothing left.

Vezok runs to Knesh and he gets up and tackles her quickly to the ground. Vezok back-hands Knesh and shoots him with her blaster, sending him into the tree in the yard. "Give it up." Vezok roared. "And I'll let you live."

"Did you forget who I am?" Knesh asked.

"Remind me!" Vezok charges at Knesh.

Knesh charges at Vezok, but something happened. It happened so fast that not even Naria could see it. Energy built up in Knesh's feet as he ran. It let out at lightning speed and he flings himself at Vezok, sending him and her through the house and over to the fire station two blocks away.

"What was that?" Jesse asked.

"That was awesome." Naria said.

"We need to get you to your father. Where is he?"

"He left with Titi-Madison and Titi-Angel back to the city."

"Come on."


Angel drives to Seattle through the highway. Tanma and Norik flew over them while Talique, Madison, Megan, Takanuva, and Lihkan sat in the car. "So they just showed up out of a ball of fire?" Megan asked after hearing their story.

"That's right." Takanuva said. "At a guess, when our mother lost control of her power, she must've burned a hole through the fourth dimension, sending us here with the Piraka." 

"And Makuta." Lihkan said. "But we still have yet to see him."

"Do you know what they're after?"Angel asked.

"Before we ended up on your streets, I overheard Zaktan and Thok say something about a staff." Lihkan said. "But whatever kind of staff they're looking for, it must be on Xia. Not here."

"So, why would these things need to have a staff?" Megan asked. "Are they trying to take over your world?"

"You could say that." Takanuva answered. "But now I think their new mission is to find a way back to our world and strand us all here."

"So if we can find a way to get you four back to your world, you think the Piraka will follow?" Angel wondered.

"To do that, we'd have to lure them to exactly where we ended up in the first place."

"And the Makuta as well." Lihkan pointed out. "And I haven't seen him since we arrived."

"We'll find him, Lihkan. I know we will."

Submitted: October 17, 2017

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