The Blood-Stained Prison

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Kia is a normal girl, of 16. Problem is, she has physic abilities that even she doesn't know about! When her best friend goes missing, what will she do to save them?
Warning: Mild swearing and grubby situations.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - The Blood-Stained Prison (Chapter 3)

Submitted: March 09, 2012

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Submitted: March 09, 2012



Pain seared through my head; I gripped at the nearest object to me, screaming out. As my loud siren died out, I looked up, slowly opening my eyes. Darkness completely surrounded me, and I blinked to clear the blur from my eyes, making me open to attack. I'd not remembered anything when I woke up. Infact, my head was pounding because I was digging back so much. Why was I here? Where was I? How did I get here? I sighed, loosening my tightened grip upon the blackened object that I could hardly make out, in the darkness of the room. My head was swimming in confusion and pain. Glancing slowly around, I eventually noticed the light, blinking at me in the distance. It was yellow, shining subtely, glimmering and beckoning me from across the darkened hallway.

Suddenly I found my footing, and I bounded for the light, tears of confusion staining my cheeks.Yes! The voice in my head called to me,Go for the light! You will find fortitude and peace in the light! It will bring us closer, Kia! Leaping into the light, glass smashed all around me. Air brushed my face and filled my ears, whooshing through me and quickening my fall. Clouds passed my face, and as I fell, I felt this sense of being free. I felt like I could just die, and be happy and peaceful. Sun flashed in my face, and a smile took over my expression. Happiness filled me; I danced around in the air, making flying and running motions with a laugh.It was just like being a bird, wasn't it? You could just be free and go wherever your heart desired. Except, where I was going, was down.

Eventually, my body found water. I sank to the bottom after landing with a large splash, closing my eyes tightly until I had surfaced. I still brightly smiled, for I was out of the dark. It was completely daytime. Birds were tweeting in the distance, and the sun shone brightly with a newfound, special glow. Clouds breezed along through the aqua-blue sky, and kits played not far from myself. I pushed myself out from the water, shook around to get as much water from me as I could, and then began walking in the direction of the three young Foxes, smiling happily. As I approached them, they backed up, but I was determined to become a friendly entity to them.

"Hello, little ones," I nodded. The three kits looked at me rather strangely, sitting down beside her and tilting their heads. I had to be careful - If I got too friendly, they could trick me, and bite my head off instead.

"Do you know the way home?" I inquired. A large Fox began prowling over, and eventually sat before me, opening his mouth. The other Foxes didn't seem to hear him speak, but I did.

"You wish for the way home?" He said. I nodded. "... You understand me?" He questioned, and I nodded again.

"That is a surprise. Not many humans can understand us Foxes. You must be special." I swore I could see a grin on his face, but I shrugged it off before replying.

"Well, I think I may be phsycic ... Or a vampire, or something." I shrugged. He raised a Fox eyebrow before nodding slightly to my east.

"You probably are. Embrace that, and embark to the east. That is your way home."

"Thank you, sir." I smiled.

"It's no problem." The large Fox replied. He hurried off with the cubs suddenly, however, barking loudly and leaping into 'his' hole with his family. I blinked, turning, to see a figure coming towards me. Blood stained his face, his face disfigured and expression grim. He reached out towards me, groaning. Both legs were twisted, his eyes rolled back to show only bloodshot whites.

"Is that you, my love?" He asked. Great, it's just like that Amnesia game I played, I thought. I turned, beginning to run. He blindly ran after me, flailing his arms and rolling his eyes around. Then, suddenly, something scratched my face, and a body crashed down upon mine. I groaned in the darkness. He ran a hand down my whole body.

"Shh ... It's alright now ..."

... Darkness consumed me.

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