Inthe beginning I met you

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In the beginning Kida thought she met the most wonderful man of her life this is only the start of her troubles.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Inthe beginning I met you

Submitted: December 27, 2006

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Submitted: December 27, 2006



Chapter 1:In the beginning I met you

It was a lovely summer night. Stars lit the sky, a full moon was bright twinkling in your eye. I knew you were the one for me, my love, my heart, my soul, but how long would it last? What was I to do? I wanted you to cherish me forever. As night grew old, morning grew young you said yes I'll be your man. And there it was a love ever lasting to my surprise. A smile crept across your face as you gently kissed my lips and said “I'll see you tomorrow.” My name is Kida Charm and I'm 17 years old waiting for the day to say goodbye to this hell hole that I call home. You could describe me as average height 5'7 and around 170 lbs. Brown long flowing hair that shines with the beam of the sun and brown eyes that melt your face. This started when I was 13 I met the man I thought I would love forever but I'm stuck and don't know where to turn in this time of need. My father Chris is an alcoholic, my mother Kierra is a druggie and abusive. I did what only I could I moved in with the man I thought I loved. Deuce. He was the finest guy on the block, I'm talkin' caramel brown skin, clean fade, gorgeous smile and green eyes that surpassed a puppies. Every girl wanted him and I had him. He was 19 when I first met him though and he was persistent in taking care of me. Every thing was good when I first met him and this is how the conversation went. “Hey suga, talk to me for a sec” Deuce said with his southern Georgia accent “ Why should I? You know I'm to young” “Mami, age ain't nothin' but a number” “Alright, so...” “Well, I been watchin' you for a while, let me take you out” “No, You gotta Call me first” “Alright” So he did call me, we talked and two days later he took me to the movies. We didn't even watch it, we was to busy sharing tender kisses in the back row of the theater. After that we went to the mall and let me tell you, he bought me jeans, a pair of stiletto's, a hoodie and dinner. We left he dropped me off at home and we stayed in touch. We had been together a few months and my 14th birthday was coming up and that's when we got serious. He took me the finest restaurant in town Te' Elindo. And as we were fixing to leave he said “Kida, you my main girl and I love you, I'm ready to settle down, make a commitment. Will you be my wife?” I was in shock. I mean I only knew him for 4 months, but on the other side I was feeling something for him too. “Yes, yes I will.”

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