The Blood-Stained Prison

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Kia is a normal girl, of 16. Problem is, she has physic abilities, and supernatural instincts that even she doesn't know about! When her best friend goes missing, what will she do to save them?
Warning: Mild swearing and grubby situations during the chapters.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Blood-Stained Prison (Chapter 1 / Prologue)

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



The sound of the TV blared through Kia's headphones, despite her promise to keep it down. Sleeping parents were all too annoying. Fingers found buttons to the controller in her hand as she flicked the channels, eager to find something good on the television. A horror film came up. Quickly, she paused the video. Launching from her seat, her bare feet made for the kitchen, until she grabbed the popcorn from the table, picked up her large, snuggly blanket, and curled up on the sofa. Hitting the play button, she stared intently at the screen, grinning like a wolf at the horror film placed before her.

"Henry, don't go into the light!" The red-headed woman screamed on the screen. The light got closer, the eerie red light. Figures started moving on the screen, zombies, approaching closer and closer, until they would be staring into your soul through the screen.

Kia hid under the blanket, trembling, listening to it beneath her warm, fluffy shelter. Blood curdling screams filled her ears, zombies groaning, ghosts screaming. She frowned, the credits popping up. Happy music played; the creepy-happy type. The 'hey, this is so cheerful, but fuck it, I'll just scare the shit out of you anyway' type of music. She slowly lifted the blanket, freezing at the screaming, bloodied monster up in her face. The delayed reaction didn't happen for a few moments, but soon, she screamed, like she was being murdered. The kid laughed at her, pulling off the mask and laughing. It was her sister.

"Mya, you scared me! Geez!" Kia hissed. The kid laughed back.

"Haha, never knew you were that easy to scare!" Chuckled Mya, seemingly about eight with pink, tousled pigtails, and faintly crimsoned cheeks. Just then, Kia's parents stumbled down the stairs, looking everything but happy.

"Kids, get to bed. Now." They spat, and the two young females dashed upstairs. Meanwhile, the parents settled on the couch, re-winding, watching what Kia had scarcely saw. It was that. They were to die, weren't they? Their Mother began to sob into their Father's chest. It was all over. Watching that film was the start of the apocolypse. And that was when they were all going to be murdered. Killed. It was their end. People were going to go missing. Ghosts, ghouls, DEATH.

... All because of Kia.

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