Just For the Summer

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Adriana is fifteen years old when she leaves for summer camp with her best friend. What she didn't realize when she left home was that her life would be transformed forever when her heart is stolen. She struggles to deal with the fact that her love might be unrequited, but as the summer goes on things heat up.
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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Just For the Summer

Submitted: February 03, 2013

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Submitted: February 03, 2013



Chapter One
Summer At Last

There were butterflies in my tummy. Today was the day that I, Adriana, would be leaving home for the summer. I was going to Sunny Palms Summer Camp in Florida with my best friend, Nicole.

“The bus is here!” I called out to my mom as I grabbed my backpack and headed out the door. “I love you!” Before I made it past the front steps, Mom grabbed me by the hood and yanked me to her for a kiss on the cheek.

I hopped on the bus and sat down next to Nicole.

“Adriana!” she began excitedly as she wrapped her arms around me, “This is going to be the best summer ever!”

“It will!” I agreed, “We can go swimming together everyday,  eat hotdogs and marshmallows every night until we throw up and-”

Nicole interrupted me, “And don’t forget the scary stories.”

“How could I?” I replied.

Nicole and I sat chatting for about twenty minutes, when something hit me on the back of the head. It was a chewed up piece of gum. It got stuck in my hair.

“Sorry!” said a voice from behind me.

I turned around.  Sitting behind me was a boy, who looked about fifteen, like myself. He had short, dirty blonde hair, and he was wearing a dark grey tee shirt. He was, in a masculine sort of way, rather gorgeous.

“My name’s  Alex,” He stated; his face was beet red.

“I’m Adriana,” I replied.

“About the gum, I was trying to throw it at the trashcan up there,” he began, pointing to the front of the bus, “Uh… I missed, and it kind of got in your hair.”

“I noticed,” I said with a chuckle, trying to pull the sticky stuff from a strand of my brown hair. It partially came loose, but left some behind, stuck beyond hope.

“Do you need me to get any paper towels, or anything?” he asked nervously, and still blushing.

“That’s alright,” I answered, smiling. “I can wash it out later.” I didn’t mean to say that. That sounded stupid. I kept my smile anyways, although I was beginning to blush too.  


The bus pulled up to the camp, and  I climbed off of the bus walking next to Alex, since Nicole had seemed to have disappeared with another friend.


He led me to the registration building where we signed in, and dropped off our bags to be checked by camp security, while Alex chatted me up pleasantly. It was a gorgeous day and the lake could be seen shining in the distance.


“Let me show you the beach,” Alex suggested as he pointed at the water,  then he added, grinning, “I’ll race you.”


“Alright,” I agreed, “ but don’t go easy on me.”


My neon green flip-flops scuffed the ground as I ran. I was fast from running cross-country during the school year, but he was, too.


At about the same time, we both arrived at the beach and ran into the water, laughing and sweating. We were still wearing our clothes, but we didn’t care. Alex removed his grey tee shirt and threw it at the sand. He had abs. We splashed and swam for a long while, and it didn’t matter what time it was.


I dove under the water. The sky turned to shades of pink and orange as the sun sank toward the horizon. I swam towards the sunset, while Alex followed. My feet brushed against a rock underwater, and I scrambled to stand up on it. Running my fingers through my wavy brown hair, I came across the bit of gum that had come loose from the water, and I threw it at Alex.


“Oopsies!” I giggled, and he grinned.


“Hey, now,” he replied with a fake pout.


He laughed and dove under water. Alex grabbed my ankles and pulled me under.


“Hey! Watch it!” I shrieked before my head was submerged. I bobbed around under water, then popped back up to the surface again.


We playfully splashed each other, laughing cheerfully.


“Its starting to get dark,” I informed him, picking sand out of my hair. He shrugged and looked at the sky.


“Yeah, I guess we should go to supper, before we get in trouble,” he said. “We aren’t really supposed to be out here.” I grinned.


“It was worth it though. A little mischief to start the summer,” I said playfully. He raised an eyebrow.


“I bet you won’t have the same attitude if the counselor makes us do dishes for being late,” he warned, but his ‘stern’ face was funny, and we ended up roaring with laughter as we swam back to the shore.


“See you at dinner?” He asked, drying off in the grass.


“Sure,” I said, smiling a little.


Back in the cabin, I threw my wet clothes into a pile on the floor, and quickly changed into a pair of denim shorts and a pink tank top. Darting out the door, I noticed the stars gathering in the darkening indigo sky.


In the cafeteria, I got my tray of barbeque chicken, and sat down at a table next to Nicole and some other girls from our cabin. Hungrily, I stuffed my mouth and quickly ate all of my food, while I listened to the mindless chatter about bikinis and cute counselors. All the running and swimming had me ravenous.


“Slow down there, before you eat the whole cafeteria, Miss Piggy,” Rachel, a girl from my cabin, remarked with some sort of face.


“Shut up,” I laughed back lightheartedly.


“Where were you earlier?” Nicole whispered in my ear.


“Someone was showing me the beach,” I answered, but she looked at me, as if begging me to explain. “I’ll tell you more later.”


I saw Alex, and I was tempted to go over and say ‘hello,’ but he was surrounded by a bunch of guffawing boys, and it was a bit intimidating. I kept my distance, but made a mental note to find him later.


Dinner was over, and everyone had to go to their back to their cabins. Nicole and I sat on her bed together, drinking hot chocolate from a machine in the common room. I grinned when she broke out a bag of sweets from under her pillow.


“So, who showed you the beach earlier? You promised you’d tell me,” she demanded, wiping hot chocolate from her lips.


“Well...” I began. “Remember that boy from the bus?” She nodded, wide eyed.


“You were hanging out with Alex?” She asked, and I froze.

 “You know him?” I responded.

“Yeah, I know him from church. He lives in Orlando...” Then, with a wink, she added, “He’s only the hottest boy at camp.” I grinned.

“You haven’t even seen his abs,” I said mischievously. She giggled.

“So, what happened?” She asked. I shrugged.

“We just kinda hung out at the beach. We went for a swim and chatted and stuff. Anyways, he’s really nice,” I said. She grinned.

“He sounds great,” she answered. I beamed.


“He is great.”

We situated ourselves together in Nicole’s bunk, nestling up in sleeping bags and fluffy pillows. A cool draft made the curtains billow, and I could see that white stars peppered the night sky. It was beautiful.

“I wish we could sleep outdoors,” I sighed.

“We can’t,” Nicole reminded me, “It’s against the rules.” It was mindlessly boring, stuffed up in the hot camp cabin with five other girls. I yearned for the cold, fresh air, and I thought about Alex. I was disappointed to have not seen him at dinner, but I told myself I’d see him tomorrow at the beach or something. My heart fluttered a little at the thought.


“I’m going to sleep,” I told my friend. “Goodnight.”


“Goodnight” she answered. I rolled over and went to sleep. I had a big day tomorrow.

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