A Road Less Walked

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The War with no Winners

Submitted: July 17, 2013

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Submitted: July 17, 2013



In the year 2077, humanity was on the brink of technological greatness. The population had peaked at 8.2 billion and advances in technology helped aid in the distribution of resources to even the most remote areas of the globe. One aspect of life never changed, though. War continued to claw at the world and improvements in technology only led to greater and more ferocious weapons.
As tensions rose between America and Russia, the likelihood of the first nuclear war seemed inevitable. Many essential resources were becoming scarce, and when trading was no longer an option, war appeared to be the only possible way to maintain a status of power within the world. On August 18th, 2077, the shortest war in history began. It is still unknown who fired the first nuke, but the outcome was all the same. America was confident in its missile defense system, and managed to shoot down 22 nukes in mid-flight within two hours, leaving only four that made physical contact with the country. Russia wasn't as prepared as America, though, and 28 of the 46 nukes managed to slip by their defenses. For a moment, America thought they had won. They didn't yet realize the devastating effects of so many radiation packed explosions going off simultaneously. Once the massive amounts of radiation reached the upper atmosphere, there was no hope for any country. Within four hours, the shortest but most devastating war in history was over, leaving Russia obliterated and the rest of the world flooded in lethal amounts of radiation.
Although survival seemed impossible, some did manage to escape the poisonous fallout. Many scientific test facilities were built with safe rooms for scientists to flee to in the case of a meltdown. Other people fled into mines or deep sewer systems. Some people even fled to their own personal fallout shelters they had installed after predicting such a war. These survivors are the people who would eventually re-inhabit the world and become the next generation of mankind. If the nukes had made contact with the country itself, people would have had to wait at lease fifty years for the world to become inhabitable once again. Luckily, though, most of the missiles were detonated in the atmosphere. This allowed the radiation to disperse much faster and, within about fifteen years, the few survivors of the war were able to emerge from their shelters into the ruined world. Some people formed larger groups with other survivors and created small civilizations. Others went off to face the dangers of the new world alone. With all communication and most electronics completely destroyed by the massive electro-magnetic pulses, people were completely alone and unable to communicate with anyone else who might have survived the tragic war. Without any hope of re-creating a unified government, the inhabitants of the world were left to fend for themselves.

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