The Blood-Stained Prison

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Kia is a normal girl, of 16. Problem is, she has physic abilities, and supernatural instincts that even she doesn't know about! When her best friend goes missing, what will she do to save them?
Warning: POSSIBLE Mild swearing. Grubby situations during the chapters.

Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Blood-Stained Prison (Chapter 2)

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



'Twas dark. I could barely see a thing, as I sat alone in my room, pondering everything that had happened. All was silent, apart from the sobs of my Mother from downstairs, and Mya was trembling beside me. I could feel her form cuddled against my side, petrifyed. She heard their conversation, and I was scared, too. But I bundled it all inside, waiting for the right time to unleash it - Alone. Alone was where I can sit and think, about my choices. I'm sure there's more to it though, than simply death and destruction. We all knew that something else was there. Either way, we had a long and strange day tomorrow, so I flopped back, yawning softly before falling asleep.

She had a new year of school to deal with.

Bleep! Bleep! Bleep! Smacking the alarm silent, I thrown myself out of the warmth and comfort of my bed. It was a sunny, summers day, the sun beaming through the curtains. I pulled them apart quickly, squinting at the light, before smiling down towards my best friend, Alex. He was always there for me, and I loved him with all of my heart. He probably loved me too, but I didn't care. We waved at eachother, before I closed the curtains, tearing off my pijamas to throw on something simple, but bland. After that, I sweeped out of the door, toast in mouth, grinning.

"Hey, Sissy! Aren't you going to eat your breakfast?" Mya questioned. I shrugged, continuing to run out the door to the freedom of my neighbourhood. It was perfect outside. The sun shone down onto me like a luminous spotlight, the flowers sprouting from the ground all around me. Trees waved at me from across the road, between houses upon houses, that all looked the same. We usually planted these pink roses in the summer, so that we could tell the difference between our house, and the house next door. Pretty cute, huh? Launching myself into Alex's arms, he placed them around me, smirking. I glanced up curiously. His face lit up in this weather, golden in the light of summer. Deep green hair was trimmed into an array of anime-like spikes that framed his face, a lighter green reflecting off his hair in the sunlight. And that smirk ...

"Heeello?" He grinned, tapping my face until I snapped into reality. I buried my face in his chest a moment, giggling like a school girl, before running off, calling for him.

"C'mon, slowpoke!"

"Hey, you never said we were running to school!" He laughed.

We arrived to school eventually. Uran High was pretty good, consisting completely of sixteen to twenty year olds. We studied creative arts, media and buisness. Technically it was college, but still just wasn't. There were many strange people there. Each person that I knew looked more handsome and beautiful than I did, and they hid themselves fairly well. But I always wondered. We always studied supernatural things, or did these strange chemistry projects that made weird shapes in the air.

When will they talk?

Seating myself into my first class, I frowned. The air was full of this cloginess. It clogged my senses, and I began to cough into my hand. The two males sat at either side of me turned to look at me, quirking an eyebrow each. Nothing seemed wrong with them - it was as if I was the only one. It was as if I was different.

"Are you alright?" The boy to my left asked, reaching out to rub my back. Suddenly, an image flashed before my eyes, and I shut my eyes tightly, finding myself stuck within this visual interpretation.

They stared, in complete silence, at the wall. It glowed red; with the blood of their teacher. Eyes glanced down at the sight with casual interest. No fear was shown at all, as males and females stepped forth, taking turns to feed from the dead woman's bleeding, mushy body. I covered my eyes, wincing, but in my vision, the images just went on. Blood dripped everywhere, the floor turning sanguine with the serpents of death, and life. The supernatural lived from it; the ... the students? It couldn't be them. Could it? The dreamer watched in horror as the body began to rise. It snarled, a flashing pair of fangs appearing in its mouth, before lunging at the sleeping. Staggering back was no use. The woman sucked, and fed. It was all over.

My hand rushed to feel my neck, as the male to my right simply blinked. I threw my trembling self at him, and he placed his hands lightly on my back, peering to the other male, who nodded.

"Ma'am, I believe the new one may be showing skill." Both said. They were twins, really. They both had short, slicked back silver hair, and a fancy attire that was just like the other's.

"Oh?" She inquired, stepping over to offer me a hand. Taking it, she guided me out of the room, nodding for both men to follow. We walked into a large, open space that seemed to be for practices, or something like that. As I glanced around, still shaking from the vision, I noticed fine and rich decorations on the walls; dried blood is what I smelt. Pictures of fangs and beasts of great interest lined the walls. I noticed that this teacher was the one in the vision. This was the room.

"Can't we go somewhere else?" I asked nervously, shuffling, ready to bound for the door.

"Why?" She asked.

"I ... I envisioned something. You. Vampires, feeding ... Feeding on you, killing you, in this room. Hostile vampires ..."

Suddenly, it was all quiet. Then, a bang sounded from the wall behind the miss. Both boys' eyes widened, before they grabbed the teacher, pushing her in the direction of the door, which she scuttered out of. They then turned to the sound of the noise. The wall was breaking, cracking, falling. I felt dizzy and couldn't move; this sickened feeling climbing up to my throat, and I fell to the floor, screaming in agony. Blood came from my lip, where I bit it. But why would it bleed, so much? Blinking, I grabbed a sword that flashed across my eyesight, and began swinging at the blood-sucking mongrels that came my way. Where my lip was bleeding, it attracted the vampires. The two boys found it hard to contain themselves, as if they had urges, too. And then I layed eyes on the enemies' necks. I blinked, and, apparently, my eyes were now glowing.

My eyes flashed a crazy red, and the enemies backed off. I began to approach, somewhat seductively, my hips swaying, yet coming across as an intimidating personel. They backed up more, but the two boys coming closer; seduced by my actions. I suddenly launched at the closest enemy, digging my teeth into their neck. The second guy I was up against fled, but I didn't care. Blood oozed into my mouth, and I lapped up. But I didn't have fangs, did I? Confused and full, I stood, my eyes fading to their normal emotionless ebon. I looked pretty nice. I had long, jet black hair, and emotionless black eyes. At least, they were emotionless at that time. My general expression however, shown otherwise. I staggered back, a hand covering my mouth. Both silver-headed boys halted their stalking, dashing over to see to me.

"Kia, are you all right?"

No answer. I wasn't planning to answer, either. I just wanted to know what the hell was wrong with me, and what was going on. I began to cry, until everything went black, and all I could feel was numbness, and other than that, the taste of blood on my tongue was all I could register.

I was facing serious problems. I knew that well and clear, and I wasn't wanting to go through them.

I turned to the sword rack, grabbed the steely mass from its holder, removed it from its sheathe, and slammed it down upon myself.

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