Three Men, Three Mistakes, One Life, One Girl

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Story of Sarah and three men in her life who claimed to love her....but how she still ends up being alone.....

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Three Men, Three Mistakes, One Life, One Girl

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



At the age of 15, Sarah was everything a teenager was, rebellious but sweet, energized but in control, a dreamer.

She was the kind of girl that every guy wanted to fall in love with. And she was aware of this fact. She did enjoy the attention she got from the boys as well as the men.

She was the youngest of her siblings, not pampered except by her father, Always bullied by her elder brother and sister. Even for the smallest of reason they would make fun of her and try to insult her. She felt bad for few years but then she stopped caring what they said. She started blocking their words not even listening to what they were telling her. Music …was her way out. She enjoyed the music that his father listened to every Sunday in his library. She loved to sit there with him and listen to it.

As time passed she learned that if she wasn't in her brother and sister’s way then that gave them less opportunity to bully her. She was right. She started being a loner, always on her own. Music, dancing, reading… She found refuge in these things.

Though she was shy and an introvert, she knew she was pretty and beautiful in her own way that attracted guys towards her.

To be continued......

She was not particularly close to anyone in the family. Not her mother, not her brother and definitely not her elder sister… They all were alien to her somehow. One person she really liked and cared for in her family was her father. She adored him for what he was, respected him a lot, and practically worshipped him. He would at least try to understand what she wanted to say, whereas others were not at all interested in what her opinion was.

First guy in her life was the one she met was at a family party. Jason. He was a friend of her cousin's. She liked him at once. He was everything Sarah had dreamed HER guy would have, wit, charm, sense of humor, intelligence. In no time at all Jason became close to all her family members, they all adored him.

Sarah’s brother became his close friend in no time at all. As their friendship grew, Jason’s visits to Sarah house became more frequent and so did Sarah’s interest in Jason. He had seen her quite a few times at different parties; she was mostly the beauty of every party. Jason hadn’t particularly noticed Sarah, seen but not noticed. Atleast that’s what Sarah thought. Eventually Jason started noticing Sarah, though he liked her, he thought she was too young for him. Just 15 he thought.

Sarah was the kind of girl that got really influenced by what people think about a person. If people around her said good things about the person she liked. She would feel happy and proud that she liked that person and that the world approved of it. Other’s approval was very important to Sarah, may be just to confirm that she was right and her choice was right. Even in little things she would wait for others approval, especially her father’s…

And whenever she heard people talking about Jason, it was always the good things he did, or about how kind and compassionate he was.

This gave Sarah a boost in her confidence that her choice was right. Now that Jason was at every single party of the household, Sarah's attraction towards him grew rapidly at every meeting. Even thought they just said Hi to each other. That one Hi made her world turn upside down.

Jason did notice this attraction of Sarah towards him but he thought she was just being childish and it was just an infatuation that many girls have at this age. He thought of keeping himself away from her as much as possible.

Sarah became very restless due to this. She understood that he was avoiding her but she could not understand the reason.” May be he doesn’t like me !!??” she thought. But she had caught him staring at her from across the room once or twice when she wasn’t looking. Then what was it that made him so indifferent towards her.

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