Beauty of the Moon

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If you like stories with mystery, romance, and a full moon, this is the one for you.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Beauty of the Moon

Submitted: April 14, 2013

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Submitted: April 14, 2013



Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody.”

? Mark Twain “




Chapter One:


Mrs. Granger was staring at her companion, trying to make out her face, without succeeding, since she had a hood draped over her head. She was in a train in her way to Raven, a small city in the state of Delaware. Since she hopped in the train, she had tried to chit-chat with her partner, but she had been reluctant to say a word, so the only thing she had left to do was stare. She was carrying with a baby girl, just a few months old. The baby girl had white skin, like marble, and black hair, as dark as night herself, she hadn’t been able to see her eyes since the she have been sleeping peacefully in her basket. The woman didn’t have a suitcase; the only thing that she seems to carry with her apart from her baby was a black notebook.  Mrs. Granger had been studying her partner for a long time and she could make out that she was a woman in her early 20s. She looked thin, as if she hadn’t eaten in weeks. Dark strands of her escaped from the hood, but they look scorched, as if it had been burned. The woman must had felt her stared, because she lifted her head and Mrs. Granger could see her face for the first time, and she bit back a gasp. The woman looked like a corpse. Her cheeks were hollow, her eyes were a strange grey color, and it made her eyes looked as if they were covered in fog. But the most incredible thing was the scars. It was as if an animal had sunk his claws on her face and left her with jagged dark scars, which mark her face completely, they started in her forehead and ended in her chin.  The woman looked at her suitcase where there was a name tagged, in case of it been lost been, return to the owner.


Anastasia Granger

Raven Orphanage

Apple Street


The woman looked at Mrs. Granger and asked her in a low voice


“You work in the Orphanage?”

 Mrs. Granger looked at her curiously.

“I am the owner and director of it.”

The woman looked at Mrs. Granger for a long time, and it felt as if she wasn’t really looking at her but through her, right into the depths of her soul.

“You look good enough.”

Mrs. Granger was confused

“Good enough for what?”

Suddenly there was a voice through the speakers


We are about to reach Raven, we will be stopping at Platform #3. Passengers must ready to disembark and check your equipment…


I shall use the bathroom before leaving, had to change from this clothes.” said Mrs. Granger, but the woman didn’t reply. She took her purple dress from her suitcase, one of her favorites and one that the little girls from the orphanage always loved to see her wearing, and made her way out of the compartment and to the bathroom. What Mrs. Granger didn’t know was that whole she was out; the woman took a piece of paper from her notebook, wrote a short note, and took a chain of her neck and laid it beside her baby, and with a kiss on top of her head, she left the compartment in a hurry. When Mrs. Granger return to the compartment to fetch her suitcase, there was no one but the baby, who Mrs. Granger heard for the first time cry, a cry that Mrs. Granger knew very well. It was the cry of someone been abandoned. Mrs. Granger saw a piece of paper lying beside the crying baby. She opens it and read it looked back at the baby, who was now clutching the charm of her mother’s necklace, a half moon.


Good enough to take care of my daughter. Her name is Luna.

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